An Adventure: Day 1

March 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've been out of the office for about two weeks on an fun adventure overseas.  I had so much fun seeing and experiencing new things during our travels and wanted to share some of our journey with you.

At the beginning of March, we loaded up our luggage and headed to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to begin our trip.  As we boarded our plane, it really hit me that we were finally on our way after all the planning.  My girls were so excited.  We flew on Icelandair, which I highly recommend (especially if you are flying with kids!!).  We were able to get reasonably priced tickets and they treated our kids wonderfully.  As we arrived on the plane, each of my girls received a little backpack of activities and a new pair of headphones (which by the end of the trip we had 8 sets of headphones, a new pair for each of my girls on each flight).  Once we were in the air, the girls received a complimentary meal.  So nice!

Our flight was only about 5 and a half hours from MSP to Keflavik, Iceland.  When we landed, customs went pretty quickly which was a blessing as we were all exhausted.  The flight from MSP left at 7:00pm local time and we arrived about 7:00am local time in Iceland.  Not a single one of us get any sleep on the flight.  Not the plan, but it's hard to convince excited children to go to sleep and nervous fliers (such as myself) are much the same.

Our first stop was perfect, the Blue Lagoons.  Nothing better for an exhausted body, mind, and soul than a dip in the warm lagoon.  We relaxed in the warm mineral-rich waters, and I enjoyed a silica mud mask while we soaked.  I didn't take my camera into the lagoons (as they are brackish water with high mineral content and I wanted to relax without worrying about getting anything in my camera).  I did get a quick shot of the volcanic rocks covered with green lichen/moss and snow along the pathway as we left.


Following the Lagoons, we headed to Reykjavik where we would be lodging for the next two nights.  Navigating was a bit tricky in some spots, but we made our way to a nice restaurant, where exhausted though we were, we enjoyed a great meal.  My husband loved his fresh fish.  I greatly enjoyed my smoked salmon (as did my youngest who ended up eating about half of mine! lol!).  My oldest devoured a huge bowl of muscles and was so happy.  I'm glad that I have come to enjoy seafood as I've gotten older, otherwise I would have definitely missed out!

Next, we walked up to Hallgrimskirkja Church.  It was beautiful!  We rode the elevator to the top and enjoyed a beautiful view of Reykjavik. Day01-03Day01-03


After the church, it was time to check into the apartment where were to be staying.  Once we were there, we took a chance to catch our breath and tried to power through the evening so we could adjust ourselves to local time. 

Check back soon for more from our Icelandic adventure!


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