Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer: Blog en-us (C) Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer (Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) Wed, 04 May 2022 17:31:00 GMT Wed, 04 May 2022 17:31:00 GMT Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer: Blog 60 120 Blaine + Paige // Washington Family Home Engagement Sneak Peek washington-iowa-engagement-portraits-iowa-wedding-photographer_0001washington-iowa-engagement-portraits-iowa-wedding-photographer_0001 A little look at Paige and Blaine's engagement session from yesterday evening.  What a gorgeous couple and a beautiful evening!  Be sure to check back again soon for more from their engagement portraits! washington-iowa-engagement-portraits-iowa-wedding-photographer_0002washington-iowa-engagement-portraits-iowa-wedding-photographer_0002 washington-iowa-engagement-portraits-iowa-wedding-photographer_0003washington-iowa-engagement-portraits-iowa-wedding-photographer_0003

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Jane // Iowa City Newborn Sneak Peek iowa-city-newborn-photographer_0001iowa-city-newborn-photographer_0001Sweet little newborn girl wrapped in a purple swaddle with a flower on top of her head during her newborn portrait session at the Geno Photography home studio. Oh my word!  Jane is the absolute sweetest!  The hair.  The cheeks.  The tiny toes.  Her sweet face.  Everything!!  I hope you enjoy this quick glimpse into her recent newborn portrait session!  Check back soon for more! iowa-city-newborn-photographer_0001iowa-city-newborn-photographer_0001Sweet little newborn girl wrapped in a purple swaddle with a flower on top of her head during her newborn portrait session at the Geno Photography home studio.

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Fletcher + Allison // Devonian Fossil Gorge Engagement Sneak Peek fossil-gorge-coralville-engagement-portraits_0019fossil-gorge-coralville-engagement-portraits_0019An engaged couple enjoys a beautiful evening at Coralville's Devonian Fossil Gorge for their spring engagement session. What an absolutely beautiful evening we had for Fletcher and Allison's engagement session at the Devonian Fossil Gorge!  I don't think we could have had a more lovely spring day.  It was such a joy working with these two!  Be sure to check back soon for more from their engagement portraits! fossil-gorge-coralville-engagement-portraits_0019fossil-gorge-coralville-engagement-portraits_0019An engaged couple enjoys a beautiful evening at Coralville's Devonian Fossil Gorge for their spring engagement session. fossil-gorge-coralville-engagement-portraits_0019fossil-gorge-coralville-engagement-portraits_0019An engaged couple enjoys a beautiful evening at Coralville's Devonian Fossil Gorge for their spring engagement session.

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Our Adventures in Mallorca // Days 5 & 6 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0067destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0067 Our last full day in Cala Pi, was gloomy but we again lucked out with the forecast changing from rain to overcast.  Due to the uncertainty in the weather during our trip, our daily excursions were all planned the day of, which adds so chaos to the mix.  But thankfully, it worked out for us to go and do just about everything on our list.

On day 5, we booked ourselves a tour and tasting at an olive oil farm about 45 minutes from Cala Pi.  Our tour wasn't until noon, so we spent the morning enjoying breakfast and exploring the fort on the coast again, this time during daylight.  The sound of the waves crashing against the cliffs was so loud yet soothing.  The sea waters were so beautifully blue.  If it had been little warmer I could have just sat right there and relaxed all day. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0068destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0068 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0069destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0069 Our tour was at Aubocassa, and it was fantastic.  The estate dates back to the 12th century, but was turned into an olive orchard roughly 25 years ago.  We loved wandering the estate with our tour guide, hearing about their process and learning more about the trees. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0070destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0070 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0071destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0071 As it is early spring, they are in the process of pruning and the trees have yet to blossom or fruit for the year.  Even so, it was beautiful walking among the olive trees. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0072destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0072 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0073destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0073 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0074destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0074 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0075destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0075 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0076destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0076 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0077destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0077 I'll be honest, I've never drank pure olive oil before.  Dipped bread in it, cooked with it, drizzled it on fresh tomatoes and basil, but never straight up sipped it.  Aubocassa produces two types of olive oil, one made entirely of their olives and one that is a blend with another variety from the island.  We were all poured a small amount of each in a wine glass.  Initially it was slightly cloudy, but we were instructed to slowly swirl the olive oil around the glass.  As we did so, it became clearer and the fragrance popped.  Then it was time to taste.  It was a very new experience for me.  I think I took too much in my initial sip, and my throat burned and tingled from the olive oil.  A sensation, I'll admit I never expected.  The flavors were fantastic though. 

We tried both types and enjoyed each.  Though as a family we all voted the Aubocassa oil our favorite.  If you are a foodie and want to try some delicious, fresh olive oil definitely check them out!! destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0078destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0078 We left Aubocassa to find lunch at one of the nearby towns.  We, thanks to the help of Google, found a small Mom and Pop tapas restaurant where we ate. The menu was simple: three courses, with 2-3 options for each.  For starters, you could choose paella or fish soup.  We all chose paella.  It was a more traditional version, heavy of veggies and just a little chicken here and there, no seafood.  Gabby wasn't a fan, but she is our picky one so no surprise there.  The main course was a bit of mystery, we knew the options were pork or chicken but we didn't know the translation for the preparation.  Two of us went with chicken and two chose pork.  The chicken was a schnitzel style, which wasn't very surprising as Mallorca sees a LOT of German tourists (in fact we were mistake for German several times while we were there).  The pork was a braise pork shoulder in a tomato sauce.  I'm not sure of it's name but it was so tender and tasty.  For dessert, we could choose ice cream or flan.  Gabby went with ice cream and the rest of us enjoyed a cheese flan.  Our meal included mineral water and red wine, though we had to hit the road again so the wine was only sipped in a small amount.

On the top of a nearby mountain there was a monastery.  We had seen it the previous day on the way to the Cuevas del Drach, and decided to make the assent.  As were were going up the road, again a very twist, turny hairpin road that went up the side of the mountain, we reached the clouds and it began to sprinkle.  The wind was also quite intense the further up we went.  We got out and explored for a short time, then decided it was far to cold and windy to stay outside. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0079destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0079 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0080destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0080 Our final morning in Cala Pi, we ate breakfast at the hotel and enjoyed the sunshine while we did one last hike down to the cove. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0081destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0081 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0082destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0082 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0083destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0083 I do occasionally make it in front of the camera.  Laurelin took my camera down with her while I finished checking us in for our flight the next day.  She snapped this shot of me when I asked how it was going. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0084destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0084 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0085destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0085 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0092destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0092 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0086destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0086 After checking out, we headed to Palma de Mallorca to get our oh-so-fun-but-necessary Covid tests done.  Then, we parked by our hotel for that night and hit the beach.  It's kind of a bummer the weather was cold and dreary while we were there, but at least we were able to enjoy some time on the beach.  The girls loved looking through all the seashells washed up on the shore. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0087destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0087 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0088destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0088 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0089destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0089 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0090destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0090 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0091destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0091 We grabbed lunch along the shore and managed to avoid the worst of the rain.  destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0093destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0093 After lunch we headed to the Palma Aquarium, which was so much fun!  They have a large shark tank that you can walk through.  It was so fun laying in bean bags, staring up at the water and watch sharks swimming overhead.

The rest of our evening was pretty chill.  The next morning, we got up early and ate breakfast at the hotel.  I have to say, the Iberostar Cristina had a phenomenal breakfast spread.  So impressed with all they had to offer!  I wish I had been more hungry!!

Then it was off to return the car and get ready to fly home.  On the flight to Zurich, we were put in a holding pattern because they were backed up, which had me nervous since our layover was not long at all and we had to go through passport control.  Instead of circling the airport, the pilot took us on a quick air tour of the Alps.

destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0094destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0094 We flew Swiss Air both ways and had a really great experience with them.  We again made it through passport control in Zurich, though this was a much tighter connection.  We had the same amount of time between flights as before, but several planes must have landed at once and the lines were huge.  The Zurich airport again was on point and had everything moving along as quickly as they could.  We got to our next flight in time for boarding thankfully.

Getting back through Chicago, however, was a much longer process and I felt so badly for those with connecting flights.  The line was massive, but at least it kept moving pretty well.  We were all thankful to not have to rush anywhere.  Though we were also very, very tired.  We ended up driving home that same evening and were happy to sleep in our own beds.

Mallorca was an amazing trip!  I highly recommend it!!

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Romantic Winter Micro-Wedding // The Red Barn at Pine Creek Ranch red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0001red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0001 When Katie at The Red Barn at Pine Creek Ranch reached out and said they wanted to collaborate on a micro-wedding shoot I said yes without hesitation! red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0002red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0002 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0003red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0003 We began while our beautiful model had her hair and makeup done by Oasis Aveda Salon.  I began by doing what I would on any wedding day, capturing the beautiful details of the flowers and jewelry.  The flowers by Danny Gates were stunning!  The colors, the textures, everything was perfection!  The jewelry from Joseph's Jewelers was gorgeous too!  Those earrings are simple and elegant with lots of sparkle and I love the rings!! red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0004red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0004 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0005red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0005 The Bridal Shop Iowa provided the groom's suit.  I love the green of the tie.  It was perfect with the rich emeralds and reds of the wedding design! red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0006red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0006 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0007red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0007 This gown from Jocelyn Taylor Bridal was the perfect combination of lace and sparkle! red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0008red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0008 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0009red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0009 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0010red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0010 Inside The Red Barn, the intimate ceremony was set up with a simple, yet elegant backdrop.  The floral design on the arch is stunning and perfectly complimented by the arrangements set on either side.  The best thing?  The arch makes a perfect backdrop for the head table later and the smaller arrangements become centerpieces.  When thinking about your florals, remember you can make many things multipurpose, stretching your budget further and allowing for a little more extravagant design! red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0011red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0011 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0012red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0012 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0013red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0013 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0014red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0014 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0015red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0015 11:11 Events Co., Anne & Ellis Events, and Popping Party Company came together and created a stunning setup for the reception and photo booth! red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0016red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0016 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0017red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0017 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0018red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0018 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0019red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0019 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0020red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0020 Have I mentioned how stunning the flowers were?  So lovely! red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0021red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0021 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0022red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0022 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0023red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0023 A perfect reception set up for an intimate micro-wedding!  red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0024red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0024 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0025red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0025 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0026red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0026 The roses, the candlelight, the green velvet runner, I'm obsessed!!! red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0027red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0027 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0028red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0028 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0029red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0029 Take the Cake made a perfect dessert bar.  A simple two tier cake complimented by and array of cupcakes and mini-bundt cakes.  Yum! red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0030red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0030 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0031red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0031 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0032red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0032 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0033red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0033 I hope you enjoyed this peek at this beautiful collaboration with these amazing vendors:
Venue: @redbarnpinecreek
Dress: @jocelyntaylorbridalandprom
Suit: @thebridalshopiowa
Jewelry: @josephsjewlers1871
Hair/Makeup: @oasissalonaveda
Decor: @1111eventco
Decor/design: @anneandellis
Floral: @dannygatesfloraldesigner
Models: @_jennaniicole
Balloons: @poppinpartiesco
Dessert: @takethecakedesserts

If you're dreaming of a small, intimate micro-wedding, I hope you've been inspired!!

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Our Adventures in Mallorca // Day 3 & 4 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0046destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0046 Again, the extended forecast called for rain but cleared that morning, so we decided to head into Palma de Mallorca to explore Old Town.  We again started off the day getting pastries.  Gabby chose an ensaimada, Josh a delicious pork pie, and Laurelin enjoyed a coca de patata.  I wasn't hungry and just nibbled a few bites of Josh's pie.  It was phenomenal!  The pork inside was seasoned deliciously and the pastry crust was buttery and flaky.  I wish I'd been hungrier! destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0047destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0047 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0048destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0048 We worked our way through Old Town to La Seu cathedral and the Palau Reial de l'Amundania, the palace of the royal family.  Both were stunning works of architecture and design. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0049destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0049 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0050destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0050 With flying buttresses and gothic arches, the cathedral took me straight back to my art history days in college.  It was so stunning, so very very stunning. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0051destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0051 We enjoyed touring the palace and seeing some more of the Mallorcan histrory, including artifacts from times with it was under Arabic rule as well as Christian rule.  The island has so much history and culture.  Josh being a great lover of history and myself being a great lover of art had such a great time learning.  The girls are somewhat less enthusiastic than we are, but they managed not to complain too much when we lingered in rooms or try to rush us through.  Gabby did say she would dessert us if we took a guided tour, ha!

She was fascinated though when we entered to chapel in the palace and behind glass was presented in great honor reliquaries of St. Anne.  Apparently, I had yet to explain to her what reliquaries were.  I guess we didn't encounter those while we were in France with the girls. Being Gabby, she found it fascinating.  Laurelin was far less intrigued by the reliquaries, but she did enjoy the architecture. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0052destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0052 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0053destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0053 Out of respect for the cathedral, I did not photograph anything inside.  There were many signs posted requesting photos not be taken, and I can understand their regard for their sanctity of their house of worship.  It was amazing though.  The stained glass had me in awe.  Their rose window looked like a kaleidoscope, full of rich blues, reds, and yellows.  The rest of the stained glass windows were beautiful mosaic works of art.  There was art by Gaudi, a crown of thorns canopy above the alter.  Throughout the wings of the cathedral were displays dedicated to many saints, each a unique display.  There were also several reliquaries at the cathedral.

Being in the large cathedrals throughout Europe never fails to take my breath away.  They are such stunning works of art and craftsmanship that took decades if not centuries to be brought to life.  destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0054destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0054 We wandered Old Town on our way back to the car, stopping to eat at a delicious bao place.  Ok, so bao and dim sum are not in any way Spanish food and we failed in our diving in to the culture in that moment, but oh my word, those were delicious!!  They were hand made, fresh and simply amazing.  The girls also split a bowl of fresh ramen.  destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0055destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0055 Our final stop of the day was Bellver Castle on the edge of Palma.  It is a circular castle with a stunning open courtyard.  destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0061destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0061 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0056destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0056 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0057destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0057 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0058destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0058 There was a beautiful view of the harbor in Palma, despite the rain and gloom.  Unlike most of the towns we visited or drove through, Palma is very modern and highly populated.  It was quite a contrast from the terraced villages we'd seen the day before. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0059destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0059 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0060destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0060 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0062destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0062 That evening we headed back to the resort, where we relaxed for a bit before headed out to supper.  We ate at a restaurant in Cala Pi just a short walk from our resort.  The food was fantastic!  We shared a bread and olive plate with fresh green olives which were so good and I do not like green olives.  I enjoyed lamb chops.  Gabby shared some of mine and had a bowl of fresh tomato soup.  Josh and Laurelin shared a beautiful pallea. Josh and I shared a delicious Spanish Tempranillo.

The next day the rain finally caught up with us.  We took the morning to chill in the room while we tried to decide the best activity for a rainy day.  We landed on visiting the Cuevas del Drach.  I'm so glad we did!  The drive out there was lovely, despite the drizzle.  I don't have any photos unfortunately, as the rain discouraged us from stopping, but the blossoming trees were stunning!  destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0063destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0063 We got to the Cuevas del Drach before the tour time and enjoyed some chocolate caliente for the girls and espresso for Josh and myself, because there's nothing better on a cold rainy day than a nice warm pick me up.

The walk through the caves was pretty awe inspiring, so many formations. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0064destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0064 About two thirds of the way through the tour, we stopped at a seating area where we were all treated to a concert.  The lights within the cave were turned off and lit boats slowly emerged from the distance, two guide boats and one boat containing a pianist and string quartet.  The music changed as the boats drew closer and the sound echoed off different structures on the ceiling.  It was very unexpected on our part, we weren't sure going into it what they meant by "the concert is included in admission." But it was a wonderful experience.  I wish I had pictures of that part as well, but they requested no images of video be taken of the performance. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0065destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0065 Our room at the resort was a suite and included a kitchen.  We needed to restock on a few things, so we decided to find a market on our way back to the resort after the caves.  When Aldi popped up as an option, I was all in!  So many different options for meats and cheeses, great fresh breads, a multitude of wine options, and Gabby's favorite thing: a machine that freshly squeezed orange juice with local oranges.  It was a lot of fun shopping there!  We even decided to grab groceries to make dinner at the resort that evening.  Before, we'd just been keeping breakfast items on hand because none of us are morning people, so not having to leave the room to go grab coffee and food first thing is more our speed. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0066destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0066 Well, that's a wrap for days 3 & 4.  Check back soon as there is more to come from our Mallorca trip!

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Spring Wedding Event // Embassy Suites Des Moines embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0001embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0001 What a beautiful afternoon at Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines for their Spring Tasting Event!  Such a gorgeous venue and Cynthia with Vintage Love Rentals knocked it out of the park with the ceremony and reception setups! embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0002embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0002 The waterfall area makes for a gorgeous ceremony location for an intimate event.  The atrium is filled with natural light! embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0003embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0003 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0004embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0004 I love all of the greenery and baskets, such simple but beautiful textures!  The seating compliments the carpets beautifully, picking up the reds and dark tones in the design. embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0005embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0005 Water-filled vases with floating candles were the perfect way to bring the fountain feature throughout the design. embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0006embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0006 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0007embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0007 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0008embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0008 Just before entering the reception hall, a lovely lounge was set.  A perfect place for cocktails and chatting! embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0009embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0009 I'm a little obsessed with this tux from Skeffingtons!  What an amazing textured jacket! embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0010embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0010 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0011embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0011 I just had to get a few portraits of our beautiful model couple in the elevators! embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0012embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0012 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0013embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0013 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0014embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0014 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0015embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0015 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0016embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0016 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0017embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0017 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0018embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0018 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0019embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0019 Beyond the reception hall and ceremony site, Embassy Suites offers some stunning locations for portraits.  Their tall windows stole my heart! embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0020embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0020 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0021embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0021 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0022embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0022 Have I mentioned how amazing Cynthia is?!  She created an stunning array of different tablescapes in the reception hall, including the floral design! embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0023embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0023 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0024embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0024 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0025embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0025 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0026embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0026 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0027embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0027 If you have a vision for your wedding, Cynthia can make that happen!  She never ceases to blow me away with her designs!  The array of chairs, tables, linens, florals, flatware, plates, cups, candles, and more she has is fantastic! embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0028embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0028 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0029embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0029 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0030embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0030 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0031embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0031 I love the fern atop the golden stand.  So simple, yet elegant.  It has great impact! embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0032embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0032 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0033embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0033 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0034embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0034 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0035embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0035 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0036embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0036 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0037embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0037 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0038embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0038 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0039embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0039 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0040embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0040 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0041embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0041 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0042embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0042 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0043embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0043 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0044embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0044 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0045embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0045 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0046embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0046 The ballroom at Embassy Suites is beautiful, with elegant lighting, golden walls and lots of space for your guests to enjoy.  Anne, the event coordinator shared, "What make us unique is our location. We are steps from both the East Village as well as Court Ave. Additionally, we have the largest single floor ballroom in the downtown area.  I must say that what really sets us apart are our associates and teammates! We have so many people who have been here7, 8, 12 even 25 years. That speaks volumes in this industry!"

embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0047embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0047 embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0048embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0048 I hope you enjoyed this peek at the Embassy Suites' spring tasting event.  It was such a joy working with all of the amazing vendors and models who helped make this event happen!!

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Romantic Winter Micro-Wedding Sneak Peek // The Red Barn at Pine Creek Ranch red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0016red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0016 I was so excited to be back at The Red Barn at Pine Creek Ranch!  This warm, romantic, moody micro-wedding was gorgeous!!!  red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0025red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0025 red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0026red-barn-pine-creek-ranch-wedding_0026

I had such a great time working on this inspiration shoot with all of these amazing vendors!  Be sure to check back soon for more!!

Photographer: @genophotographystudio
Venue: @redbarnpinecreek
Dress: @jocelyntaylorbridalandprom
Suit: @thebridalshopiowa
Jewelry: @josephsjewlers1871
Hair/Makeup: @oasissalonaveda
Decor: @1111eventco
Decor/design: @anneandellis
Floral: @dannygatesfloraldesigner
Models: @_jennaniicole
Balloons: @poppinpartiesco
Dessert: @takethecakedesserts
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Our Adventures in Mallorca // Days 1 & 2 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0001destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0001 We spent a week in Mallorca for spring break this year.  It was amazing! destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0002destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0002 We took an overnight flight from Chicago to Zurich, which didn't result in nearly as much sleep as I'd hoped for us.  Thankfully passport control was on point in Zurich and we were able to make our connecting flight to Palma de Mallorca with our very short layover time.  Once we arrived, tired as we were, we were so excited for our adventures to begin.  We picked up our rental car from the airport and were on our way to our resort in Cala Pi.

We arrived at the resort around 4:00 and got settled in.  We were all exhausted but knew better than to nap.  Instead we pushed through and decided to go explore the cove by the resort. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0003destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0003 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0004destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0004 It was lovely going from Iowa, where spring hadn't quite coaxed the blossoms into life, to a place that was full of flowers and lush greenery.  I think that's the hardest part of winter for me, the lack of color. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0005destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0005 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0006destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0006 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0007destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0007 At this point we'd been up for somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 hours, save some unrestful short naps on the flights.  So the girls were a bit silly.  I will refrain from sharing all of their "posing" antics, but trust me, many giggles and much silliness occurred. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0008destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0008 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0009destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0009 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0010destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0010 The forecast for our time in Mallorca was bleak.  Lots of rain throughout the week.  I felt slightly lied to by all of the articles that said it typically is beautiful and only rains up to 5 days in Mallorca in March.  So, we decided to go ahead and do our family portraits that evening.  We have a tradition of doing our formal family portraits during our travels.  I love it so much!

Thankfully these amazing people put up with my crazy "we need portraits" attitude/demands.  The tired lot of us, hiked back up to the room, got dressed and headed back to the beach.  They even smiled!!  Love them so much!!!!! destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0011destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0011 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0012destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0012 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0013destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0013 These are just a few of my girls' portraits.  Try as I might to get them to pose nicely, the giggles were in full force and goofiness was the name of the game.  You'd think they'd never done this before.  Though, I absolutely saved their goofy photos.  As much as I love having a nice classic portrait, the "outtakes" make my heart happy too! destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0014destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0014 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0015destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0015 I handed off my camera to Laurelin, who has started working as a second shooter for me, to capture some portraits of Josh and I.  I think it's so important for parents to get portraits together, beyond the whole family.  destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0016destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0016 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0017destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0017 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0018destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0018 Later that evening, after we changed out of our dress clothes, we walked down the street to the little fort on the sea cliff to explore. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0019destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0019 After that, we grabbed a small supper, I don't think any of us were very hungry with how tired we were, and headed to bed.

The forecast for the next day cleared, so we decided to to drive out to Valldemassa, a town built in the 13th century and the birthplace of Saint Catalina Thomas, the saint of Mallorca.  destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0045destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0045 We began our day with breakfast at a wonderful cafe, enjoying Mallorcan pastries: ensaimada and coca de patata along with some chocolate caliente for the girls and espresso for Josh and myself.  We sat on the patio, in the shade of citrus trees.  It was amazing to see all the lemon and orange trees laden with fruit, so colorful! destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0021destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0021 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0022destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0022 Josh and I tried out the girls chocolate.  It was a thick, rich hot chocolate.  So good!! destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0023destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0023 I loved seeing all the plants!  Every street we walked down was filled with potted plants.  There weren't any yards to speak of, but the residents made up for it with gorgeous potted plants. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0024destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0024 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0025destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0025 While we didn't go in, the Carthusian monistary in Valldemossa was beautiful!  We greatly enjoyed walking the gardens there. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0026destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0026 Did I mention all the plants?!  Gabby and I were in awe of them all. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0027destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0027 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0028destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0028 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0029destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0029 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0030destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0030 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0031destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0031 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0032destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0032 After Valldemossa, we headed to Soller.  I didn't get any pictures of it, but the road we took was full of hairpin turns, zigzagging it's way up and down the mountains.  It was such an amazing experience.  The only downside, is the very narrow road was also full of bikers and not a lot of opportunities to pass them, as the next hairpin turn was only about 100ft away.  We didn't hit anyone, thanks to Josh's driving skills.  I just focused my attention on the scenery and not looking down at the corners.  I regret not stopping to get a picture of the road, but here's a google map image of the road we took:


destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0033destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0033 We ate lunch in the square at Soller.  It was delicious and it was fun to enjoy the town square.  After lunch, we took a wooden tram down to the Port de Soller to explore. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0044destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0044 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0035destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0035 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0036destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0036 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0037destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0037 I have no idea what they were staring at.  I think we were all still a bit jet lagged and silly.  Gabby was spending a fair amount of her time while wandering taking photos of every cat she came across. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0038destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0038 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0039destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0039 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0040destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0040 After Soller, we hit the road heading towards the west coast, hoping to catch sunset.  We didn't quite make it, but we sure had some great stops along the way. destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0041destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0041 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0042destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0042 destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0043destination-wedding-photographer-spain_0043

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Spring Wedding Sneak Peek // Embassy Suites Des Moines embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0001embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0001 What a stunning location!  I had so much fun capturing images for Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines for their spring tasting event!  Be sure to check back soon for more from this lovely event. embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0020embassy-suites-des-moines-wedding_0020 Venue:
Embassy Suites Des Moines

Rentals and Florals:
Vintage Love Rentals


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Behind the Business // My Favorite Business Tool: 17hats 17hats17hats

Running a business is no small task, as any business owner will tell you. There is so much that goes into making it run smoothly that it can be overwhelming. I began my business at the end of my sophomore year of college. I’ll be 100% honest, I was young and naive. But I had drive and determination, so I figured out how to get things done. It was a clunky system, if you really want to call it a “system” at all. Everything for managing my business was scattered and separated; some on paper, some on the computer, and nothing at all online.

In January of 2016, I attended Imaging USA for the very first time and enjoyed perusing the expo during breaks. It was there, among the sea of vendors, I first encountered 17Hats. I’ll be honest, the initial thought of changing the way I did things was daunting, but after a night in my hotel room doing some soul searching on what I really wanted for my business had me realizing that it was worth the try. I wanted to make the things about business I didn’t like (hello, accounting) easier and be able to have a one-stop place that allowed me to know where I was with my business at any given point. So I took the jump and signed up for the trial. Before I even got to the end of my trial period, I knew 17Hats was something my business needed and paid for a bi-annual subscription.

So what did 17Hats offer me that so improved my business? Let me break it down for you.

Inquiries/Leads: Before, I was trying to keep track of anyone inquiring via my inbox, which often left me subject to things like follow ups getting forgotten, losing track of what date people were inquiring about, and feeling overwhelmed. I also felt completely tied to my inbox so I could respond ASAP to people as they reached out.

With 17Hats, my lead capture form allows people to contact me directly through my website, and maps important information such as wedding dates to an easy overview screen. The quick access to information about the lead all in one place on the overview screen, allows me to follow all of our correspondence as well. I can set up an automated response, send them a questionnaire right away to start gathering more information and getting them engaged quicker, and schedule follow up emails to make sure I’m nurturing the leads, rather than letting them grow cold. Because of this automation, I’m able to step away from my inbox and feel so much more present with my family. Folks, this is HUGE! I spent years stepping out in the middle of things to go answer emails, because I feel my clients and potential clients deserve timely responses. Now, I don't have to do that because 17hats has me covered!

Contracts & Payments: Prior to 17Hats, I was old school. Like, pen-and-paper and payment-via-check-or-cash old school. My contracts were printed on paper and signed at meetings or emailed pdfs that clients would print, sign, and mail back. Same with payments, pay in person or mail a check. Ya’ll, waiting on the mail for your payment is a form of torture; the worry if it got lost, because that had happened more than once. Plus, there is the added hassle of creating physical folders to keep track of contracts and payment receipts. My desk drawers were full and it was always a hassle to find things, even with a good system in place.

I had been looking into moving into the realm of digital, but it was overwhelming. For contracts, I had been looking at programs like DocuSign and the like, but kept holding back because it was adding yet another separate thing to keep track of for my business. Billing was the same, looking into various software that would again be adding another place to search for information when I needed it.

17Hats was a game changer!  My lead wants to book?  No problem!  Once I had entered my contracts and products, I simply sent them a quote, which automatically directed them to the contract, and took them to the invoice where they could pay online. Voilà!!  Bookings made easy.  My client only had to spend about 10 minutes of their time and didn’t have to worry about printing contracts or making sure the check was in the mail.  Plus, they could refer back to their documents at any time.  Added bonus for me, again I could see everything in their client project page: contract, invoice, initial inquiry form, emails, wedding date, etc.  I had just gone from shuffling through emails and papers and trips back to the office to one streamlined process that took a couple of minutes of my time.

Added note, since beginning with 17Hats, I’ve added Fundy Designer to my repertoire of business tools.  In person/virtual photo sales allows me to better serve my clients and provide them a meaningful experience and beautiful printed artwork.  With just a few clicks, I can pull up their Fundy order in 17Hats and create an invoice that they can pay right away.  This saves me time, saves them time, and allows it all to stay within the client project in 17Hats.

Bookkeeping:  Ugh, not my thing.  I can do it, but it is just not something I enjoy spending any amount of time working on.  I have a yearly accountant who handles end of year taxes, but the day-to-day running of my business has me in that position.  In the old days, it was me, my bank statements, receipts, and a spreadsheet.  Talk about a time consuming and overwhelming task!  My knowledge of spreadsheets was enough to make this doable, but not enough to make it efficient.  I’d tried using Quickbooks, but it wasn’t something that I really got into using as it wasn't intuitive for me and I never felt confident about using it.  The process worked, but it drained my passion for business and took so much time away from my family.  

17Hats lifted such a huge weight off of my shoulders with the bookkeeping portion of their program.  Seriously, it freed up so much time and stress, pretty sure some angels started singing when I started using it.  It syncs directly with my bank account and my credit card processor.  Everything is imported regularly.  I just have to go in and classify the income (if not automatically from invoicing) and expenses.  Click a few buttons and I have a quarterly sales tax report.  Click another couple times and I have my end of year summary.  It still makes me smile. My accountant loves the end of year printout because it makes his job all the easier.

Workflows:  Previously, I had a basic workflow of things I did for each client, but sometimes things would slip my mind (life happens). It wasn't written down or set in stone, more a running mental list of things to do for each client. Honestly, I’d never really thought to sit down and map out exactly what I do for my clients, what their experience should be, what I needed  to make sure was happening.

Enter 17Hats.  Their workflows got me to sit down and really think about what I need to be doing for each lead, each wedding couple, and each portrait client.  I’ll be honest, my first few workflows were the most basic of lists.  But now I have created workflows that elevate my clients’ experience: making sure I’m getting client gifts out on time, automatically sending useful information to help them prepare for their session/wedding day, automatically sending questionnaires to help me prepare for their session/wedding day, and SO MUCH MORE!  This has encouraged me to elevate what I’m doing for my clients while allowing me to automate so much of the process that it takes very little extra time for me.  Win-win!  Again, that extra time for me is time with my family and that means the world to me. My girls are in their teens already and it won't be long before they're off into the world. I cherish the time we get to spend together and make memories.

Online Scheduling: So this wasn’t around when I first started with 17Hats, but you can bet I jumped for joy and did a little happy dance when they launched it.  I used to email back and forth and try to keep track of everything in my inbox for scheduling.  It was a juggle.  I’d looked into other online schedulers, but it was again another program I’d have to use. Another site outside of my website to navigate clients to, which was unappealing.

17Hats introduced online scheduling and scheduling my fall mini-sessions became about a million times easier.  My clients can see my availability, book their time slot, sign the contract, and pay their invoice all in one spot without ever leaving my website. The process takes about 5 minutes for them. Um, that is phenomenal!!!  No more:

“Hey, we want to book a fall mini”
“Great! I have x, y, and z available”
... two days later “oh, we’ll take z”
”Sorry, that time slot booked yesterday”
… three days later “could you do q or r?”
And so on…

Now, my clients can see what’s available and pick what works for them.  Other than setting up the schedule of availability, I had pretty much nothing to do once it launched.  My dates filled.  This year, I was able to enjoy my time on the beach in Mexico with my family (yep, that happened and I loved every minute of it!!) and my clients were still given the service and convenience they deserve.  Such a great system!

Calendar:  I used to use pen and paper in the beginning, but graduated to the wonderful world of Google Calendar.  It’s great, but it only worked if I was sure to enter everything into it.  If for some reason I didn’t get it put on the calendar (I have kids, things are sometimes distracting) then I ran the risk of forgetting. Thankfully, I never forgot a session, meeting or wedding, but the risk was there.

17Hats syncs with my Google Calendar and I can see everything at a glance.  I can also have 17Hats cross reference my calendars so I don’t double book.  It’s lovely!

Accessibility:  If I ever forgot to grab the contract as I walked out the door and had forgotten to write down some key information, I had to call my husband or the babysitter to get me contact information or addresses from it in my office.  In fairness, this was back in the days when GPSs lived in the car if you had one, not on your phone and phones had more limited connectivity. 

With 17Hats, at the touch of a button, I can not only access the contact information, address of the wedding/session/meeting, but also see all of the information about any given project.  I can send a quote, invoice, contract, questionnaire, email, or (if I’m super bored if I arrived too early, while I wait for clients) update my accounting.  Ok, so that last part hasn’t happened yet, but the option’s there, just saying.  

It is freeing to know that I can run my business from anywhere.  Did I mention the beach in Mexico?  Yeah, I ran my business from there, as well as from a winery in Italy, the Louvre in Paris, the Golden Circle of Iceland, and more.  My family loves to travel.  17Hats allows me to do that without having to leave my business behind.  It is such an amazing tool that has allowed me to be a better business owner, create a better experience for my clients, and to be an active part of my family without feeling guilty or dropping the ball for my business.  It has improved my work-life balance, my stress levels and mental health, and given me more confidence in running my business.  I am so thankful for my trip to Atlanta for Imaging USA that cold January all those years ago!

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Blaine + Paige // Washington Family Farm Engagement washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0001washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0001 The weather was cold and windy, but this gorgeous couple braved the cold for their engagement portraits.  We met at their home near Washington for their session, where we did our best to find shelter from the wind. washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0002washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0002 I love the hearts on Paige's sleeves!!  Such a cute sweater! washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0003washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0003 washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0004washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0004 washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0005washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0005 washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0006washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0006 washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0007washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0007 washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0008washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0008 washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0009washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0009 Despite the cold and wind, Paige and Blaine were naturals in front of the camera!  But unfortunately, due to the cold and the wind, we only got about 20 minutes of session time before we were frozen through.  Sigh, winter in Iowa is fun.  washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0010washington-iowa-engagement-portraits_0010

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Blaine + Paige // Washington Family Farm Engagement Sneak Peek washington-iowa-engagement-01washington-iowa-engagement-01 It was cold and windy yesterday, but these two were amazing in front of the camera.  Absolute naturals!  Here's a little peek at their engagement session. washington-iowa-engagement-05washington-iowa-engagement-05 washington-iowa-engagement-11washington-iowa-engagement-11 Be sure to stop back soon for more from Blaine and Paige's winter engagement session!

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The Bachman Family // Downtown Cedar Rapids Family Portraits harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0001harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0001 One of my favorite families is back on the blog today! Say "hello" to the Bachmans! Such a beautiful family!! harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0002harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0002 We met up in downtown Cedar Rapids, just down the street from where Brandi works. I love the area they chose! It is right near the HarMac and has such a great variety of backgrounds in a very small area. It was a chilly, windy day, so having access to that variety meant we were able to get an amazing amount of portraits in a very short amount of time. harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0003harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0003 harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0004harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0004 Crazy to believe their little guy is now three. I'm not even sure where the time has gone. Pretty sure we were just photographing Brandi's maternity session a couple months ago, right? harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0005harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0005 Ayden did such a great job smiling at the camera this year! harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0006harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0006 harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0007harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0007 Love the green garage doors! harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0008harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0008 harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0009harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0009 harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0010harmac-cedar-rapids-family-photographer_0010 Thank you to the Bachmans for allowing me to capture their beautiful family again this year! It is always an absolute joy!!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) cedar rapids cedar rapids family portraits downtown cedar rapids family family photographer in cedar rapids family photographer in iowa city family portraits harmac wedding venue iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer the harmac Wed, 15 Dec 2021 15:00:00 GMT
Kylar // Mount Vernon Senior Class of 2022 Sneak Peek mount-vernon-senior-photographer_0001mount-vernon-senior-photographer_0001 A quick peek at Kylar's recent senior portrait session. Love it! mount-vernon-senior-photographer_0002mount-vernon-senior-photographer_0002

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) high school senior portraits iowa city senior portrait photographer iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer mount vernon senior mount vernon senior portrait photographer senior class of 2022 senior portrait photography senior portraits Mon, 13 Dec 2021 15:15:00 GMT
Zach + Ashlyn // The Gathering Barn Wedding, Williamsburg gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0001gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0001 I'm still working on catching up on non-client work, but I'm excited to share with you this amazing wedding day from last summer!

It was a hot August day when I met with Amanda Dee Photography to assist her in capturing Zach and Ashlyn's wedding day. I had not had the pleasure of photographing at The Gathering Barn before, but it did not disappoint!

gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0002gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0002 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0003gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0003 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0004gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0004 It was so great having a good amount of time at the beginning of the day to focus on details. Details may seem like something that should only take a few minutes, but to truly capture gorgeous, styled details it takes time. gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0006gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0006 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0005gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0005 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0007gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0007 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0008gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0008 The guys' getting ready room had a gorgeous mirror, where Zach put on his final touches of his wedding attire. gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0009gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0009 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0010gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0010 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0011gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0011 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0012gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0012 The bridal suite was lovely and a the colors fit beautifully with their wedding colors! gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0013gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0013 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0014gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0014 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0015gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0015 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0016gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0016 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0017gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0017 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0018gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0018 I love first looks. Truly! It is such a beautiful moment for a couple. It allows them a moment together, without the eyes of all of their friends and family, at the beginning of what is always a busy day. A moment to talk and laugh, a moment to breathe before the whirlwind that is a wedding day sweeps them away. gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0019gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0019 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0020gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0020 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0021gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0021 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0022gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0022 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0023gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0023 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0024gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0024 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0025gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0025 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0026gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0026 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0027gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0027 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0028gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0028 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0029gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0029 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0030gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0030 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0031gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0031 Zach and Ashlyn were naturals in front of the camera, so relaxed and easy going, not to mention absolutely stunning!! gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0032gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0032 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0033gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0033 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0034gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0034 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0035gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0035 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0036gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0036 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0037gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0037 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0038gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0038 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0039gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0039 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0040gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0040 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0041gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0041 Their ceremony was beautiful, filled with laughter and love. gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0042gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0042 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0043gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0043 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0044gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0044 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0045gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0045 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0046gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0046 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0047gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0047 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0048gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0048 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0049gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0049 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0050gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0050 In lieu of a unity candle or sand ceremony, Zach and Ashlyn nurtured a tree together; one that they will eventually plant at their home so they can watch it grow through the years. Being a great lover of trees and plants, this is perhaps one of my absolute favorite unity ceremonies I've ever seen. gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0051gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0051 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0052gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0052 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0053gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0053 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0054gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0054 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0055gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0055 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0056gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0056 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0057gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0057 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0058gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0058 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0059gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0059 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0060gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0060 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0061gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0061 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0062gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0062 At sunset, we stole away from the reception for portraits. The pond at The Gathering Barn was a perfect spot! The reflection on the water is a gorgeous backdrop for this beautiful couple! gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0063gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0063 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0064gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0064 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0065gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0065 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0066gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0066 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0067gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0067 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0068gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0068 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0069gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0069 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0070gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0070 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0071gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0071 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0072gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0072 Zach made the "marry me" when he proposed to Ashlyn. It was a perfect thing to include in their wedding portraits! I'm obsessed!! gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0073gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0073 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0074gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0074 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0075gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0075 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0076gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0076 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0077gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0077 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0078gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0078 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0079gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0079 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0080gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0080 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0081gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0081 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0082gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0082 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0083gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0083 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0084gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0084 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0085gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0085 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0086gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0086 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0087gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0087 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0088gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0088 I love a good bouquet and garter toss! Zach and Ashlyn's guests did not disappoint!! gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0089gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0089 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0090gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0090 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0091gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0091 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0092gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0092 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0093gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0093 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0094gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0094 At the end of the night, they celebrated with sparklers and a grand exit. Love it!! gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0096gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0096 gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0095gathering-barn-williamsburg-wedding_0095

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The Orton Family // Palmyra Missouri Home Maternity Portraits Sneak Peek missouri-maternity-photographer_0001missouri-maternity-photographer_0001 I'm so excited to share this beautiful fall maternity session! For now, here's a little peek! missouri-maternity-photographer_0002missouri-maternity-photographer_0002

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) destination photographer destination wedding photographer iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer materinty photographer in palmyra maternity portraits midwest wedding photographer missouri wedding photographer palmyra wedding photographer portrait photographer in palmyra Wed, 24 Nov 2021 15:15:00 GMT
Luke + Katie // Walker Homestead Iowa City Wedding walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0001walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0001 I had such an amazing time assisting Emily Crall Photography with capturing this lovely day! It was fun to be at Walker Homestead during warmer days. I had the pleasure of capturing portraits out there this past February, but the cold and snow prevented me from enjoying the grounds. It was so fun to take in the beautiful area during Luke and Katie's wedding day. walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0002walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0002 Inside Walker Homestead is equally as beautiful. The getting ready rooms there are a wash in natural light and have lovely white shiplap walls. walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0003walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0003 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0004walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0004 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0005walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0005 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0006walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0006 Katie was positively beaming all day! Such a joyful soul!! walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0007walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0007 I captured a detail shot of her shoes, but shoes aren't really her thing. She spent her wedding day in her bare feet and it was simply perfect. walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0008walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0008 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0009walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0009 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0011walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0011 They shared their first look among the grapes in the vineyard at Walker Homestead. Simply lovely! walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0010walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0010 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0013walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0013 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0014walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0014 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0012walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0012 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0015walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0015 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0016walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0016 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0017walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0017 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0018walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0018 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0019walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0019 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0020walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0020 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0021walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0021 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0022walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0022 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0023walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0023 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0024walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0024 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0025walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0025 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0026walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0026 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0027walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0027 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0028walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0028 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0029walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0029 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0031walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0031 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0032walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0032 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0033walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0033 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0034walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0034 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0035walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0035 Luke and Katie walked into their ceremony together, hand in hand. It was a beautiful moment! walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0036walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0036 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0037walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0037 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0038walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0038 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0030walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0030 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0039walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0039 Best first kiss ever! walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0040walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0040 Though they forgot the ring exchange, so they did a quick one before the recessional. walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0041walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0041 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0042walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0042 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0043walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0043 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0044walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0044 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0045walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0045 The reception had some of the best food. The chefs at Walker Homestead served fresh focaccia with hummus during cocktail hour and had a delicious variety wood-fired pizza for dinner. It was amazing!!! I highly recommend them! walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0046walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0046 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0047walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0047 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0048walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0048 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0049walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0049 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0050walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0050 While the cloudy day did not let the sunset shine through. But we still enjoyed time after dinner out in the vineyard for some more portraits. walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0051walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0051 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0052walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0052 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0053walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0053 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0054walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0054 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0055walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0055 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0056walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0056 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0057walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0057 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0058walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0058 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0060walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0060 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0061walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0061 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0062walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0062 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0063walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0063 walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0059walker-homestead-iowa-city-wedding_0059 I had so much fun getting to know Luke and Katie and helping Emily! Congrats to the newlyweds!! Thank you Emily for allowing me to assist you!

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The Adrian Family // Pheasant Hill Park Iowa City Family Portraits Sneak Peek pheasant-ridge-park-iowa-city-family-portraits_0001pheasant-ridge-park-iowa-city-family-portraits_0001 I'm here today with a quick peek at the Adrian family's fall portrait session. Such a beautiful family! Be sure to check back soon for more! pheasant-ridge-park-iowa-city-family-portraits_0002pheasant-ridge-park-iowa-city-family-portraits_0002 pheasant-ridge-park-iowa-city-family-portraits_0003pheasant-ridge-park-iowa-city-family-portraits_0003

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) family photographer family portrait photographer in iowa city iowa city family iowa city family photos iowa city family portrait photographer iowa family portraits iowa photographer pheasant hill park Fri, 12 Nov 2021 14:15:00 GMT
Beatrice // North Liberty Class of 2022 Sneak Peek north-liberty-senior-photographer_0001north-liberty-senior-photographer_0001 A quick peek at Beatrice's recent senior portrait session. So beautiful inside and out! Check back soon for more from her senior session!! north-liberty-senior-photographer_0002north-liberty-senior-photographer_0002 north-liberty-senior-photographer_0003north-liberty-senior-photographer_0003

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) Class of 2022 classic senior portraits iowa city senior photos iowa city senior portrait photographer iowa city senior portrait photography iowa photographer modern senior portraits north liberty north liberty senior photographer photographer in iowa city senior senior photos senior portraits senior portraits north liberty Wed, 10 Nov 2021 15:30:00 GMT
Trevor + Sesali // Fairfield Family Farm Engagement Sneak Peek fairfield-wedding-photographer_0001fairfield-wedding-photographer_0001 What an absolutely perfect evening!! What a joy it was getting to know Trevor and Sesali during their engagement session last Saturday! Here's a little peek at their portraits. I cannot wait to share more!! fairfield-wedding-photographer_0002fairfield-wedding-photographer_0002 fairfield-wedding-photographer_0003fairfield-wedding-photographer_0003

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) engagement engagement photographer in fairfield fairfield engagement portraits fall engagement portraits iowa engagement portraits iowa family farm iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer wedding photographer in iowa city wedding photography in coralville wedding photography in fairfield Mon, 08 Nov 2021 16:45:00 GMT
Chance + Allie // Spillville Family Farm Wedding decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0004decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0004 In June, I had the opportunity to head to Northeast Iowa to assist White Weddings with capturing Chance and Allie's gorgeous wedding in Fort Atkinson. I so was excited to have a chance to go back to an area of Iowa I love to capture a beautiful wedding! decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0005decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0005 I began my day with Chance and his guys, which is quite the change of pace from my typical wedding. Usually, my assistant is with the guys while I'm capturing the bride and her ladies. I haven't had the opportunity to style guy's details in a while and it was so much fun! decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0006decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0006 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0007decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0007 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0008decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0008 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0009decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0009 Chance and Allie had rented some gorgeous cabins outside of Ft. Atkinson. Once the guys were ready, we headed over to the ladies' cabin for the first look and bridal party portraits. decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0010decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0010 Chance had the best reaction when he turned to see Allie for the first time on their wedding day! He was completely blown away by his gorgeous bride!! decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0011decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0011 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0012decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0012 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0013decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0013 We started portraits with Chance and Allie while the bridal party finished getting ready. Allie's bouquet was filled with beautiful wooden blossoms, greenery, and pampas grass that she collected from her family farm last fall. decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0014decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0014 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0015decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0015 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0016decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0016 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0017decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0017 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0018decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0018 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0019decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0019 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0023decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0023 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0024decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0024 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0020decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0020 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0021decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0021 After a little time with the guys, we got the whole bridal party together for a few portraits before we headed over to the ceremony location. I love the soft green and and blush tones in their wedding colors! decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0022decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0022 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0025decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0025 The ceremony was held at Allie's family home. When she arrived, she shared a first look with her dad. Such a beautiful moment! decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0026decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0026 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0027decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0027 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0028decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0028 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0029decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0029 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0030decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0030 Their ceremony was filled with laughter and love, as well as many happy tears! decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0031decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0031 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0032decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0032 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0033decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0033 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0034decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0034 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0035decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0035 At the back of one of their barns was a stunning willow tree. I love willows! The afternoon light was absolutely perfect for portraits. So stunning!! decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0036decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0036 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0037decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0037 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0038decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0038 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0039decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0039 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0040decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0040 Chance and Allie have two sweet little Dachshunds who were dressed in an adorable flower collar and bow tie. They joined in for a few portraits. decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0042decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0042 decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0041decorah-wedding-photographer-spillville_0041 A big thank you to White Weddings for allowing me to assist you in capturing Chance and Allie's gorgeous day! It was a joy working with you and the happy couple!!

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The Hipple Family // Sutliff Family Farm Portraits Sneak Peek solon-family-photographer_0001solon-family-photographer_0001 Such a lovely evening with the Hipple family at their farm!! Just a little sneak peek for now, but be sure to check back soon for more! solon-family-photographer_0002solon-family-photographer_0002 solon-family-photographer_0003solon-family-photographer_0003

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) family photographer in solon family photos family portraits iowa city photographer iowa family portraits iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer solon iowa photographer sutliff family portraits Mon, 25 Oct 2021 14:00:00 GMT
Brandon + Chelsea // Ashton Hill Cedar Rapids Wedding ashton-hill-wedding_0001ashton-hill-wedding_0001 In the middle of June, I had the pleasure of assisting Amanda Dee Photography in capturing Brandon and Chelsea's gorgeous wedding day at Ashton Hill in Cedar Rapids. I enjoy taking the opportunity to second shoot for other photographers when it comes around. It's fun to capture the day from a new angle, and I enjoy watching my peers work. It gives me the opportunity to be creative in new ways. ashton-hill-wedding_0002ashton-hill-wedding_0002 ashton-hill-wedding_0003ashton-hill-wedding_0003 ashton-hill-wedding_0004ashton-hill-wedding_0004 ashton-hill-wedding_0005ashton-hill-wedding_0005 ashton-hill-wedding_0006ashton-hill-wedding_0006 ashton-hill-wedding_0007ashton-hill-wedding_0007 Their first look was a beautiful moment! You can see the joy on Brandon's face as he sees Chelsea for the first time in her gown and veil. ashton-hill-wedding_0008ashton-hill-wedding_0008 ashton-hill-wedding_0009ashton-hill-wedding_0009 ashton-hill-wedding_0010ashton-hill-wedding_0010 ashton-hill-wedding_0011ashton-hill-wedding_0011 ashton-hill-wedding_0012ashton-hill-wedding_0012 ashton-hill-wedding_0013ashton-hill-wedding_0013 Chelsea's flowers were stunning! The colors, the textures, everything!! ashton-hill-wedding_0014ashton-hill-wedding_0014 ashton-hill-wedding_0020ashton-hill-wedding_0020 ashton-hill-wedding_0015ashton-hill-wedding_0015 How adorable are their flower girls and ring bearer?! He just melts my heart in his little bow tie!! ashton-hill-wedding_0016ashton-hill-wedding_0016 Brandon and Chelsea's sweet little daughter waited with her daddy as her mommy walked down the aisle. What a special moment!! Her sweet little outfit was hand crocheted by her great grandmother. It's hard to see here, but it was beautifully intricate with adorable matching booties! ashton-hill-wedding_0017ashton-hill-wedding_0017 ashton-hill-wedding_0018ashton-hill-wedding_0018 ashton-hill-wedding_0019ashton-hill-wedding_0019 ashton-hill-wedding_0021ashton-hill-wedding_0021 Each of their fathers offered a toast to the happy couple, filled with love and humor! ashton-hill-wedding_0022ashton-hill-wedding_0022 ashton-hill-wedding_0023ashton-hill-wedding_0023 ashton-hill-wedding_0024ashton-hill-wedding_0024 After their first dance, the sun was setting beautifully behind Ashton Hill. Thankfully, Brandon and Chelsea were game to go out and take advantage of the beautiful evening light. Seriously, it was perfection! ashton-hill-wedding_0025ashton-hill-wedding_0025 ashton-hill-wedding_0026ashton-hill-wedding_0026 ashton-hill-wedding_0027ashton-hill-wedding_0027 ashton-hill-wedding_0028ashton-hill-wedding_0028 ashton-hill-wedding_0029ashton-hill-wedding_0029 ashton-hill-wedding_0030ashton-hill-wedding_0030 ashton-hill-wedding_0031ashton-hill-wedding_0031 ashton-hill-wedding_0032ashton-hill-wedding_0032 ashton-hill-wedding_0033ashton-hill-wedding_0033 ashton-hill-wedding_0034ashton-hill-wedding_0034 ashton-hill-wedding_0035ashton-hill-wedding_0035 ashton-hill-wedding_0036ashton-hill-wedding_0036 I hope you enjoy this little peek at Brandon and Chelsea's wedding day! Thank you so much to Amanda Dee Photography for allowing me to come along and assist you!!

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Kaitlin // Mid-Prairie Senior Class of 2022 Sneak Peek mid-prairie-senior-photographer_0001mid-prairie-senior-photographer_0001 I'm here today with a little peek at one of our class of 2022 seniors, the beautiful Kaitlin! I cannot wait to share more from her session, so be sure to check back soon for more! mid-prairie-senior-photographer_0002mid-prairie-senior-photographer_0002 mid-prairie-senior-photographer_0003mid-prairie-senior-photographer_0003

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) class of 2022 iowa city senior photos iowa photographer mid-prairie high school mid-prairie senior senior senior photos senior portrait photographers in cedar rapids senior portrait photographers in iowa city senior portraits wellman senior portrait Wed, 20 Oct 2021 14:30:00 GMT
Ben + Morgan // Grand River Center Dubuque Wedding grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0001grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0001 At the end of May, I had the pleasure of assisting Emily Crall Photography as she captured Morgan and Ben's beautiful wedding at the Grand River Center. I love Dubuque and the Grand River Center is one of my favorite venues there. I was excited to be back there again. grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0002grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0002 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0003grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0003 The windows in the Grand River Center and a photographer's dream! So much gorgeous natural light!! Morgan put her gown on in the banquet hall, then stepped out into the back lobby for her finishing touches. This worked out perfectly for stunning getting ready images! grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0004grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0004 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0005grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0005 Morgan shared a first look with her father in the gardens in front of the venue. It was beautiful! grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0006grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0006 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0007grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0007 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0008grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0008 Their florals were stunning!! The white blossoms in various shapes, sizes, and textures intermixed with greenery created absolutely beautiful bouquets!! grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0009grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0009 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0010grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0010 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0011grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0011 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0012grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0012 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0013grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0013 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0014grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0014 Ben and Morgan chose not to see each other before the ceremony, but wanted a moment to connect before the wedding began. At the corner of the church, they were able to hold hands, talk, and have a moment together. grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0015grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0015 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0016grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0016 Their ceremony was beautiful! grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0017grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0017 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0018grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0018 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0019grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0019 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0020grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0020 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0021grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0021 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0022grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0022 After the church, we stopped by a park that overlooked Dubuque where they popped some champagne. I love how those portraits turned out! What a fun celebration with their bridal party!! grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0023grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0023 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0024grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0024 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0025grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0025 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0026grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0026 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0027grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0027 The packing district in Dubuque is filled with amazing portrait locations! I love the ivy covered wall, the brick, the doors, all of it! grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0028grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0028 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0029grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0029 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0030grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0030 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0031grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0031 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0032grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0032 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0033grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0033 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0034grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0034 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0035grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0035 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0036grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0036 Their wedding reception was a beautiful party; stunning decor, heartfelt toasts, and lots of laughter! grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0037grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0037 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0038grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0038 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0039grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0039 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0040grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0040 After dinner, we stepped outside for portraits along the river. Unfortunately, the clouds prevented the sunset from shining through, but the light was still soft and beautiful! grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0041grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0041 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0042grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0042 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0043grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0043 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0044grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0044 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0045grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0045 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0046grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0046 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0047grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0047 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0048grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0048 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0049grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0049 grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0050grand-river-center-dubuque-wedding_0050 I hope you enjoyed this peek at Morgan and Ben's beautiful wedding day! A huge thank you to Emily Crall Photography for allowing me to help you capture their big day! It was a pleasure, as always, working with you and the happy couple!!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) dubuque pack district portraits dubuque wedding dubuque wedding photography dubuque wedding venues grand river center grand river center wedding iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer mississippi river wedding wedding wedding phtoographers in dubuque Fri, 08 Oct 2021 14:45:00 GMT
The Bottorff Family // Fall Iowa City Family Portraits iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0001iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0001 I love the Bottorff family! I have had the pleasure of capturing their family portraits for many years and they are always such a joy to photograph!! iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0002iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0002 This year we met at the old Iowa Boat House, a lovely location between Hancher and the Arts Campus. They brought along their newest family member as well! Their sweet pup, Finn. He is an energetic guy, but it simply the sweetest. I adore his bandanna too!! iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0003iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0003 iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0004iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0004 I've never been to this location before, but it was perfect. Within just a matter of feet we had the beautiful limestone building, the river, and beautiful trees. iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0005iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0005 iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0006iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0006 iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0007iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0007 iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0008iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0008 iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0009iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0009 iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0010iowa-row-house-family-portraits_0010 It was an absolute joy to once again capture the Bottorff family! Thank you all so much for being so amazing to work with and being so kind as to allow me to capture your family all of these years!!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) beautiful fall family photos family photographers in iowa city family portraits iowa city iowa city family iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer Wed, 06 Oct 2021 18:28:33 GMT
The Steil Family // Sutliff Bridge Family Portraits sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0001sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0001 What a perfect evening! This past weekend I met up with the Steil family for their portraits at the Sutliff Bridge. The last time I saw this sweet family their oldest was just a little guy. It was a joy meeting their youngest and seeing just how much their oldest has grown! How quickly time flies!! Hard to believe just six and a half years ago, I was capturing their parents' wedding day!


I truly love being able to document the lives of my couples as the years go on, to see their families grow. It is such an honor and privilege!! sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0003sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0003 I just love their colors! They look amazing at the bridge and coordinate so well!! sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0002sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0002 These two were amazing little models! Such sweet smiles and were so much fun to photograph!! sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0004sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0004 sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0005sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0005 I love, love, love the image above. I do love a classic portrait with everyone looking happily at the camera, but ya'll moments like the one above speak to my heart. Absolute joy!! sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0006sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0006 I always try to include a few portraits of mom and dad alone in my family sessions. Often those get overlooked, but it's important. They are the foundation of the family and I think it's so wonderful to celebrate them. sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0007sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0007 sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0008sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0008 Thank you so much to the Steil family for allowing me to capture your family portraits! I loved working with you again!!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) bridge family portraits fall family portraits iowa city family family photographer family portrait photographer iowa city family portraits iowa photographer iowa suttliff iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer suttliff bridge Mon, 04 Oct 2021 16:00:00 GMT
The Gunderson Family // Dubuque Arboretum Family Sneak Peek dubuque-family-portraits_0001dubuque-family-portraits_0001 What a gorgeous evening with a beautiful family! I always love when I have the opportunity to capture the Gunderson family! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek of their recent family portraits. dubuque-family-portraits_0002dubuque-family-portraits_0002 dubuque-family-portraits_0003dubuque-family-portraits_0003 ]]> (Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) arboretum family photos dubuque arboretum dubuque family portraits fall family portraits family photos family photos in dubuque family portrait photographer photographer in dubuque Fri, 01 Oct 2021 14:45:00 GMT The Russell Family // Harvest Preserve Family Portraits Sneak Peek harvest-preserve-portraits_0001harvest-preserve-portraits_0001 It was such a joy photographing the beautiful Wallace family! Here's a little sneak peek of their recent family portraits session. harvest-preserve-portraits_0002harvest-preserve-portraits_0002 harvest-preserve-portraits_0003harvest-preserve-portraits_0003 harvest-preserve-portraits_0004harvest-preserve-portraits_0004 harvest-preserve-portraits_0005harvest-preserve-portraits_0005

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Kirk + Alicia // Intimate Swisher Family Farm Wedding swisher-wedding-photographer_0010swisher-wedding-photographer_0010 Such a gorgeous day! Kirk and Alicia's wedding day was perfect from beginning to end. We began the day at their beautiful home in the country near Swisher where we had captured their engagement portraits earlier this summer. swisher-wedding-photographer_0011swisher-wedding-photographer_0011 swisher-wedding-photographer_0012swisher-wedding-photographer_0012 swisher-wedding-photographer_0013swisher-wedding-photographer_0013 After their first look, Alicia shared a beautiful moment with Kirk's sons as they saw her for the first time in her wedding dress. It was so sweet watching the joy on their faces as they ran over to hug her. swisher-wedding-photographer_0014swisher-wedding-photographer_0014 swisher-wedding-photographer_0015swisher-wedding-photographer_0015 swisher-wedding-photographer_0016swisher-wedding-photographer_0016 swisher-wedding-photographer_0017swisher-wedding-photographer_0017 She got a big thumbs up and was told she looked like a princess. Too sweet!! swisher-wedding-photographer_0018swisher-wedding-photographer_0018 swisher-wedding-photographer_0019swisher-wedding-photographer_0019 swisher-wedding-photographer_0020swisher-wedding-photographer_0020 swisher-wedding-photographer_0021swisher-wedding-photographer_0021 swisher-wedding-photographer_0022swisher-wedding-photographer_0022 It was so fun to go around their property again. They have such a beautiful lane! swisher-wedding-photographer_0023swisher-wedding-photographer_0023 swisher-wedding-photographer_0024swisher-wedding-photographer_0024 swisher-wedding-photographer_0025swisher-wedding-photographer_0025 The sun was still high in the sky and it was a warm August day, but the images with the timber look simply magical! That light!! swisher-wedding-photographer_0026swisher-wedding-photographer_0026 swisher-wedding-photographer_0027swisher-wedding-photographer_0027 swisher-wedding-photographer_0028swisher-wedding-photographer_0028 Before we headed into their ceremony/reception, we captured family portraits. There was a beautiful location just down the street from their reception hall. swisher-wedding-photographer_0029swisher-wedding-photographer_0029 swisher-wedding-photographer_0030swisher-wedding-photographer_0030 swisher-wedding-photographer_0031swisher-wedding-photographer_0031 swisher-wedding-photographer_0032swisher-wedding-photographer_0032 swisher-wedding-photographer_0033swisher-wedding-photographer_0033 swisher-wedding-photographer_0034swisher-wedding-photographer_0034 swisher-wedding-photographer_0035swisher-wedding-photographer_0035 swisher-wedding-photographer_0036swisher-wedding-photographer_0036 swisher-wedding-photographer_0037swisher-wedding-photographer_0037 swisher-wedding-photographer_0038swisher-wedding-photographer_0038 I love styling details! Alicia had saved the fabric from her dress alterations and it made for a perfect backdrop to style their rings. swisher-wedding-photographer_0039swisher-wedding-photographer_0039 swisher-wedding-photographer_0040swisher-wedding-photographer_0040 swisher-wedding-photographer_0041swisher-wedding-photographer_0041 swisher-wedding-photographer_0042swisher-wedding-photographer_0042 swisher-wedding-photographer_0043swisher-wedding-photographer_0043 swisher-wedding-photographer_0044swisher-wedding-photographer_0044 Kirk and Alicia's ceremony was short and intimate, with just their witnesses present. They preferred the attention of the day be on celebrating with their friends and family. swisher-wedding-photographer_0045swisher-wedding-photographer_0045 swisher-wedding-photographer_0046swisher-wedding-photographer_0046 swisher-wedding-photographer_0047swisher-wedding-photographer_0047 swisher-wedding-photographer_0048swisher-wedding-photographer_0048 swisher-wedding-photographer_0049swisher-wedding-photographer_0049 Their reception was filled with laughter, joy, and celebration. swisher-wedding-photographer_0050swisher-wedding-photographer_0050 swisher-wedding-photographer_0051swisher-wedding-photographer_0051 swisher-wedding-photographer_0052swisher-wedding-photographer_0052 swisher-wedding-photographer_0053swisher-wedding-photographer_0053 swisher-wedding-photographer_0054swisher-wedding-photographer_0054 swisher-wedding-photographer_0055swisher-wedding-photographer_0055 The dance floor was kicked off by the kiddos. Let me tell you, they had some mad skills and lots of enthusiasm! swisher-wedding-photographer_0056swisher-wedding-photographer_0056 swisher-wedding-photographer_0057swisher-wedding-photographer_0057 swisher-wedding-photographer_0058swisher-wedding-photographer_0058 swisher-wedding-photographer_0059swisher-wedding-photographer_0059 swisher-wedding-photographer_0060swisher-wedding-photographer_0060 At sunset, we popped back over to where we had taken family portraits earlier in the afternoon. The evening light through the trees was gorgeous! swisher-wedding-photographer_0061swisher-wedding-photographer_0061 swisher-wedding-photographer_0062swisher-wedding-photographer_0062 swisher-wedding-photographer_0063swisher-wedding-photographer_0063 swisher-wedding-photographer_0064swisher-wedding-photographer_0064 swisher-wedding-photographer_0065swisher-wedding-photographer_0065 swisher-wedding-photographer_0066swisher-wedding-photographer_0066 swisher-wedding-photographer_0067swisher-wedding-photographer_0067 It was such a joy working with Kirk and Alicia, as well as their friends and family! Such a joyous day!! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) cedar rapids wedding family portraits iowa city weddings iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer romantic wedding photography wedding wedding day wedding photographers in cedar rapids wedding photographers in iowa city wedding portraits Mon, 30 Aug 2021 13:30:00 GMT
The Hass Family // Iowa City Hunters Run Park Family Portraits iowa-city-family-photographer_0004iowa-city-family-photographer_0004 What a beautiful family! I had so much fun getting to know and photographing the Haas family!! iowa-city-family-photographer_0005iowa-city-family-photographer_0005 It was a perfect August evening when I met the Haas family at Hunters Run Park in Iowa City for their family portraits. We could not have asked for better weather or more gorgeous evening light. It was a perfect setting for this gorgeous family!! iowa-city-family-photographer_0006iowa-city-family-photographer_0006 iowa-city-family-photographer_0007iowa-city-family-photographer_0007 I love the moments of grandma and grandpa with their sweet little granddaughter! iowa-city-family-photographer_0008iowa-city-family-photographer_0008 iowa-city-family-photographer_0009iowa-city-family-photographer_0009 iowa-city-family-photographer_0010iowa-city-family-photographer_0010 iowa-city-family-photographer_0011iowa-city-family-photographer_0011 Can we just take a moment to appreciate their blue and white color theme? This is how you do family portraits! Coordinating, but not matching, with a great balance of patterns and solids. Love it!! iowa-city-family-photographer_0012iowa-city-family-photographer_0012 iowa-city-family-photographer_0013iowa-city-family-photographer_0013 iowa-city-family-photographer_0014iowa-city-family-photographer_0014 iowa-city-family-photographer_0015iowa-city-family-photographer_0015 iowa-city-family-photographer_0016iowa-city-family-photographer_0016 I love extended family portrait sessions. Of course, it is a great way to celebrate your family all together and make memories. It's also a perfect way to create beautiful wall art that showcases the family as a whole as well as each individual family while keeping the color story cohesive. iowa-city-family-photographer_0017iowa-city-family-photographer_0017 iowa-city-family-photographer_0018iowa-city-family-photographer_0018 iowa-city-family-photographer_0019iowa-city-family-photographer_0019 iowa-city-family-photographer_0020iowa-city-family-photographer_0020 iowa-city-family-photographer_0021iowa-city-family-photographer_0021 iowa-city-family-photographer_0022iowa-city-family-photographer_0022 iowa-city-family-photographer_0023iowa-city-family-photographer_0023 I hope you have enjoyed this little look at the Haas family's portrait session! iowa-city-family-photographer_0024iowa-city-family-photographer_0024

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) family photographer in iowa city family photos family portraits hunters run iowa city hunters run park" iowa city family photos iowa city family portrait photographer iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer Fri, 27 Aug 2021 14:00:00 GMT
The Haas Family // Iowa City Hunters Run Park Family Sneak Peek iowa-city-family-photographer_0000iowa-city-family-photographer_0000 Such a gorgeous evening with the beautiful Haas family! Here's a little peek at their recent portrait session. iowa-city-family-photographer_0001iowa-city-family-photographer_0001 iowa-city-family-photographer_0003iowa-city-family-photographer_0003

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) best family photographers family family photos family portraits hunters run iowa city hunters run park iowa city family iowa city family portraits iowa family photogarpher iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer Wed, 18 Aug 2021 13:45:00 GMT
Kirk + Alicia // Swisher Family Farm Wedding Sneak Peek swisher-wedding-photographer_0001swisher-wedding-photographer_0001 Do you remember Kirk and Alicia's gorgeous engagement session? Well, I was so excited to be back at their beautiful home and capture their wedding day! swisher-wedding-photographer_0002swisher-wedding-photographer_0002 swisher-wedding-photographer_0003swisher-wedding-photographer_0003 swisher-wedding-photographer_0004swisher-wedding-photographer_0004 swisher-wedding-photographer_0005swisher-wedding-photographer_0005 swisher-wedding-photographer_0006swisher-wedding-photographer_0006 swisher-wedding-photographer_0007swisher-wedding-photographer_0007 swisher-wedding-photographer_0008swisher-wedding-photographer_0008 We could not have asked for more perfect weather to celebrate the big day! swisher-wedding-photographer_0009swisher-wedding-photographer_0009 swisher-wedding-photographer_0010swisher-wedding-photographer_0010 Be sure to check back for more from Kirk and Alicia's lovely wedding day!!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) cedar rapids wedding family portraits iowa city weddings iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer romantic wedding photography wedding wedding day wedding photographers in cedar rapids wedding photographers in iowa city wedding portraits Mon, 16 Aug 2021 13:30:00 GMT
Thiago + Margaret // Harvest Preserve Wedding Iowa City harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0001harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0001 We could not have asked for a more beautiful day for Thiago and Margaret's wedding. The day began at The Element in downtown Iowa City, where Margaret got ready with her friends and family. harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0002harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0002 Her train was adorned by beautiful lace. harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0003harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0003 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0004harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0004 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0005harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0005 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0006harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0006 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0007harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0007 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0008harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0008 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0009harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0009 I love when a mother helps her daughter into her wedding gown. Such a special moment! harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0010harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0010 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0011harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0011 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0012harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0012 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0013harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0013 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0014harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0014 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0015harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0015 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0016harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0016 Their first look took place in front of The Element and was such a beautiful moment. Thiago was blown away by his beautiful bride! harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0017harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0017 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0018harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0018 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0019harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0019 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0020harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0020 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0021harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0021 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0022harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0022 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0023harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0023 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0024harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0024 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0025harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0025 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0026harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0026 We seized the opportunity for a few portraits before heading to Harvest Preserve for their wedding. harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0027harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0027 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0028harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0028 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0029harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0029 Margaret's engagement ring is stunning! That beautiful pink stone in the golden setting. Love it! The blush roses from Beautifully Bloomed made for a perfect styling addition. harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0030harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0030 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0031harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0031 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0032harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0032 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0033harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0033 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0034harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0034 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0035harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0035 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0036harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0036 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0037harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0037 Her veil was perfect! I adore when a bride has a lovely, flowy veil!! harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0038harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0038 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0039harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0039 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0040harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0040 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0041harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0041 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0042harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0042 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0043harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0043 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0044harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0044 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0045harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0045 Big Ten Rentals set up a beautiful white tent where Margaret and Thiago held their wedding and reception. The decor was stunning! Beautifully Bloomed created absolutely gorgeous floral arrangements for the tables. Their rentals from Borrow My Vintage were perfect for the space, including a beautiful series of vintage rugs as the aisle runner. harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0049harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0049 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0046harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0046 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0050harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0050 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0047harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0047 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0048harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0048 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0051harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0051 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0052harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0052 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0053harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0053 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0054harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0054 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0055harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0055 Margaret and Thiago were married on paper in March of 2020, but wanted to celebrate their love with a wedding attended by friends and family. Unfortunately, Covid restrictions prevented Thiago's family in Brazil from joining them. Thankfully, they were able to join virtually. harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0056harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0056 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0057harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0057 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0058harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0058 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0059harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0059 During the ceremony, Margaret turned and addressed Thiago's family, making a vow in Portuguese to love and honor their son. I don't speak Portuguese, but it was a very beautiful and powerful moment. harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0060harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0060 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0061harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0061 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0062harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0062 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0063harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0063 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0064harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0064 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0065harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0065 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0066harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0066 We were sure to get a few portraits with Thiago's family and friends who joined the wedding day virtually. harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0067harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0067 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0068harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0068 Margaret's family traveled from Texas to join them on their wedding day. What a great looking group! harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0069harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0069 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0070harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0070 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0071harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0071 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0072harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0072 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0073harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0073 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0074harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0074 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0075harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0075 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0076harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0076 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0077harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0077 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0078harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0078 Thiago graduated from the University of Iowa with a Masters in music and is an accomplish clarinetist. For their wedding day, they chose live music as entertainment for their guests. The musicians were wonderful! harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0079harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0079 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0080harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0080 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0081harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0081 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0082harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0082 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0083harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0083 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0084harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0084 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0085harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0085 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0086harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0086 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0087harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0087 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0088harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0088 Margaret's best friend, her siblings, and her parents all offered beautiful toasts to the happy couple, and her father read a message from Thiago's father. harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0089harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0089 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0090harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0090 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0091harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0091 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0092harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0092 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0093harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0093 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0094harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0094 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0095harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0095 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0096harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0096 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0097harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0097 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0098harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0098 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0099harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0099 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0100harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0100 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0101harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0101 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0102harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0102 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0103harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0103 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0104harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0104 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0105harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0105 They chose to create a time capsule to open on a later anniversary, filled with well wishes from guests and the toasts that were shared. harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0106harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0106 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0107harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0107 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0108harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0108 Before the end of the reception, we snuck away for a few more portraits around Harvest Preserve. What a stunning location!!! harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0109harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0109 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0110harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0110 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0111harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0111 harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0112harvest-preserve-wedding-iowa-city_0112

Thank you so much to Margaret and Thiago for allowing us to capture your wedding day! It was an honor getting to know you both!!



Coordinator: Gems and Joy
Venues: The Element and Harvest Preserve
Tent: Big Ten Rentals
Rentals : Borrow My Vintage
Florist: Beautifully Bloomed
Hair & Makeup: Thairapy Beauty Lounge
Caterer: University of Iowa Catering

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) beautiful blush flowers harvest preserve iowa city harvest preserve wedding iowa city iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer wedding wedding photographers in iowa city wedding photography in iowa Mon, 09 Aug 2021 14:30:00 GMT
The Stufflebeam Family // Downtown Marion Family Portraits marion-family-portraits_0003marion-family-portraits_0003 It was so much fun meeting up with one of my favorite families!! I adore working with the Stufflebeams! They are such a fun group and always a joy to work with. marion-family-portraits_0004marion-family-portraits_0004 We met up in downtown Marion and found some amazing locations for their portraits. I'm maybe a little obsessed with the bird mural we found. Not only is it beautiful, it coordinated with their colors perfectly!! marion-family-portraits_0005marion-family-portraits_0005 Their girls are so sweet! Their youngest wasn't super interested in having her photo taken, but she did a great job and gave a few big smiles. marion-family-portraits_0006marion-family-portraits_0006 I've had the pleasure of knowing Chancey and Sarah for quite a while now. My husband met Chancey in the Army Reserves and I had the honor of photographing their engagement, wedding, and newborn portraits for their oldest, as well as family portraits throughout the years. It was so great to once again be able to photograph their beautiful family! marion-family-portraits_0007marion-family-portraits_0007 marion-family-portraits_0008marion-family-portraits_0008 marion-family-portraits_0009marion-family-portraits_0009 So hard to believe their oldest was just a wee little peanut when I first met her. Time flies so quickly! She is growing into a beautiful young lady!! marion-family-portraits_0010marion-family-portraits_0010 marion-family-portraits_0011marion-family-portraits_0011 How sweet are these two?!?! Oh my word!! marion-family-portraits_0012marion-family-portraits_0012 A big thank you to the Stufflebeams for allowing me to capture your family! I had such a great time catching up and working with you all!!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) candid family portraits cedar rapids photographer family family portrait photographers in cedar rapids family portraits iowa city family portraits iowa family photographer iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer marion wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer modern family portraits photographers in cedar rapids Wed, 28 Jul 2021 13:00:00 GMT
The Stufflebeams // Downtown Marion Family Portrait Sneak Peek marion-family-portraits_0001marion-family-portraits_0001 I had so much fun with the Stufflebeams during their recent family portraits session!! Here's a little sneak peek from their session! marion-family-portraits_0002marion-family-portraits_0002

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) candid family portraits cedar rapids photographer family family portrait photographers in cedar rapids family portraits iowa city family portraits iowa family photographer iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer marion wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer modern family portraits photographers in cedar rapids Fri, 23 Jul 2021 13:15:00 GMT
Thiago + Margaret // Harvest Preserve Iowa City Wedding Sneak Peek wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0052wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0052 This past Saturday was simply perfect! Thiago and Margaret had such a gorgeous wedding day!! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into their beautiful celebration at Harvest Preserve! wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0053wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0053 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0054wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0054 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0055wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0055 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0056wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0056 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0057wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0057 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0058wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0058 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0059wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0059 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0060wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0060 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0061wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0061 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0062wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0062 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0063wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0063 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0064wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0064 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0065wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0065 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0066wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0066 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0067wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0067 wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0068wedding-the-element-iowa-city_0068

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) beautiful blush flowers harvest preserve iowa city harvest preserve wedding iowa city iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer wedding wedding photographers in iowa city wedding photography in iowa Mon, 19 Jul 2021 14:45:00 GMT
Elijah + Rachael // Brown Deer Golf Course Wedding Reception brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0001brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0001 Do you remember Eliah and Rachael from last year? They had a beautiful June wedding, that unfortunately was scaled down due to Covid. They had been hoping to hold their wedding reception with all their friends and family last fall, but unfortunately Covid restrictions prevented them from planning the party they had dreamed of. So when Elijah and Rachael reached out this spring to say they had scheduled their wedding reception, I was so thrilled to have their date available! brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0002brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0002 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0003brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0003 Their reception was held at Brown Deer Golf Course in Coralville, which was a simply beautiful setting for their celebration! brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0004brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0004 We kicked off the evening with family portraits. Elijah's family is quite large, his parents being one of twelve and one of seven. What an amazing opportunity to get portraits of everyone together! brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0005brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0005 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0006brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0006 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0007brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0007 The dinner started with each of their father's toasting the couple. It was so sweet to hear about their journey together. brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0008brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0008 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0009brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0009 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0010brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0010 After dinner, Elijah's best man and Rachael's maid of honor share beautiful heart-felt speeches honoring Elijah and Rachael. brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0011brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0011 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0012brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0012 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0013brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0013 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0014brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0014 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0015brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0015 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0016brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0016 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0017brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0017 Part way into the first dance, Elijah and Rachael invited all married couples to join them. The dance floor filled quickly with couples, including their parents. brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0018brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0018 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0019brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0019 The father-daughter dance welcomed all fathers and daughters to the dance floor, and the mother-son dance welcomed all mothers and sons to dance. It was so fun to see all the dads with their daughters and all of the mothers and sons. What a special moment for all! brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0020brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0020 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0021brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0021 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0022brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0022 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0023brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0023 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0024brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0024 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0025brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0025 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0026brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0026 Most of Rachael's parents original bridal party was present for Rachael and Elijah's celebration, so we were sure to get a portrait of them 26 years after the big day. brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0027brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0027 I love sunsets out at Brown Deer! Thankfully, we had an amazing one for Elijah and Rachael! brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0028brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0028 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0029brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0029 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0030brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0030 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0031brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0031 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0032brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0032 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0033brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0033 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0034brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0034 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0035brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0035 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0036brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0036 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0037brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0037 While we were outside for sunset portraits, the party was going strong inside! Their guests really love to dance and the dance floor stayed busy the whole evening!! brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0039brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0039 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0038brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0038 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0040brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0040 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0041brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0041 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0042brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0042 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0043brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0043 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0044brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0044 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0045brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0045 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0046brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0046 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0047brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0047 As the sun set lower in the sky, some clouds rolled in and the sky lit up a glorious golden red. Thankfully, Elijah and Rachael were on board with popping out of the reception again for a few short minutes to take advantage of the gorgeous sunset! brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0048brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0048 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0049brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0049 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0050brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0050 brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0051brown-deer-wedding-iowa-city_0051 Thank you so much to Elijah and Rachael for allowing me to capture your beautiful celebration! It was an absolute joy to work with you both again!!


Venue: Brown Deer Golf Course
DJ: Unique Events

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) brown deer brown deer coralville coralville wedding photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer sunset portraits wedding wedding photography wedding reception Wed, 14 Jul 2021 13:00:00 GMT
Peter + Ryan // Iowa City Anniversary Portraits iowa-city-engagement_0003iowa-city-engagement_0003 I was so excited when Ryan reached out to schedule a portrait session! I haven't seen her or Peter since their wedding in 2014. It was such an honor to be invited back into their lives to capture their portraits after they have celebrated their 7th anniversary! iowa-city-engagement_0004iowa-city-engagement_0004 iowa-city-engagement_0005iowa-city-engagement_0005 After a few years of living in the Minneapolis area, Peter and Ryan now have a beautiful home in Iowa City, where I met them for their session. iowa-city-engagement_0006iowa-city-engagement_0006 iowa-city-engagement_0007iowa-city-engagement_0007 I love their sense of style! Peter's cranberry colored jacket was a bold pop of color, beautifully tying into Ryan's floral dress. Perfection! iowa-city-engagement_0008iowa-city-engagement_0008 iowa-city-engagement_0009iowa-city-engagement_0009 iowa-city-engagement_0010iowa-city-engagement_0010 There was so much laughter during the session. They are truly naturals in front of the camera! iowa-city-engagement_0011iowa-city-engagement_0011 iowa-city-engagement_0012iowa-city-engagement_0012 iowa-city-engagement_0013iowa-city-engagement_0013 iowa-city-engagement_0014iowa-city-engagement_0014 iowa-city-engagement_0015iowa-city-engagement_0015 Their home fit perfectly with their colors too! After outside portraits, we headed inside for some portraits in their home. iowa-city-engagement_0016iowa-city-engagement_0016 iowa-city-engagement_0017iowa-city-engagement_0017 iowa-city-engagement_0018iowa-city-engagement_0018 Their adorable bunny, Luna, joined in on portraits as well. He did such a great job! How sweet is he?! iowa-city-engagement_0019iowa-city-engagement_0019 iowa-city-engagement_0020iowa-city-engagement_0020 They have a phenomenal bar in their basement. I just love their portraits snuggling at the bar! iowa-city-engagement_0021iowa-city-engagement_0021 iowa-city-engagement_0022iowa-city-engagement_0022 I hope you enjoyed this look at Peter and Ryan's anniversary session! I had such a blast catching up with them both and capturing their portraits!]]> (Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) anniversary portraits engagement gorgeous happily ever after iowa city photographer iowa city portraits iowa city wedding iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer Fri, 09 Jul 2021 14:00:00 GMT Lawson // West Branch Newborn & Family Portraits west-branch-newborn_0006west-branch-newborn_0006 This handsome little man recently joined the world, completing his family and bringing a lot of joy to his parents and big brothers! He is simply perfect! west-branch-newborn_0007west-branch-newborn_0007 It is so hard to believe that a little over 10 years ago, I captured Lawson's parent's, Jason and Lauren, wedding day! It doesn't seem possible that it has been that long. It also seems like yesterday each of his big brothers were curled up in front of my camera for their newborn portraits (you can check them out here and here). How quickly time flies, but it makes me so very, very thankful and deeply honored to be able to chronicle such important moments in their lives. Seriously, I have the absolute best job ever!! west-branch-newborn_0008west-branch-newborn_0008 west-branch-newborn_0009west-branch-newborn_0009 west-branch-newborn_0010west-branch-newborn_0010 I made this Cat in the Hat hat for Lawson's big brother many years ago. It was so fun to learn they still had it and so special to use it as part of Lawson's newborn portraits! west-branch-newborn_0011west-branch-newborn_0011 west-branch-newborn_0012west-branch-newborn_0012 west-branch-newborn_0013west-branch-newborn_0013 west-branch-newborn_0014west-branch-newborn_0014 How adorable is this sweet little guy?! He was an absolute dream to photograph!! west-branch-newborn_0015west-branch-newborn_0015 west-branch-newborn_0016west-branch-newborn_0016 For each of the boys, Lawson's grandmother has made them a Dr. Seuss themed quilt. His parents love Dr. Seuss! There was no better setup than his very own quilt from Grandma, surrounded by snuggle Dr. Seuss friends, and snuggled up on a stack of books!! west-branch-newborn_0017west-branch-newborn_0017 west-branch-newborn_0018west-branch-newborn_0018 My heart is just melting looking through the pictures of this sweet trio of brothers! How adorable are they?! west-branch-newborn_0019west-branch-newborn_0019 west-branch-newborn_0020west-branch-newborn_0020 What a beautiful family! west-branch-newborn_0021west-branch-newborn_0021 Lauren and Jason are fully smitten with Lawson! He is the perfect little one to complete their family!! west-branch-newborn_0022west-branch-newborn_0022 west-branch-newborn_0023west-branch-newborn_0023 west-branch-newborn_0024west-branch-newborn_0024 west-branch-newborn_0025west-branch-newborn_0025 I hope you enjoyed seeing Lawson's newborn session and are just as smitten with this sweet little guy and his beautiful family!!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) iowa city newborn photographer iowa family photographer iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer newborn newborn photography newborn portraits Wed, 07 Jul 2021 12:30:00 GMT
Elijah + Rachael // Brown Deer Golf Course Wedding Reception Sneak Peek brown-deer-wedding_0001brown-deer-wedding_0001 Oh my word! What a perfect evening with a gorgeous couple!! Elijah and Rachael's wedding reception was amazing! I hope you enjoy a little peek at their golden hour portraits! I'm obsessed with them! brown-deer-wedding_0002brown-deer-wedding_0002 brown-deer-wedding_0003brown-deer-wedding_0003 brown-deer-wedding_0004brown-deer-wedding_0004 Be sure to check back soon for more from Elijah and Rachael's wedding reception! brown-deer-wedding_0005brown-deer-wedding_0005

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) brown deer brown deer coralville coralville wedding photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer sunset portraits wedding wedding photography wedding reception Mon, 05 Jul 2021 13:30:00 GMT
Peter + Ryan // Iowa City Anniversary Portraits Sneak Peek iowa-city-engagement_0001iowa-city-engagement_0001 Here's a little sneak peek of Ryan and Peter's recent portrait session. So gorgeous!! iowa-city-engagement_0002iowa-city-engagement_0002 Be sure to check back soon for more from their session!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) anniversary portraits engagement gorgeous happily ever after iowa city photographer iowa city portraits iowa city wedding iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer Fri, 02 Jul 2021 13:00:00 GMT
Josh + Teagan // Cedar Ridge Winery Wedding Part 2 cedar-ridge-wedding_1001cedar-ridge-wedding_1001 Did I mention what an absolutely perfect day Josh and Teagan had? Such a dream to photograph!! Their ceremony was no exception. The beautiful moments with their parents as they walked down the aisle were so very sweet. I love that they had both their parents right by their side as they walked into the ceremony! cedar-ridge-wedding_1002cedar-ridge-wedding_1002 cedar-ridge-wedding_1003cedar-ridge-wedding_1003 cedar-ridge-wedding_1004cedar-ridge-wedding_1004 cedar-ridge-wedding_1005cedar-ridge-wedding_1005 cedar-ridge-wedding_1006cedar-ridge-wedding_1006 cedar-ridge-wedding_1007cedar-ridge-wedding_1007 cedar-ridge-wedding_1008cedar-ridge-wedding_1008 I love that their parents walked at their side as they walked down the aisle. They also stood beside the chuppah to watch their children join their lives together. cedar-ridge-wedding_1009cedar-ridge-wedding_1009 cedar-ridge-wedding_1010cedar-ridge-wedding_1010 They stood under a beautiful, simple chuppah as the rabbi presided over their marriage. They shared wine from a goblet that has been in Josh's family for centuries. What an absolutely amazing heirloom to be part of their wedding! cedar-ridge-wedding_1011cedar-ridge-wedding_1011 cedar-ridge-wedding_1012cedar-ridge-wedding_1012 cedar-ridge-wedding_1013cedar-ridge-wedding_1013 cedar-ridge-wedding_1014cedar-ridge-wedding_1014 I think the joy on their faces as they walk back down the aisle together pretty much says it all! Mazel tov to this beautiful couple!! cedar-ridge-wedding_1015cedar-ridge-wedding_1015 cedar-ridge-wedding_1016cedar-ridge-wedding_1016 cedar-ridge-wedding_1017cedar-ridge-wedding_1017 Cedar Ridge is such a stunning venue! From the vineyard, to the ceremony location, to the reception hall. It is all gorgeous! cedar-ridge-wedding_1018cedar-ridge-wedding_1018 cedar-ridge-wedding_1019cedar-ridge-wedding_1019 cedar-ridge-wedding_1020cedar-ridge-wedding_1020 cedar-ridge-wedding_1021cedar-ridge-wedding_1021 Sunset at Cedar Ridge is amazing! The clouds were lit beautifully when we popped out from the reception for a few minutes as the sun was setting. It was gorgeous! cedar-ridge-wedding_1022cedar-ridge-wedding_1022 cedar-ridge-wedding_1023cedar-ridge-wedding_1023 cedar-ridge-wedding_1024cedar-ridge-wedding_1024 cedar-ridge-wedding_1025cedar-ridge-wedding_1025 Just like during their engagement session, there was a lot of laughter and fun! cedar-ridge-wedding_1026cedar-ridge-wedding_1026 Sometime couples are hesitant to step away from the reception, but Josh and Teagan fully embraced the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful evening. It is amazing what can be captured in just 15-20 minutes while guests finish eating and refresh their drinks for toasting. cedar-ridge-wedding_1027cedar-ridge-wedding_1027 cedar-ridge-wedding_1028cedar-ridge-wedding_1028 cedar-ridge-wedding_1029cedar-ridge-wedding_1029 cedar-ridge-wedding_1030cedar-ridge-wedding_1030 cedar-ridge-wedding_1031cedar-ridge-wedding_1031 cedar-ridge-wedding_1032cedar-ridge-wedding_1032 cedar-ridge-wedding_1033cedar-ridge-wedding_1033 cedar-ridge-wedding_1034cedar-ridge-wedding_1034 cedar-ridge-wedding_1036cedar-ridge-wedding_1036 Each of their parents toasted the newlyweds, sharing stories, advice, and support for them as they begin this new chapter of their lives. So beautiful!! cedar-ridge-wedding_1035cedar-ridge-wedding_1035 cedar-ridge-wedding_1037cedar-ridge-wedding_1037 cedar-ridge-wedding_1038cedar-ridge-wedding_1038 cedar-ridge-wedding_1039cedar-ridge-wedding_1039 cedar-ridge-wedding_1040cedar-ridge-wedding_1040 cedar-ridge-wedding_1041cedar-ridge-wedding_1041 cedar-ridge-wedding_1042cedar-ridge-wedding_1042 cedar-ridge-wedding_1043cedar-ridge-wedding_1043 cedar-ridge-wedding_1044cedar-ridge-wedding_1044 cedar-ridge-wedding_1045cedar-ridge-wedding_1045 cedar-ridge-wedding_1046cedar-ridge-wedding_1046 cedar-ridge-wedding_1047cedar-ridge-wedding_1047 cedar-ridge-wedding_1048cedar-ridge-wedding_1048 cedar-ridge-wedding_1049cedar-ridge-wedding_1049 cedar-ridge-wedding_1050cedar-ridge-wedding_1050 cedar-ridge-wedding_1051cedar-ridge-wedding_1051 cedar-ridge-wedding_1052cedar-ridge-wedding_1052 After the special dances, the dance floor was opened and stayed filled all evening! cedar-ridge-wedding_1053cedar-ridge-wedding_1053 cedar-ridge-wedding_1054cedar-ridge-wedding_1054 cedar-ridge-wedding_1055cedar-ridge-wedding_1055 cedar-ridge-wedding_1056cedar-ridge-wedding_1056 An impromptu hora dance took place as a surprise to Josh and Teagan. cedar-ridge-wedding_1057cedar-ridge-wedding_1057 cedar-ridge-wedding_1058cedar-ridge-wedding_1058 cedar-ridge-wedding_1059cedar-ridge-wedding_1059 cedar-ridge-wedding_1060cedar-ridge-wedding_1060 cedar-ridge-wedding_1061cedar-ridge-wedding_1061 cedar-ridge-wedding_1062cedar-ridge-wedding_1062 They had originally planned for a glow stick exit, but were having so much fun on the dance floor with their guests it turned into a glow stick dance. It was so much fun!! After the dance, we popped outside with a group of their friends and family for a couple fun photos before I headed out for the night. cedar-ridge-wedding_1063cedar-ridge-wedding_1063 What an absolutely wonderful day filled with joy and love! Congratulations to Josh and Teagan!! Thank you both so much for allowing me to capture your gorgeous wedding day!


Venue - Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery
Flowers - Flowers by Jacqueline
Gown - Hope's Bridal
Mensware - Halberstadts
Wedding Coordinator - Rachelle Blackwell
Invitations - Shutterfly

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) beautiful cedar rapids wedding photographer cedar ridge winery gold wedding rings iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer jewish wedding midwest wedding photographer sunset photos swisher wedding wedding wedding day winery wedding Wed, 30 Jun 2021 14:45:00 GMT
Lawson // West Branch Newborn Portrait Sneak Peek west-branch-newborn_0001west-branch-newborn_0001 This sweet little guy made his grand debut recently and I had the joy of capturing his newborn portraits! Lawson is so adorable and a dream to photograph!! Be sure to check back soon for more from his newborn session! west-branch-newborn_0002west-branch-newborn_0002

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) iowa city newborn photographer iowa family photographer iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer newborn newborn photography newborn portraits Mon, 28 Jun 2021 14:00:00 GMT
Kirk + Alicia // Swisher Family Farm Engagement swisher-engagement-portraits_0001swisher-engagement-portraits_0001 What a perfect evening! I had such an amazing time with Kirk and Alicia during their engagement session! swisher-engagement-portraits_0002swisher-engagement-portraits_0002 Kirk and Alicia have a gorgeous home set on acres of beautiful grassland and woods. It was a dream to explore for their engagement portraits! I cannot wait to head back there for their wedding in August!! swisher-engagement-portraits_0003swisher-engagement-portraits_0003 Kirk and Alicia were great to work with! They were naturals in front of the camera. Their wedding day is going to be amazing! swisher-engagement-portraits_0004swisher-engagement-portraits_0004 swisher-engagement-portraits_0005swisher-engagement-portraits_0005 The evening light through the trees was absolutely stunning! Golden hour is my favorite time of day!! swisher-engagement-portraits_0006swisher-engagement-portraits_0006 swisher-engagement-portraits_0007swisher-engagement-portraits_0007 swisher-engagement-portraits_0008swisher-engagement-portraits_0008 Kirk and Alicia have many trails throughout their property and we were able to find so many gorgeous locations! As we pulled up to this location, several deer were grazing the field. swisher-engagement-portraits_0009swisher-engagement-portraits_0009 swisher-engagement-portraits_0010swisher-engagement-portraits_0010 swisher-engagement-portraits_0011swisher-engagement-portraits_0011 swisher-engagement-portraits_0012swisher-engagement-portraits_0012 During their session, we were sure to get some portraits with their sweet boys. How adorable are these two?! They were amazing for their portraits too! Seriously, this whole family made my job so easy! It was an absolute dream photographing them! swisher-engagement-portraits_0013swisher-engagement-portraits_0013 swisher-engagement-portraits_0014swisher-engagement-portraits_0014 I absolutely cannot wait to be back for Alicia and Kirk's wedding day! It is going to be gorgeous!!!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek at Kirk and Alicia's engagement session! Be sure to check back later this summer for image from their wedding!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) engagement family farm engagement portraits golden hour iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer swisher engagement Fri, 25 Jun 2021 14:30:00 GMT
Austin + Alyssa // Celebration Farms Wedding Part 2 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0001iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0001 Did I mention what an absolutely perfect day Austin and Alyssa had?! Seriously, it was a dream!

Following the ceremony, we finished up the formal family portraits. This little spot on the lawn with the trees in the background is my favorite spot for portraits at this time of day. The light at the arches was still a little too harsh, but the beautiful sunlight lights the trees beautifully!

iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0002iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0002 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0003iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0003 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0004iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0004 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0005iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0005 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0006iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0006 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0007iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0007 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0008iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0008 I have to say, this is one of my favorite things to do with bridal parties! Running group hug!! It's the best! iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0009iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0009 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0010iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0010 Being big "Lord of the Rings" fans, Austin and his friends have an ongoing tradition of getting pictures of this iconic pose from "The Fellowship of the Rings." After a short debate on who would pose as the ring wraith, the guys got into position. Too fun! iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0011iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0011 Alyssa's dress was perfect for floating! I absolutely love the portraits with it dramatically blowing!! iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0012iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0012 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0013iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0013 Once we had finished by the timberline, the light at the arches was perfect! Talk about timing!! So we headed over there with the bridal party for a few more portraits before heading into the reception. iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0014iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0014 I adore the soft blues of their bridesmaids dresses, so soft and romantic!! iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0016iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0016 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0017iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0017 Did I mention how amazing their bouquets from Bohemian Blossoms were? Stunning!!! iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0018iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0018 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0019iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0019 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0020iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0020 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0021iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0021 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0022iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0022 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0023iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0023 The toasts from Alyssa's Maid of Honor and Austin's Best Man were so sweet and heartfelt. You could tell just how loved Austin and Alyssa are by their friends and family. Toasts are one of my favorite part of the reception. It is such a beautiful moment, honoring the bride and groom as individuals and as a couple. iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0024iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0024 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0025iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0025 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0046iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0046 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0026iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0026 Austin's step-sister made their beautiful wedding cake and, if Austin's reaction was any indication, it was absolutely delicious!! iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0047iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0047 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0029iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0029 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0030iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0030 I loved their first dance! Not only did it kick off with a dip and a kiss, but you could see the joy radiating from them as they dance together for the first time as husband and wife. So beautiful!! iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0031iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0031 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0032iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0032 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0033iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0033 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0036iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0036 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0034iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0034 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0035iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0035 Alyssa and her dad were the next to take to the dance floor, followed by Austin and his mother. What beautiful parent dances! iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0037iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0037 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0038iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0038 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0039iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0039 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0040iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0040 Once the dance floor opened, it stayed full! This group knows how to party!! iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0041iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0041 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0042iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0042 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0043iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0043 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0044iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0044 iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0045iowa-city-wedding-celebration-farm_0045 I absolutely loved capturing Austin and Alyssa's wedding day! I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into their beautiful wedding!!

Congratulations, Austin and Alyssa!! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding!!!


Venues |
The Highlander Hotel & Celebration Farm
Gown | Bliss Bridal
Bridesmaids | Azazie
Suits | Men's Warehouse
Florals | Bohemian Blossoms
Hair | Salon Ludic

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) beautiful celebration farm happily ever after iowa city iowa photographer iowa wedding iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer wedding weddings Wed, 23 Jun 2021 14:45:00 GMT
Josh + Teagan // Cedar Ridge Winery Wedding Part 1 cedar-ridge-wedding_0001cedar-ridge-wedding_0001

Josh and Teagan had such a gorgeous wedding day!! The getting ready portion began with Teagan and her bridesmaids getting ready at the home of her parents, and Josh getting ready with his bridal party at their home in Coralville.

I know I've said it before, but I truly love when couples allow enough time for styling details! I am in love with all of their detail photos!!

cedar-ridge-wedding_0002cedar-ridge-wedding_0002 cedar-ridge-wedding_0003cedar-ridge-wedding_0003 cedar-ridge-wedding_0004cedar-ridge-wedding_0004 cedar-ridge-wedding_0005cedar-ridge-wedding_0005 cedar-ridge-wedding_0006cedar-ridge-wedding_0006 cedar-ridge-wedding_0007cedar-ridge-wedding_0007 Teagan's mom helped her into her into her gown. Her ballgown from Hope's Bridal was absolutely perfect! So elegant!! cedar-ridge-wedding_0008cedar-ridge-wedding_0008 cedar-ridge-wedding_0009cedar-ridge-wedding_0009 As her dress was zipped, Teagan absolutely lit up! She was radiating joy, such a beautiful bride!! cedar-ridge-wedding_0010cedar-ridge-wedding_0010 cedar-ridge-wedding_0011cedar-ridge-wedding_0011 cedar-ridge-wedding_0012cedar-ridge-wedding_0012 Each of her bridesmaids took turns helping her put on her finishing touches. This such a wonderful way to include the bridal party in getting ready images! cedar-ridge-wedding_0013cedar-ridge-wedding_0013 cedar-ridge-wedding_0014cedar-ridge-wedding_0014 cedar-ridge-wedding_0015cedar-ridge-wedding_0015 Did I mention her stunning dress had pockets?! Love it! cedar-ridge-wedding_0016cedar-ridge-wedding_0016 cedar-ridge-wedding_0017cedar-ridge-wedding_0017 cedar-ridge-wedding_0018cedar-ridge-wedding_0018 If you remember from their engagement session, Josh is a huge New York Rangers fan. Love his cuff links! What a perfect personal touch for his wedding fashion. cedar-ridge-wedding_0019cedar-ridge-wedding_0019 Josh and Teagan have two sweet kitties, who we were sure to include in the getting ready portraits!

cedar-ridge-wedding_0020cedar-ridge-wedding_0020 cedar-ridge-wedding_0021cedar-ridge-wedding_0021 cedar-ridge-wedding_0022cedar-ridge-wedding_0022 cedar-ridge-wedding_0023cedar-ridge-wedding_0023 cedar-ridge-wedding_0024cedar-ridge-wedding_0024 cedar-ridge-wedding_0025cedar-ridge-wedding_0025 cedar-ridge-wedding_0026cedar-ridge-wedding_0026 Once everyone was dressed and ready, we headed to Cedar Ridge for the first look. cedar-ridge-wedding_0027cedar-ridge-wedding_0027 Their first look took place in one of the barrel rooms. The moment Josh turned around you could see the absolute joy in his and Teagan's faces. What a beautiful, emotional first look!! cedar-ridge-wedding_0028cedar-ridge-wedding_0028 cedar-ridge-wedding_0029cedar-ridge-wedding_0029 cedar-ridge-wedding_0030cedar-ridge-wedding_0030 cedar-ridge-wedding_0031cedar-ridge-wedding_0031 cedar-ridge-wedding_0032cedar-ridge-wedding_0032 cedar-ridge-wedding_0033cedar-ridge-wedding_0033 cedar-ridge-wedding_0034cedar-ridge-wedding_0034 The light in the barrel room was gorgeous! We took advantage of the opportunity for portraits there before heading back up to the winery. cedar-ridge-wedding_0035cedar-ridge-wedding_0035 cedar-ridge-wedding_0036cedar-ridge-wedding_0036 cedar-ridge-wedding_0037cedar-ridge-wedding_0037 cedar-ridge-wedding_0038cedar-ridge-wedding_0038 Josh and Teagan are such a blast to work with! They are such naturals in front of the camera, easy to laugh and so much fun to work with! cedar-ridge-wedding_0039cedar-ridge-wedding_0039 cedar-ridge-wedding_0040cedar-ridge-wedding_0040 cedar-ridge-wedding_0041cedar-ridge-wedding_0041 cedar-ridge-wedding_0042cedar-ridge-wedding_0042 cedar-ridge-wedding_0043cedar-ridge-wedding_0043 cedar-ridge-wedding_0044cedar-ridge-wedding_0044 cedar-ridge-wedding_0045cedar-ridge-wedding_0045 cedar-ridge-wedding_0046cedar-ridge-wedding_0046 Their bridal party was just as energetic and fun as Josh and Teagan! They had perhaps the most enthusiastic cheer during bridal party portraits that I've ever captured! cedar-ridge-wedding_0047cedar-ridge-wedding_0047 Before the wedding ceremony, Josh and Teagan signed their Ketubah, a traditional Jewish marriage contract. They had theirs custom made and it was not only a beautiful dedication of their lives to each other, but also an absolute work of art. cedar-ridge-wedding_0048cedar-ridge-wedding_0048 cedar-ridge-wedding_0049cedar-ridge-wedding_0049 Their rabbi read the Ketubah out loud before the signing. It was a beautiful and emotional moment, not only for Josh and Teagan, but also for their parents. cedar-ridge-wedding_0050cedar-ridge-wedding_0050 cedar-ridge-wedding_0051cedar-ridge-wedding_0051 cedar-ridge-wedding_0052cedar-ridge-wedding_0052 cedar-ridge-wedding_0053cedar-ridge-wedding_0053 cedar-ridge-wedding_0054cedar-ridge-wedding_0054 cedar-ridge-wedding_0055cedar-ridge-wedding_0055 Before heading out to prepare for the ceremony, we took advantage of the gorgeous light for a few family portraits. cedar-ridge-wedding_0056cedar-ridge-wedding_0056 cedar-ridge-wedding_0057cedar-ridge-wedding_0057 Be sure to check back soon for the rest of Josh and Teagan's stunning wedding day!!


Venue - Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery
Flowers - Flowers by Jacqueline
Gown - Hope's Bridal
Mensware - Halberstadts
Wedding Coordinator - Rachelle Blackwell
Invitations - Shutterfly

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Kirk + Alicia // Swisher Family Farm Engagement: Sneak Peek swisher-engagement_0001swisher-engagement_0001 What a perfect evening! I had such a beautiful evening with Kirk and Alicia for their engagement portrait session! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek of their portraits from yesterday. I cannot wait to share more!! swisher-engagement_0002swisher-engagement_0002

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) engagement family farm engagement portraits golden hour iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer swisher engagement Wed, 16 Jun 2021 20:14:16 GMT
Austin + Alyssa // Celebration Farms Wedding Part 1 highlander-hotel-wedding_0001highlander-hotel-wedding_0001 This year, May brought with it rain, lots of rain. But, each time I checked the weather for Austin and Alyssa's wedding day it got more and more hopeful. Their day arrived and it could not have been more perfect!!

I began my day with Alyssa and her ladies at the Highlander Hotel in Iowa City. highlander-hotel-wedding_0002highlander-hotel-wedding_0002 highlander-hotel-wedding_0003highlander-hotel-wedding_0003 The blue chairs at the Highlander were perfect for styling Alyssa's details! I love when that happens!! I really adore styling detail shots. Not only are they pretty, they really set the tone for the wedding day and allow me to get my creative juices flowing. highlander-hotel-wedding_0004highlander-hotel-wedding_0004 highlander-hotel-wedding_0005highlander-hotel-wedding_0005 highlander-hotel-wedding_0006highlander-hotel-wedding_0006 highlander-hotel-wedding_0007highlander-hotel-wedding_0007 highlander-hotel-wedding_0008highlander-hotel-wedding_0008 Alyssa's room had a lovely sliding door that looked out on to the courtyard. The natural light was perfect for getting ready portraits! highlander-hotel-wedding_0009highlander-hotel-wedding_0009 highlander-hotel-wedding_0010highlander-hotel-wedding_0010 highlander-hotel-wedding_0011highlander-hotel-wedding_0011 I just adore the black and white image of Alyssa's hair and the back of her dress below! Her dress from Bliss Bridal was stunning. Her soft, cascading curls were so elegant. Salon Ludic did a fabulous job! highlander-hotel-wedding_0012highlander-hotel-wedding_0012 highlander-hotel-wedding_0013highlander-hotel-wedding_0013 Did I mention what a perfect day they had?! Simply gorgeous! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0001celebration-farm-iowa-city_0001 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0002celebration-farm-iowa-city_0002 Austin had some pretty amazing details! I love his D20 socks and the dice set!! Being married to a gamer (and having gamed myself before) I love it! The blue ties in perfectly to the wedding day and what a fun and unique detail!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0003celebration-farm-iowa-city_0003 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0004celebration-farm-iowa-city_0004 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0005celebration-farm-iowa-city_0005 Austin and his guys got ready at Celebration Farm, where the wedding and reception were held. celebration-farm-iowa-city_0006celebration-farm-iowa-city_0006 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0007celebration-farm-iowa-city_0007 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0008celebration-farm-iowa-city_0008 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0009celebration-farm-iowa-city_0009 Their first look was beautiful! I love when grooms get emotional! It really is such a big moment on the wedding day, seeing each other for the first time. I cannot recommend first looks enough. It is such a wonderful thing to have time after a couple sees each other to hug and chat and enjoy a quiet moment together without the eyes of all their guests on them. Honestly, it cuts wedding day nerves down so much for couples. celebration-farm-iowa-city_0010celebration-farm-iowa-city_0010 The absolute joy on their faces says it all! What a precious moment!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0011celebration-farm-iowa-city_0011 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0012celebration-farm-iowa-city_0012 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0013celebration-farm-iowa-city_0013 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0014celebration-farm-iowa-city_0014 The first look took place during the early afternoon, which can be tricky for lighting out at Celebration Farm. Thankfully their covered patio is beautifully shaded and the large class doors reflect the beautiful green trees in the woods. celebration-farm-iowa-city_0015celebration-farm-iowa-city_0015 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0016celebration-farm-iowa-city_0016 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0017celebration-farm-iowa-city_0017 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0018celebration-farm-iowa-city_0018 To the north side of the woods, there is a little path that made for a lovely setting for portraits.

Their bouquet and boutonniere were gorgeous! Bohemian Blossoms knocked it out of the park!! The white florals complimented by touches of blue were so perfect for their wedding day! Stunning! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0019celebration-farm-iowa-city_0019 I absolutely love the soft floral pattern in Austin's tie. His suit from Men's Warehouse was perfect. I especially love the personal touches he added to his look, like his D20 tie clip and socks!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0020celebration-farm-iowa-city_0020 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0021celebration-farm-iowa-city_0021 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0022celebration-farm-iowa-city_0022 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0023celebration-farm-iowa-city_0023 We were so fortunate to have a great variety of locations shaded around Celebration Farm. The doors to the Double Round Barn are lovely! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0024celebration-farm-iowa-city_0024 After some time with Austin and Alyssa, the bridal party came out to join us for portraits. I am obsessed with the bridesmaid's dresses! They're from Azazie and I just love that they are all the same color, but each one has their own personal style. So perfect!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0025celebration-farm-iowa-city_0025 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0026celebration-farm-iowa-city_0026 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0027celebration-farm-iowa-city_0027 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0028celebration-farm-iowa-city_0028 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0029celebration-farm-iowa-city_0029 Austin's niece was their flower girl. So adorable! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0030celebration-farm-iowa-city_0030 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0031celebration-farm-iowa-city_0031 We were able to capture a few family portraits before the ceremony, but most took place following. I just love the portrait of Alyssa with her mom and sister! What a beautiful trio! And their dresses pull are beautifully tied together in the flowers. Perfection! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0032celebration-farm-iowa-city_0032 We had some time before the ceremony began, so I was able to capture detail photos of the rings. I just love the ring box Alyssa had! A perfect compliment to the wedding day!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0033celebration-farm-iowa-city_0033 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0034celebration-farm-iowa-city_0034 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0035celebration-farm-iowa-city_0035 As part of their ceremony, Austin and Alyssa had family members and members of their bridal party joing them in creating a piece of art for their home in lieu of a unity candle or sand ceremony. So perfect! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0036celebration-farm-iowa-city_0036 I think some of my favorite moments in a ceremony are after the parents have walked in with their child, the bride or groom respectively, and they share an embrace before they take their seats. Such beautiful moments!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0037celebration-farm-iowa-city_0037 Austin's niece did such a great job as flower girl! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0038celebration-farm-iowa-city_0038 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0039celebration-farm-iowa-city_0039 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0040celebration-farm-iowa-city_0040 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0041celebration-farm-iowa-city_0041 Their ceremony was filled with laughter and happy tears. It was such a beautiful event to witness and capture! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0042celebration-farm-iowa-city_0042 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0043celebration-farm-iowa-city_0043 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0044celebration-farm-iowa-city_0044 They chose to write their own vows. I love when couples choose to do so! While I know it can be a lot of pressure to write your own vows, it really makes the ceremony even more personal and is a beautiful expression of your love for each other. You could absolutely tell just how much Austin and Alyssa love and adore each other. celebration-farm-iowa-city_0045celebration-farm-iowa-city_0045 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0046celebration-farm-iowa-city_0046 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0047celebration-farm-iowa-city_0047

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into the first half of Austin and Alyssa's gorgeous wedding day! Be sure to check back soon for more!!


Venues | The Highlander Hotel & Celebration Farm
Gown | Bliss Bridal
Bridesmaids | Azazie
Suits | Men's Warehouse
Florals | Bohemian Blossoms
Hair | Salon Ludic

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Josh + Teagan // Cedar Ridge Winery Wedding: Sneak Peek cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0001cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0001 What a stunning day! Josh and Teagan's wedding day was simply perfect; the gorgeous couple, the beautiful location, perfect weather, surrounded by loving friends and family. It doesn't get any better! I had the hardest time narrowing down their sneak peek!! cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0002cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0002 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0003cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0003 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0004cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0004 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0005cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0005 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0006cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0006 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0007cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0007 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0008cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0008 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0009cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0009 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0010cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0010 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0011cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0011 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0012cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0012 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0013cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0013 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0014cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0014 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0015cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0015 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0016cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0016 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0017cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0017 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0018cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0018 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0019cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0019 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0020cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0020 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0021cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0021 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0022cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0022 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0023cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0023 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0024cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0024 cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0025cedar-ridge-winery-wedding_0025

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) beautiful cedar rapids wedding photographer cedar ridge winery gold wedding rings iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer jewish wedding midwest wedding photographer sunset photos swisher wedding wedding wedding day winery wedding Tue, 08 Jun 2021 13:00:00 GMT
Bruno // Iowa City Newborn & Family Portraits coralville-newborn-photographer_0001coralville-newborn-photographer_0001 Oh my! Bruno is just the sweetest!! He was such a joy to photograph! coralville-newborn-photographer_0002coralville-newborn-photographer_0002 coralville-newborn-photographer_0003coralville-newborn-photographer_0003 I'm seriously obsessed with this little guy! Those cheeks, those lips, his tiny toes!! coralville-newborn-photographer_0004coralville-newborn-photographer_0004 coralville-newborn-photographer_0005coralville-newborn-photographer_0005 I first met Bruno's parents, Liz and Adrian, almost ten years ago as they planned their beautiful wedding day. It was such a joy capturing their wedding! It included a beautiful Catholic mass with traditions from Adrian's family's Spanish heritage. So gorgeous! coralville-newborn-photographer_0006coralville-newborn-photographer_0006

What feels like yesterday, I was photographing Bruno's big brother, Oscar, when he was a teeny-tiny little peanut. Check out his newborn portraits here! He has grown into such a sweet, adorable little man. How quickly time flies!!

I am truly so honored to have been asked to chronicle their journey as their family began and grew. It is one of my favorite parts of my job!

coralville-newborn-photographer_0007coralville-newborn-photographer_0007 coralville-newborn-photographer_0008coralville-newborn-photographer_0008 coralville-newborn-photographer_0009coralville-newborn-photographer_0009 coralville-newborn-photographer_0010coralville-newborn-photographer_0010 coralville-newborn-photographer_0011coralville-newborn-photographer_0011 coralville-newborn-photographer_0012coralville-newborn-photographer_0012 coralville-newborn-photographer_0013coralville-newborn-photographer_0013 coralville-newborn-photographer_0014coralville-newborn-photographer_0014 coralville-newborn-photographer_0015coralville-newborn-photographer_0015 Oscar is such a good big brother! He was such a good helper and did a great job holding his baby brother. coralville-newborn-photographer_0016coralville-newborn-photographer_0016 coralville-newborn-photographer_0017coralville-newborn-photographer_0017 coralville-newborn-photographer_0018coralville-newborn-photographer_0018 Did I mention the cheeks? Oh my word!! Be still my heart! coralville-newborn-photographer_0019coralville-newborn-photographer_0019 coralville-newborn-photographer_0020coralville-newborn-photographer_0020 Sleepy smiles are the absolute best! coralville-newborn-photographer_0021coralville-newborn-photographer_0021 coralville-newborn-photographer_0022coralville-newborn-photographer_0022 I hope you have fallen as in love with this sweet little guy as I have! I cannot wait to see how he's grown the next time I have the pleasure of seeing him!!

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Austin + Alyssa // Celebration Farms Wedding: Sneak Peek celebration-farm-wedding_0001celebration-farm-wedding_0001 I have had the hardest time narrowing down Austin and Alyssa's sneak peek! What a gorgeous day!! celebration-farm-wedding_0002celebration-farm-wedding_0002 celebration-farm-wedding_0003celebration-farm-wedding_0003 celebration-farm-wedding_0004celebration-farm-wedding_0004 celebration-farm-wedding_0005celebration-farm-wedding_0005 celebration-farm-wedding_0006celebration-farm-wedding_0006 celebration-farm-wedding_0007celebration-farm-wedding_0007 celebration-farm-wedding_0008celebration-farm-wedding_0008 celebration-farm-wedding_0009celebration-farm-wedding_0009 celebration-farm-wedding_0010celebration-farm-wedding_0010 celebration-farm-wedding_0011celebration-farm-wedding_0011 celebration-farm-wedding_0012celebration-farm-wedding_0012 celebration-farm-wedding_0013celebration-farm-wedding_0013 celebration-farm-wedding_0015celebration-farm-wedding_0015 celebration-farm-wedding_0016celebration-farm-wedding_0016 celebration-farm-wedding_0014celebration-farm-wedding_0014 Such an amazing day!! I cannot wait to share the rest of their beautiful day! Be sure to check back again soon for more!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) beautiful celebration farm happily ever after iowa city iowa photographer iowa wedding iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer wedding weddings Mon, 31 May 2021 16:44:29 GMT
Bruno // Newborn Portrait Sneak Peek iowa-city-newborn-photographer_0001iowa-city-newborn-photographer_0001

I'm here to share a little sneek peek of sweet Bruno's newborn portraits. Oh my word! He is simply perfect!! Such a dream to photograph too! His sweet little sleepy grin just melts your heart! iowa-city-newborn-photographer_0002iowa-city-newborn-photographer_0002 I couldn't resist sharing this one with big brother, Oscar. So adorable!! Hard to believe he was just a tiny little thing himself when I first met Oscar. Check out his newborn portraits here! iowa-city-newborn-photographer_0003iowa-city-newborn-photographer_0003

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) iowa city newborn iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer newborn family photos newborn portraits Mon, 24 May 2021 05:45:00 GMT
New Venue Feature: The HarMac, Cedar Rapids // Wedding Wednesday harmac-cedar-rapids_0001harmac-cedar-rapids_0001 I recently had the pleasure of photographing at the Harmac, a stunning new venue in Cedar Rapids. Love it!! This venue is so cool! I love the rustic-industrial vibe! Plus all the windows offer some AMAZING natural light!! It makes my photographer's heart so happy!
harmac-cedar-rapids_0002harmac-cedar-rapids_0002 The decor, rentals, and florals are courtesy of Unique Events. They are simple, elegant, and very boho-chic!
harmac-cedar-rapids_0003harmac-cedar-rapids_0003 harmac-cedar-rapids_0004harmac-cedar-rapids_0004 I just love the variety of shades of coral-peach tones and all of the textures in the decor! So visually interesting, but a beautiful cohesive look!! harmac-cedar-rapids_0005harmac-cedar-rapids_0005 What a gorgeous set up! If you're looking to keep your floral budget to a minimum, I think this is a beautiful look. Plus, the centerpieces are interesting but not super high. I think often large centerpieces can detract from your guests experience by making socializing awkward during dinner. harmac-cedar-rapids_0006harmac-cedar-rapids_0006 harmac-cedar-rapids_0007harmac-cedar-rapids_0007 harmac-cedar-rapids_0008harmac-cedar-rapids_0008 harmac-cedar-rapids_0009harmac-cedar-rapids_0009 harmac-cedar-rapids_0010harmac-cedar-rapids_0010 Their bridal room is STUNNING! How amazing would it be to hang with your ladies in this lounge? It is complete with three styling stations, complete with lots of outlets to make your hair and makeup a breeze. Pretty sure this is a hair/makeup stylist's dream for a getting ready room! harmac-cedar-rapids_0011harmac-cedar-rapids_0011 The Harmac has certainly not forgotten the guys. Their getting ready room is a comfortable lounge complete with foosball! What a great place to relax and get ready for the wedding day! harmac-cedar-rapids_0012harmac-cedar-rapids_0012 harmac-cedar-rapids_0013harmac-cedar-rapids_0013 harmac-cedar-rapids_0014harmac-cedar-rapids_0014 The Harmac has a great room for a small indoor ceremony. It would serve as a great in case of weather backup for couples as well. harmac-cedar-rapids_0015harmac-cedar-rapids_0015 harmac-cedar-rapids_0016harmac-cedar-rapids_0016 The Harmac also prides itself on it's custom bar service. It offers couples custom, hand-crafted cocktails and even custom made ice! harmac-cedar-rapids_0017harmac-cedar-rapids_0017 Want to learn more about the Harmac? Be sure to go check out their website!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) boho wedding cedar rapids weddings coral boho coral wedding harmac harmac cedar rapids inspiration iowa city wedding photography iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer unique events wedding venue wedding wednesday Wed, 05 May 2021 13:45:00 GMT
Fully Vaccinated! IMG_4278IMG_4278

I'm so happy to say I'm fully vaccinated! I do have to admit, after hearing many stories of bad side effects from the second shot, I was nervous going into it. I cleared my calendar for a couple days following my appointment and mentally prepared myself to feel miserable. I am so very thankful to say, other than a sore arm, I had no noticeable side effects from either of my vaccinations! I am so happy to be fully vaccinated going into wedding season, knowing I'm doing what I can to protect my clients, myself, and their guests.

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) covid vaccinated iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer personal vaccinated and ready to go Mon, 03 May 2021 14:00:00 GMT
Crabapple Blossom + Gold Wedding // Wedding Inspiration Shoot crabapple-blossom-wedding_0003crabapple-blossom-wedding_0003 I'm so obsessed with this shoot! I've been dreaming about this for a while and am so happy to see it come to life! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0004crabapple-blossom-wedding_0004 When we moved to our new home last summer, I had my eye on the crabapples that grow on the southwest side of our property, dreaming about the day they bloom. Well, the time has come and I'm in love! We have two huge trees filled with pink blossoms, a tree blooming white, and a smaller deep magenta tree. So lovely! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0005crabapple-blossom-wedding_0005 I am loving this blush dress from Lulus! It is soft and romantic. The lace sleeves are perfect for springtime and the chiffon skirt is flowy and dreamy. Paired with these stunning jewelry pieces from Wells Cooperative, it's simply perfect! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0006crabapple-blossom-wedding_0006 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0007crabapple-blossom-wedding_0007 When I asked Sam at Wells Cooperative if she'd like to join in this inspiration shoot, she picked out some stunning pieces for us to use. The Claire necklace, with it's gold sunburst and beautiful opal, is perfectly elegant especially paired with the Vista earrings. So gorgeous!!   crabapple-blossom-wedding_0008crabapple-blossom-wedding_0008 I really do love styling details. I think it's such a beautiful way to create images that tell the story of the day even more completely. They look amazing in wedding albums too!! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0009crabapple-blossom-wedding_0009 Is this not the most amazing backdrop for an intimate wedding ceremony?! What a gorgeous canopy of blossoms!! The white geometric arch and crossback chairs from Vintage Love Rentals are simple, yet stunning!!  crabapple-blossom-wedding_0010crabapple-blossom-wedding_0010 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0011crabapple-blossom-wedding_0011 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0012crabapple-blossom-wedding_0012 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0013crabapple-blossom-wedding_0013 Cynthia with Vintage Love Rentals is beyond amazing! The ceremony set up was lovely, but this reception table is phenomenal!! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0015crabapple-blossom-wedding_0015 This is a perfect example of reusing your flowers to get the most from your wedding day florals. The beautiful arrangements that adorned the aisle, are perfect centerpieces. crabapple-blossom-wedding_0016crabapple-blossom-wedding_0016 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0017crabapple-blossom-wedding_0017 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0018crabapple-blossom-wedding_0018 This tablescape is lovely! I adore the short centerpieces, making it easy for guests to chat and enjoy themselves while they dine. The vintage china in alternating patterns ties in the blossoms to the setting. Golden pops in the chargers, flatware, and goblets elevates the look and adds sparkle. It is so inviting! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0019crabapple-blossom-wedding_0019 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0020crabapple-blossom-wedding_0020 I love the long farm table. It invites your guests to sit and dine together, rather than being separated out at different tables. The idea of a communal table is so warm and inviting. A great way to bring everyone together to celebrate! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0021crabapple-blossom-wedding_0021 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0022crabapple-blossom-wedding_0022 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0023crabapple-blossom-wedding_0023 This cake from Fareway Bakeries looks beautiful in the blossoms!  crabapple-blossom-wedding_0024crabapple-blossom-wedding_0024 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0025crabapple-blossom-wedding_0025 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0026crabapple-blossom-wedding_0026 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0027crabapple-blossom-wedding_0027 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0028crabapple-blossom-wedding_0028 How perfect is this lounge?! Seriously, Vintage Love Rentals has the best furniture and Cynthia's designs are always amazing!! What a perfect area to sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful day! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0029crabapple-blossom-wedding_0029 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0014crabapple-blossom-wedding_0014 A huge thank you to all the vendors who made this shoot possible! I hope you enjoyed seeing our creation as much as I did helping create it!! I'm off to go enjoy this beautiful afternoon and my blossoms. Cheers!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) inspiration iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer spring spring wedding vintage love rentals wedding wednesday Fri, 30 Apr 2021 13:45:00 GMT
Crabapple Blossom + Gold Wedding // Wedding Inspiration Shoot Sneak Peek crabapple-blossom-wedding_0001crabapple-blossom-wedding_0001 A teeny-tiny sneak peek of this afternoon's project. I'm in love!!! Give me all the blossoms! Such a dream! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0002crabapple-blossom-wedding_0002 Be sure to check back soon for more from this amazing springtime inspiration shoot!!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) inspiration iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer spring spring wedding vintage love rentals wedding wednesday Wed, 28 Apr 2021 21:30:00 GMT
On my way to vaccinated! fun-iowa-wedding-photographerfun-iowa-wedding-photographerExcited to have my first covid vaccine Excuse the super-excited, slightly dorky cell phone pic, but I'm super excited to be half way to vaccinated! In order to better protect myself, my family, and my clients, I recently got my first dose of vaccine. Huge shout out the Iowa City VA for being absolutely amazing and efficient with their Covid clinic!! They were amazing!!! I was in and out in under a half hour. Also, a thank you to the president for making it possible for spouses to be vaccinated at through the VA system. I am so very thankful! I go back in four weeks for my second and final dose.

If you are a veteran or the spouse of a veteran and are looking for to get vaccinated, contact your local VA hospital or clinic!


(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) iowa iowa city iowa city va iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer personal thank you veteran spouse Mon, 05 Apr 2021 15:30:00 GMT
Finding the Perfect Videographer for Your Wedding Day // Wedding Wednesday iowa-city-wedding-video_0001iowa-city-wedding-video_0001 Steve of NEPO Productions is here on the blog today with tips for finding the perfect videographer for your wedding day. If you're interested in learning more about Photo + Video, hop on over here! I've partnered with Steve to create some fantastic wedding collections to capture your day to the fullest!

When it comes to Weddings, "The Big Day", Photography and Cinematography are two totally separate art forms and industries. One does NOT negate the other. What the photography leaves you wanting is the sound and the motion of the moment. For example, applause as the groom kisses the bride, the sound of the Father of the Bride choking up as he gives his speech, or hearing the vows that you spent so much time writing and choosing. There are countless other examples. Don't rely on your Videographer to shoot still pictures, and don't rely on your Photographer to shoot video. Each of them have their own expertise and each should be a part of your big day. We as Wedding Filmmakers are not here to eliminate the idea of a Wedding Photographer, we are here to join them in the purpose of preserving your day, which in essence, will be something you, your kids, and extended family will want to see for years to come. iowa-city-wedding-video_0002iowa-city-wedding-video_0002 When you're choosing a Videographer or Wedding Filmmaker, find out what you get on the final DVDs. Is it a short film, a Highlight Trailer, the entire day in chronological order, etc. Find out what their intentions are telling your story, i.e., how they shoot, how they edit, etc. Make sure they acquire good audio, and how they do it. This is done with digital recorders and wireless microphones. Great Audio is 65 percent of a great Wedding Film. On that note, your wedding film is also dependent somewhat upon your choices for colors, venue, lighting, etc. It is up to you as a bride to create a good aesthetic. Whatever looks good in real life will look a lot better on video.

I believe Wedding Filmmaking is the art of telling the story of one of the biggest days in your life. The day moves like a whirlwind and you miss a lot of moments. We capture those moments with several cameras and a few microphones and digital recorders to save it forever.

It really comes down to seeing all of the hard work of the bride, the mother of the bride, and family and friends on the big screen. As Wedding Filmmakers, we at Nepo Productions will capture Moments, Moments that matter, Moments that move you. The video will NOT be a 90 minute close up of just the couple. It will be a truly heartfelt experience that will bring you joy and strengthen your relationship by remembering where you started. iowa-city-wedding-video_0003iowa-city-wedding-video_0003 Just as choosing any vendor, you are hoping that the investment you give them is going to pay off in the end for you and your expectations for the day. Wedding Films are not just a trend. They are truly documentation of an expression of love that deserves to be preserved.

Good Luck on your Wedding Planning!

by Steve Oliver
Nepo Productions
Marion, Iowa 52302

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) coralville wedding iowa city iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer NEPO Productions wedding video wedding videography Wed, 31 Mar 2021 14:30:00 GMT
Finding the Right Rental Company: Tips and Advice // Wedding Wednesday vintage-love-rentals_0001vintage-love-rentals_0001 On the blog today is Vintage Love Rentals! Cynthia is here with some great advice for finding the right rental service for your event. With decades of experience in the rental industry, Cynthia is an amazing resource for rentals and provides phenomenal service! Now, to her amazing tips to make your event rentals even better:

At some point in time, we all need the services of an event rental company; whether it is for dishes, furniture, lighting, centerpieces or other props. Here are eight handy guides for choosing the best company for your event. After all, when your heart is set on fabulous, your event rental company should have their heart set on you! vintage-love-rentals_0002vintage-love-rentals_0002 1. We know you want to create memories at your event. What your guests see when they first walk in, will stay with them for a long time, so working with a creative and passionate event rental company is a must. We love helping our clients create a wow factor and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. vintage-love-rentals_0003vintage-love-rentals_0003 2. We understand that knowing your event rental company cares about your event from the first moment to the last is important to you. Make sure that the company you choose is one that has a capable support staff to ensure a successful event. Have they done events in the past? How long have they been in business? Can they answer your questions quickly and correctly? vintage-love-rentals_0004vintage-love-rentals_0004 vintage-love-rentals_0005vintage-love-rentals_0005 3. Feeling in control during your planning process is a must, so choosing an event rental company that gives its customers the flexibility to create a package that’s right for them is important. Make sure the company you choose loves working with clients and their budgets to create more of any event than you ever imagined.

vintage-love-rentals_0006vintage-love-rentals_0006 4. Does your event rental company have a large list of different items to choose from? This is very important since no two events are the same. If you are dealing with a rental company that has limited stock, how do you create a “stand out” event, making sure that your event does not look like every other event your guests have attended? Choose an event rental company that stocks a wide variety of quality, well-maintained items in whatever style you are looking for. vintage-love-rentals_0007vintage-love-rentals_0007 5. If you need setup and tear down, does your event rental company offer this? Will they come to your event location and do a check for guest flow, rental layout, a complete site plan, electrical needs, etc.? Since many events are made up of several moving parts, working with a professional company that understands these parts is a huge importance. Hire a full service event company that loves on site work and will work with you to make sure their services fits your overall event plan whether it is inside a barn, a hotel, a tent or outside elements. vintage-love-rentals_0008vintage-love-rentals_0008 6. Websites and pictures can promise one thing when shopping for an event rental company, but make sure the company you choose has the goods to back up their claims. Visit their warehouse to ensure their facilities and rentals are clean and well maintained; their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Make sure they truly have the operation they claim to. vintage-love-rentals_0009vintage-love-rentals_0009 7. Don’t choose an event rental company solely based on price. There are various factors that go into rentals; cleanliness, variety of items, clean showroom, design aspects, willingness to build or outsource items for your event, knowledgeable staff, well-maintained vehicles, on-time deliveries and pick-ups, and so much more. While prices might appear cheaper at one company, that doesn’t mean they are always the best. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is very true in the event rental industry. Compare services, quality and more to find the best value for your event. vintage-love-rentals_0010vintage-love-rentals_0010 8. Communication is a must during the event process, so choosing an event rental company that has a speedy response time can make all the difference. Do they answer your emails or phone calls in a timely manner? Do they send you regular contract updates should you change your rental needs? Do they inform you of delivery and pick up times? Do you know with confidence that your event rental company will say what they claim they will do? vintage-love-rentals_0011vintage-love-rentals_0011 I hope you found these tips helpful! Be sure to pop over to Vintage Love Rentals' site and check out their Look Book!!


Learn more about the shoots featured in this blog:
Boho Alpaca Wedding
Woodland Wedding 
Alice in Wonderland Wedding 
Salisbury House Vow Renewal 

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) alpaca wedding des moines des moines wedding iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer midwest wedding photographer midwest weddings salisbury house vintage love rentals vintage wedding wedding wedding wednesday Wed, 17 Mar 2021 14:30:00 GMT
Join us! // Willow Brook Barn Wedding Open House willow-brook-barn-colo-iowawillow-brook-barn-colo-iowa

I don't know about you all, but I'm so relieved to see the snow outside my window has melted. I am absolutely loving the warmer days we've been having. This winter has felt like a long one, and I'm ready for things to get green again. Spring is in the air and wedding season is beginning! It makes me my heart smile!!

I'm excited to announce, I've once again teamed up with Vintage Love Rentals and we'll be back at the beautiful Willow Brook Barn this April for another Wedding Open House! I cannot wait!! I love helping host these events! Not only did I have such a great time meeting with couples last year, I was able to connect with some great Iowa wedding professionals. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to do it again!

Be sure to head on over to the Facebook Event page, where I'll be sharing more about the amazing wedding professionals who will be joining us at the event and posting event updates! Hope to see you in Colo at Willow Brook Barn in April!!

Cheers and happy wedding planning!!

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Planning for Details: The Invitation Suite // Wedding Wednesday wedding-invitations_0001wedding-invitations_0001 Hey there! I'm here today to share more tips for getting the best detail shots on your wedding day! One of the details that can often get forgotten on the wedding day is the invitation suite. As it is not something worn by the bride or groom or set up somewhere on the day of, inviation suites are often forgotten.

wedding-invitations_0002wedding-invitations_0002 My best tip for making sure this doesn't happen on your wedding day? Create a box to keep all your details together! This will make it so easy for you once the wedding day arrives. You can toss in an extra set (or two!) of your invitation suite and any other stationery pieces such as save the date cards before the big day to make sure it's ready to go for your photographer when they arrive.

wedding-invitations_0003wedding-invitations_0003 wedding-invitations_0004wedding-invitations_0004

Want to help create a cohesive look for your invitation photos? Ask your florist to pack some loose florals/greenery and some extra ribbon for you. This can be delivered to the bridal suite along with the bouquets and helps your photographer style your details with extra touches that tie the whole day together. wedding-invitations_0005wedding-invitations_0005 wedding-invitations_0006wedding-invitations_0006 Details like the invitation suite help to more fully and beautifully tell the whole story of your wedding day. For more tips to help you plan your wedding day be sure to check out our other Wedding Wednesday blog posts! wedding-invitations_0007wedding-invitations_0007

Shout out to the the invitation suite designers and printers featured here today:

Basic Invite
Karen's Print Rite 

Want a great place to keep all of your wedding planning together and organized?  Be sure to download our free Wedding Planning Guide!

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Getting the Guys Ready for Detail Photos // Wedding Wednesday grooms-detail-photos_0000grooms-detail-photos_0000 Happy Wednesday, Everyone!! I hope you are all having a beautiful day!

I'm here today to share with you about the groom's detail portraits. A lot of emphasis is put on the bride's details, and rightly so! However, often the groom's details can get overlooked. So I'm excited to share with you a little list and planning tips to make sure his details are captured just as beautifully on the wedding day!


First, let's start with the list. Here are things to gather for the groom's detail photos:

Suit Jacket


Tie/Bow Tie/Pocket Square


Cuff Links/Tie Clip


Socks - if they are something personalized

Hangar - if personalized


Any special alcohol - if any

Any Heirloom Items

grooms-detail-photos_0002grooms-detail-photos_0002 Just like with bridal details, I highly recommend having a small box with all of the little items gathered in it so everything is in one place for your photographer. You can do this before the wedding day so it's ready to go. It will take so stress away on the wedding day being able to simply hand over the box of details and the suit jacket. Easy-peasy!

Remind your groom not to get fully dressed before the photographer arrives. Pants and dress shirt are ideal, not only so the details can be captured but also so the photographer can capture his getting ready images.

grooms-detail-photos_0003grooms-detail-photos_0003 Need a great place to keep all your wedding planning in one spot? Check out our free Wedding Planning Guide!


Hope this article helps get your groom prepared for the wedding day!

I'd love to hear more about your wedding day plans! Be sure to comment below or hope over to our contact page to share!

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Happy Valentine's Day! Iowa-City-Wedding-PhotographerIowa-City-Wedding-PhotographerAs the sun sets across the Jefferson County fields, a couple kisses in the evening light of their wedding day. An authentic, timeless wedding portrait captured by Iowa City Wedding Photographer, Carrie Geno

Happy Valentine's Day!!  I hope your having a great day full of love, joy, and celebration! 

It's cold outside and I'm loving a casual day hanging out with my favorite people. We are starting the day with a yummy brunch, complete with brioche french toast and boxty with smoked salmon. This evening, we'll be dining on some homemade sushi followed by chocolate fondue. I've said it before, but I'm pretty sure making food for others is my love-language!

Cheers everyone!  I hope you are all surrounded by love today as well!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) iowa photographer iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer my family personal Sun, 14 Feb 2021 14:45:00 GMT
Peter + Kimberly // Iowa City Heirloom Wedding Album Feature heirloom-wedding-album_0005heirloom-wedding-album_0005 Oh my word!!! I'm head over heels about this album!! I'm absolutely in love with the Monsoon leather cover that Peter and Kimberly chose for their wedding album! It could not match their day any more perfectly!! Not only is the color gorgeous, the leather itself is beautifully luxurious. I'm obsessed!

Their breathtaking 12x12 heirloom album features a 20-spread design filling each layflat spread with bright, bold images from their beautiful wedding day last November in Iowa City. The photos of the spreads do not do them true justice!

heirloom-wedding-album_0006heirloom-wedding-album_0006 Heirloom albums feature full-page layflat spreads. This means there is no stitching in the middle like a photo book you'd order from Shutterfly, no lost images, no damage to the binding when you fully open the spread. It allows for stunning, large photos and use of the entire spread. Each spread is mounted on heavy, archival stock creating a high-end tactile experience as you enjoy turning each page. Heirloom albums are truly that, heirlooms. heirloom-wedding-album_0008heirloom-wedding-album_0008

Did I mention how dreamy the Monsoon leather cover is?! It exudes elegance! Each album is hand crafted with artisan attention to detail. In case you couldn't tell, I love albums!!!


I hope you enjoyed a quick look at Peter and Kimberly's gorgeous heirloom wedding album! If you'd like to see more from their wedding day, hop on over to their blog features: here and here!


(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) album beautiful blush and navy wedding celebration farms fall wedding gorgeous heirloom heirlooms iowa city iowa city wedding photographer iowa photographer iowa wedding iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer wedding wedding album Fri, 05 Feb 2021 15:35:00 GMT
When Should You Book Your Photographer // Wedding Wednesday wedding-photographer-iowa-city_0001wedding-photographer-iowa-city_0001 Most photographers have limited availability and work on a first come-first serve basis. So the earlier you can book the better. Though, keep in mind, many photographers won't book a couple who doesn't have a venue yet. Their concern is a possible change in the wedding date due to venue availability and, since most photographers do not take on more than one wedding a day, date changes are incredibly difficult to accommodate.


Okay, you have a venue booked and you're ready to finalize a photographer, but you're years away or perhaps just a few months out from your date. Honestly, I’ve had weddings book two years in advance. I’ve also had weddings book just a couple months before. A lot of it depends on your timeline for wedding planning, whether you have a short or long engagement. There is really no right or wrong answer as to when to book. Though booking your photographer closer to your wedding date may limit your options based on what photographers are still available.


Most photographers book weddings about a year in advance, so their calendars for the following year fills up quickly. Again, remember that wedding photographers book on a first come, first serve basis and do not hold dates without a contract and retainer, so once you find the one who's a great fit for you. Don't wait, book them!

wedding-photographer-iowa-city_0004wedding-photographer-iowa-city_0004 Not sure if they're the right fit? Definitely meet with them or at least chat on the phone! It is so important to really connect with your photogapher, after all you'll be spending most of your wedding day with them. Consider scheduling an engagement session with them. It will give you an opportunity to get to know them, see how they work, and see if they're the right photographer for you.

wedding-photographer-iowa-city_0005wedding-photographer-iowa-city_0005 Are you planning a wedding and looking for timeless, authentic photography with unparalleled service for your big day? Contact us to see if we are available for your wedding day.

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Hello! Let me introduce myself!! geno-photography_0009geno-photography_0009

Hey everyone! It's a new year, so I thought I'd take a moment again to say "hi!" I'm Carrie Geno, the artist and soul of Geno Photography. I wear many caps in this crazy whirlwind that is wedding photography and business ownership, as well as few more at home as a wife and mother. I'm pretty much a one-woman show for Geno Photography, though I do have some AMAZING assistant photographers who work with me on wedding days.


geno-photography_0010geno-photography_0010 geno-photography_0012geno-photography_0012 geno-photography_0011geno-photography_0011

But enough about business! This post is to help you get to know me a little better. Where to start? Hmmm...

Well, a few quirky things about me are:

If I'm not at a meeting or photographing something, you'll probably find me in yoga pants and a comfy top with my hair in a ponytail or messy bun with a cup of coffee or tea close at hand. I spend a lot of time at the computer and like to be comfy. If I'm not at the computer, a meeting, or photographing something, you'll probably find me in yoga pants and a comfy top with my hair in a ponytail or messy bun. Ha! I started working out regularly about two years ago. It is an amazing stress reliever! I really miss going to the gym, but weights at home and running during warmer weather will work for now.


I'm 1000% that person who uses WAY TOO MANY exclamation marks in all of my emails and notes. And you know what? I'm totally ok with that!! I am really excited and enthusiastic about my work! So, if you get any emails from me and they contain nothing but exclamation marks, just know I'm super stoked about your wedding and/or portraits!!

I love listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks! I love reading the books too, but Jim Dale does such a fantastic job reading them. My kids and I have listened to them I'm not even sure how many times. Perfect for long car trips when we travel!

I adore my family and love exploring the world with them! We have been blessed to have had many travels, both domestic and abroad. You can hear more about our travels here!

geno-photography_0013geno-photography_0013This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv geno-photography_0014geno-photography_0014 geno-photography_0015geno-photography_0015

I talk to my cat and she listens. Sounds super weird, I know! But Rose is a smart cat, and and I swear she understands English. I will spare you any stories right now, but if you ever want some I'm happy to share!


I may have a mild obsession with the sweet potato fries at Kalona Brewing Company. I love that restaurant anyway, but their sweet potato fries make me so happy. Mmmm.... Seriously, if you're ever in the Kalona area, you need to check out the Brewery!! Love it all!

Well, I think about sums up my big quirks! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better! Thanks for stopping by!

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Matt + Anna // Heirloom Cedar Rapids Wedding Album Feature heirloom-wedding-album_0001heirloom-wedding-album_0001

I'm a little obsessed with Matt and Anna's wedding album! The leather cover is simply perfect for their beautiful fall wedding day!!

If you've read much of the blog, you may have guessed how much I love albums. They are such a beautiful heirloom to honor your wedding day; a storybook of you love and celebration. They are a tactile way to relive the joy of your day and share it with generations yet to come. I'm a huge advocate of printed photos, I cherish the prints and canvases that adorn our walls, but albums are my absolute favorite! (If you want to peek at some of our family travel albums hop on over here.). heirloom-wedding-album_0002heirloom-wedding-album_0002 What a beautifully wrapped cover! The grain on the leather is simply stunning and it feels wonderfully luxurious!

I love the blind debossing they chose to add on the front as well. What a perfect personalized detail that adds to the impact of this stunning heirloom album!! heirloom-wedding-album_0003heirloom-wedding-album_0003 The lay-flat album spreads pop with their wedding images. The fall colors on their wedding day could not have been more amazing!! So gorgeous! heirloom-wedding-album_0004heirloom-wedding-album_0004 I hope you enjoyed this little peek at Matt and Anna's wedding album!

Are you planning your wedding?  Looking for a photographer who delivers excellence from start to finish?  Be sure to contact us here!  We cannot wait to get to know you and see how we can make your wedding photography experience amazing!

(Geno Photography - Iowa City Wedding Photographer) album beautiful cedar rapids cedar rapids wedding photographer fall wedding gorgeous heirloom heirlooms iowa photographer iowa wedding iowa wedding photographer love midwest wedding photographer orange wedding teal wedding wedding wedding album