Making Your Wedding Uniquely Yours

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062715-014062715-014 073016-604073016-604 Family Heirlooms.
Incorporate heirlooms into your wedding day details.  Your family heirlooms are so sentimental and tell stories that are unique to you and cannot be replicated.  It's so exciting to peek into a family's history on the wedding day and watch as two families join together and create a new piece of family history.  Not only does it pay tribute to the two families that are joining as one, it is a beautiful way to honor family members that are unable to join in the wedding day.  Consider adding a grandmother's brooch to the bouquet or wedding dress.  Use grandpa's handkerchief as the groom's pocket square.  Put up pictures of family members from their wedding days.  Each touch, both subtle or grand, helps create a wedding day that is uniquely you.


062715-538062715-538 101115-18101115-18 Your story.
Think about your story, and ways to incorporate bits and pieces into your event.  Consider date nights, vacations, and notable events from your time dating.  Incorporate them into your plans.  For example in lieu of table numbers, you might choose different places you have gone together to identify each table.  Choose quotes from your favorite movies or books to highlight in programs, signs, or stationery.  Offer guests a signature cocktail that is a nod to something special in your love story.  If it is a significant part of your lives together, there are ways you can incorporate it into your wedding!  You just have to think creatively.


101715-796101715-796 091215-691091215-691 Elements of surprise.
Maybe the two of you love to attend local food truck gatherings, so you could have your favorite food truck come for a late night for surprise snack.  Or perhaps you have a surprise during your first dance where you start off slow at first but then switch to a fast paced choreographed song.  Just make sure to inform your photographer of any surprises you have planned so they can be prepared to capture the moment.  


112815-531112815-531 Use music to tell parts of your story.
Music is so deeply tied to our memories, so having your band or DJ play songs that have been a soundtrack to some part of your lives together can be a wonderful way to personalize your reception.  Consider giving an intro about why you chose the songs you did for each special dance.  Maybe the song the bride dance's with her father to is something they used to sing to together on car rides when she was young.  Or the mother-son dance song choice is the song she would sing to him at bedtime.  Think about your music and your story.  Pick songs that speak to you and tell your story.


091215-763091215-763 091215-267091215-267 Special details.
Plan to incorporate details that speak to your personalities and stories. Some great ways to do this is with added touches in the bouquet, fun socks, quirky ties, a special message on the bottom of your shoes.  Your wedding is about you and your love story, let your unique journey and personalities come shining through!

When you can look around and see all of the thought that went into each moment of the day, the wedding becomes unique and unforgettable!


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