The Best Detail Photos {Wedding Wednesday}

October 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

101619-003101619-003iowa wedding photographer, stationery designer You spend so much time planning your wedding day, including every little detail that makes your day uniquely yours.  You want to be sure each detail you have planned is beautifully captured on your wedding day, so you can look back and remember the day to the fullest. I’m here today to share with you some tips to ensure you get the best detail photos possible. 051918-0841051918-0841 First and foremost, have everything together.  It is so much easier for your photographer to get amazing shots of your details if you have them all in one place and ready to go.  Ladies, have your: shoes, jewelry, invitations, flowers, rings, perfume bottle, and veil. Gentlemen, have your: tie, cufflinks, shoes, boutonniere, socks (if you’re wearing fun/special ones), watch, and any other personal touches all ready for your photographer.  Have your dress hanging and out of the gown bag so it has time to release any wrinkles the bag may have caused. 081118-0139081118-0139 Allow your photographer time to style and create gorgeous images of your details.  Styling takes time to ensure everything looks amazing, so plan on at least 20 minutes for details photos.  Plan this into the timeline as its own element, do not take away time from the getting ready images, as those are so important as well. 091518-034091518-034 Before the ceremony, allow your photographer a little time to get details of decorations, unity candle, programs, and floral arrangements before guests begin arriving.  The same goes for the reception. Allow your photographer in before the guests are allowed in, this way they can get some great wide-shots of the whole venue, the centerpieces, favors, toasting glasses, and any other personal touches before guests begin settling in for the evening’s festivities.  061618-591061618-591 You will be so thankful when you get your photos back and see all the beautiful shots of everything you worked so hard to plan!

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