iowa-city-wedding-photographyiowa-city-wedding-photographyHello and welcome to Geno Photography, iowa and destination wedding photographer wedding photographerwedding photographerCarrie Geno of Geno Photography, award winning wedding photographer based in Iowa

I’m Carrie Geno, the owner and creative spirit of Geno Photography. I am so privileged to say I spend my days capturing beautiful moments and love stories. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and providing an amazing experience for them! Photography has held a special place in my heart since I was small, and I cannot imagine doing anything else.

I seriously have the best job ever and am thankful every day that I have the opportunity to capture such significant moments; whether it's the first time the groom sees his bride on their wedding day, the happiness of a family laughing together, the sleepy smiles of a newborn, or the joy of a senior ready to take the next step in life after high school. They are all amazing!

When I'm not behind the camera, I love listening to audiobooks while I'm editing and designing. In my free time, I'm usually spending time with my fave people, my amazing family and friends, or creating something. I love to bake, cook, sew, crochet and the list goes on. Lately, many of my projects have been centered around our home, lots of painting and decorating!

I'm also a bit of a nerd. I love Harry Potter, Dr. Who, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Dresden Files and the list goes on... maybe I'm a little more than a bit of a nerd.



Quirky facts about me:

  • I am 100% that person who uses way too many exclamation points and I’m totally fine with that!! I’m just an excited sort of person!
  • I adore sweet potato fries. They are my happy place!! Kalona Brewing Company makes my absolute favorite! With their honey mustard sauce... Mmm....
  • I love decorating sugar cookies and cakes! If I wasn't a photographer, I'd totally love to own my own bakery.




cedar-rapids-weddingcedar-rapids-weddingwedding photographer in cedar rapids iowa-city-weddingiowa-city-weddingfamily is important to award winning wedding photographer, carrie geno I am married to my high school sweetheart. He is my best friend, and for the past 22 years we have been by each others' side. I cannot imagine my life without him! We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this past May. My husband, Josh, has been serving in the US Army Reserves since shortly after high school, and I am very proud of my soldier. When not training or away with the military, he is busy working as an ICU nurse at VA Medical Center, helping veterans like himself heal. We love to travel, play cards and board games, and spend time together working on projects on our home and acreage. I could not imagine walking through this life without him by my side.

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We stay busy with our two smart, sassy teenage (wait, that can't be right? Where has the time gone?!!) daughters. They are growing way too quickly! I am absolutely loving seeing the people they are becoming. Our oldest is a social butterfly who loves hurdling and sprinting in track, loves to draw and create, and has recently convinced us to let her get snakes. Yep, there are two ribbon snakes, Curly Fry and Juju, living in her room, bringing her joy. Our youngest is a firecracker who plays the trumpet and loves to create whether it's crafting something for her room, baking, or cooking. She loves our kitties and spending time outside in the hammock snuggling with them or reading books. We adore both of our girls so much! We love bringing them on our travels and showing them the world.

IMG_4105IMG_4105 021522-05021522-05

Our house is generally full of adorable, crazy antics as our cats keep us well entertained.  Rose is our eldest cat and is queen of the house.  She graciously lets us live here in her domain.  Millie is our outdoor cat. She showed up last year with a tiny litter of kittens and decided to make herself at home here.  She is so sweet and loving, but also an amazing huntress.  Last but not least, our crazy kitten, the runt of Millie's litter, Miss Itty Bitty.  Her brothers found good homes with our friends and family, but the sweet little Itty Bitty won our hearts.  She is an adorable little one, even though she's fully grown, and is very playful, much to Rose's annoyance.  We love our kitties!!

I cannot even express how thankful and blessed I am to have these amazing people in my life.  Our journey together keeps me on my toes and in absolute awe of how lucky I am to have this crew by my side.



destination-weddingdestination-weddinggeno photography served the world through destination wedding photography I love to travel and experience new places; to explore, try new foods, and enjoy the art and culture.


I am originally from North Carolina. Growing up, my father switched careers from serving as a police officer in North Carolina to becoming a Lutheran minister. His career brought us to live in heart of Ohio, the north shore of Minnesota, in rural West Virginia, and northeast Iowa. While attending 6 different schools from Kindergarten to graduation wasn't always the easiest, it definitely gave me an appreciation for travel, meeting new people, new experiences, and learning about the places I go.

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I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have traveled to 28 states, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, Iceland, France, Italy, and Mexico. I'm not exactly sure where our next adventure will take us, but I absolutely cannot wait! If you're interested in seeing more about our travels, check out the blog and click on "Personal."


destination-weddingwedding-photographywedding photographer, carrie geno, fuels her days with coffee I know, I know, pretty much everyone loves coffee, right? But coffee holds a dear place in my heart because of the special memories it holds that make me love it all the more.

I remember being about three years old, my grandmother, who is one of the most dear people in my heart, pouring me a cup of coffee and telling me that a proper Southern lady has coffee with her breakfast. Admittedly, she put a good helping of sugar and cream in the cup as well, but sipping my cup of coffee with her in the mornings is a memory I hold very dear. I can close my eyes and still vividly remember the sounds and smells of having coffee on the porch with her on summer mornings or sitting at her kitchen table in the winter in awe of the sunlight glistening through the tree branches, coated in ice after a winter storm. Those are moments I hold dear.

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Whether it's just nostalgia or a full-blown caffeine addiction, I was hooked from those moments on. I love coffee; the smell, the taste, the way it warms me to my soul, everything. At my house, we have a standard coffee pot, a Keurig, and a French press. If you ever stop by, I'll be sure to make you a cup!, sweet nectar of life!



Best-Coralville-Wedding-PhotographerBest-Coralville-Wedding-PhotographerA groom gives his bride a kiss on the forehead in the shade of a tree on their wedding day at Cedar Ridge Winery in Cedar Rapids Iowa 101820-06101820-06 Terry-Trueblood-Senior-PortraitsTerry-Trueblood-Senior-PortraitsIowa City senior posing in the prairie grass at Terry Trueblood in Iowa City


Enough about me!  If you've come to find out more about what Geno Photography has to offer, you are super-excited about your engagement and cannot wait to walk down the aisle to start your happily ever after with the love of your life, ready to have beautiful family portraits your family will treasure, or excited to celebrate your senior year in style with gorgeous senior portraits. You are looking for a photographer who offers a modern, authentic style of posing while creating images with a timeless, classic look.

Am I right?  If so, head over here and see if we're available to capture your love story!


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A huge thank you to all of our amazing couples for nominating Geno Photography for the Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award!  I am so privileged to have worked with you all!!