Cale + Alyssa {Wedding: Part 1}

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072217-003072217-003 On a hot Saturday in July, my assistant, Jessica, and I headed to Glidden for Cale and Alyssa's wedding day.  As we arrived in the church to set up, we were immediately wowed by all of the details on the their welcome table.  My favorite thing was their "Unplugged Wedding" sign.  Love this!  I adore unplugged weddings, when guests are encouraged to be in the moment and celebrate with the couple.  Not only does that show respect for the beautiful ceremony, it also allows the professional photographers to create images of the ceremony where guests are focusing on the couple and being present with them.

072217-004072217-004 072217-016-1072217-016-1 072217-022072217-022 072217-024072217-024 I love capturing all the details of a wedding day.  Couples put so much thought and effort into every last piece of their big day, it is some beautiful to capture those elements and fully tell the story. 

072217-033072217-033 072217-034072217-034 I seriously adore Alyssa's shoes!  The gold tone with the lace accent, perfection!

072217-036072217-036 072217-042072217-042 072217-044072217-044 072217-050072217-050 072217-055072217-055 072217-060-1072217-060-1 Before they got dressed, we stole outside for a few pics of Alyssa and her girls.  I love the signs she created, telling the story of how they first met!

072217-062072217-062 072217-063072217-063 072217-079072217-079 072217-082072217-082 072217-087072217-087 072217-090072217-090 072217-093072217-093 Cale and his guys dressed in the church.  Did you notice his great ISU socks?  A perfect personal touch for this couple, both of whom are graduates from Iowa State.

072217-094072217-094 072217-099-1072217-099-1 Before their first look, Alyssa and Cale took a moment to read the letters they had written to each other for their wedding day.  Their beautiful words to each other were a perfect precursor to their first look. 072217-106072217-106 072217-110072217-110 072217-111072217-111 072217-115072217-115 Alyssa shared a first look with her father.  Such a beautiful moment, when a father sees his little girl on her wedding day.  Lovely!

072217-119072217-119 072217-122072217-122 072217-134072217-134 072217-139072217-139 You can see the joy radiating from these two as they shared their first look.  Their wedding day was a long time in the works.  They began dating in high school and through the years have grown together.  Their wedding marked the beginning of the next chapter in their lives, and what a beautiful beginning it was!

072217-141072217-141 072217-146-1072217-146-1 072217-152072217-152 072217-155072217-155 072217-159072217-159 After the first look, we headed into the sanctuary for formal portraits before the ceremony began.

072217-169-1072217-169-1 072217-171072217-171 072217-179072217-179 072217-182072217-182

To see more from Alyssa and Cale's beautiful wedding day, be sure to check back again soon!


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