An Adventure: Day 3 & 4

March 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We woke up very early on day 3 to head back to the airport to catch our flight to Paris, France.  Amazingly, we got there on time with only minimally grouchy kiddos.  4 AM is not the most pleasant hour for our family.  We are SO not morning people.  :)

The flight was only about three hours and we arrived around lunchtime.  After getting the rental car, we started planning where to go during our half day.  We couldn't check in for a while, so after some quick research online (love Google!), we headed to the town of Meaux.  Meaux is know from its brie, and rightly so.  We got some while we were there and it was fantastic! 

Day03-04Day03-04 The cathedral in Meaux was gorgeous.  The architecture was stunning.  It brought me back to my art history days in college.  The outside of the cathedral had so many interesting gargoyles too.  Love it!  Inside the church it was cold enough to see our breath, which was a contrast from the ~60 degree weather outside.  While in the church, a very sweet elderly French woman helped us to find a pamphlet about the church in English that helped us learn more about the church.  During our time in France, the people were warm and welcoming. 

Day03-13Day03-13 The spring blossoms were beginning to burst forth.  I love those first signs of spring, the scattered pops of colors in the gardens and lawns.

Day04-04Day04-04 Day four, we headed to Versailles.  It was stunning and mind blowing, so elaborate and grand.  The picture above is of the chapel where they would hold Sunday masses. 

Day04-06Day04-06 Day04-07Day04-07 Day04-14Day04-14 The picture of the staircase is a little random, but I loved the light and the lines so I snapped away.  It is of one of the side staircases that lead up to the second floor.  The other images are a very brief overview of Versaille.  The many, many hand painted ceilings and Hall of Mirrors was just phenomenal.

Day04-28Day04-28 The gardens were huge!!  We didn't even see 5% of them I'd guess.  We could have spent days in them.  I wish we'd have been there during the summer season, as they do not run the fountains during the fall, winter, and spring. 

Day04-30Day04-30 Day04-35Day04-35 As we were leaving for the day, I finally had a chance to get a few shots of the front gates.  Earlier in the day, it was a hot spot for other tourists so I figured I'd wait until it had calmed down.  I love the image through the gate.  Such a gorgeous location!

Day04-36Day04-36 Check back soon for more from our trip, next stop Normandy!


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