The Importance of a Wedding Coordinator

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details22details22 Sometimes couples decide not to hire a wedding planner or coordinator because their photographer is assisting them with the timing of the wedding day. While your wedding photographer will work with you to plan out your day as it pertains to scheduling the photo timeline, they are not the best choice to organize the wedding day.

The job of a wedding photographer is to capture your day to the fullest.  Part of that includes assisting in the planning of the photography timeline for the wedding day, but on the day of the wedding your photographer will be focused (quite literally!) on taking photos and will not have the time to coordinate any other aspect of the wedding day.  Doing so would impede their ability to do what they do best.  A wedding coordinator assists you in planning the whole day; organizing timelines not only for the bridal party and family, but also the vendors; and makes sure everything runs smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

Putting your photographer in touch with your planner or coordinator will allow them to plan out the day so that nothing feels rushed or stressful.  Your planner will already be involved with everything from your makeup to your flowers and décor, so it only makes sense for them to work with your photographer to achieve the best possible results.  They will be able to tell the photographer when the venue is ready for décor shots, when the photographer should be ready to photograph you getting ready, and be an excellent contract person should the photographer have any questions on the day of the wedding.  Working with both a photographer and a coordinator allows you to fully enjoy your wedding day because you will know that all of the behind the scenes action of your wedding day is in good hands.

Communication is key and a wedding will run a lot smoother when you have experienced professionals running the show together.  This way your wedding party and family can focus on spending time with you instead of running around, attending to last minute details.  When you leave the coordination to your photographer, you run the risk of losing out on beautiful photos being captured as they take on a role that often conflicts with the job they are hired to do. 

From making sure that you have your touch-up kit close by to making sure that the right song plays for your first dance, hiring a wedding planner  is a great way to help your wedding day run smoothly and keep you stress-free.  If you would like a list of great wedding planners in the area, we are happy to send you their info.  We have been blessed to work with some amazing Iowa wedding planners!


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