What to Wear {Seniors}

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senior01senior01 A popular question by seniors is: what clothing and accessories should I wear?  There is not a right or a wrong answer to this question.  In my opinion you should a variety of options.  This includes different styles from casual to formal wear, and be sure to remember the accessories!

Bring it all: casual, formal, and in-between.  Remember shoes, jewelry, and accessories for each outfit.  Choose clothing that you feel comfortable in and flatters your figure.  Make sure to include what you can’t live without right now: a favorite tee, hoodie, jeans, hat, sunglasses, uniform, formal dress or shirt.  In addition to trendy clothing, don't forget to pack a few timeless, classic pieces.  Trendy clothes are super fun, but the can make portraits look dated after a few years.  Simple, sleek, classic clothing will keep your photos looking fresh and gorgeous for years to come.

110616-2-14110616-2-14 Avoid shirts or dresses with bold prints.  Instead, stick to more solid colors or subtle patterns.  This will keep the focus on your face rather than your outfit.  Just because you’re wearing a solid color, doesn’t mean your outfit needs to be boring.  Bring in pops of complimentary colors and add style to your outfits by accessorizing.  It is important that you remember to bring shoes, jewelry and accessories for each outfit that you bring.  Accessories complete the look of an outfit and accentuate your personality.  They are a great way to dress up an outfit or add a pop of color.

To prepare yourself for your senior session you should get a haircut about a week before your shoot.  Avoid radically changing your hair before your session.  If you color your hair, don’t forget your roots.  Highlights should be touched up two weeks prior to your appointment.  Quick hair changes during your session are great, but make it easy and fast or you lose valuable camera time.

senior09senior09 For makeup, as a rule of thumb, go with your normal day time look to start.  You can always add a little more when you get to the studio, but it’s hard to take off and have to start over.  Be especially careful when applying eyeliner and mascara.  Summer shine can be controlled by using translucent powder to give a beautiful matte look without adding color.  Be sure to bring lip gloss.  Have it on hand so you can reapply as needed.  Also, be sure your nail polish is fresh if you choose to wear it.


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