Jonathan + Emily {Engaged}

November 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

101918-010101918-010 On a beautiful October evening, I met up with Jonathan and Emily at Lake MacBride State Park for their engagement session. It was such a fun evening working with them and getting to know them better.  Unfortunately, it didn't work out to have zombies involved in the portraits, as Jonathan had suggested.  Though how awesome would that have been! 101918-014101918-014 101918-020101918-020 When asked about how they first met, they shared, "Our mutual friend who turns out to be an expert matchmaker suggested to each of us that we meet. We had worked at the same place for a few years but the University hospital is a small city and our paths had never crossed. We agreed to meet for trivia along with a couple other friends. We spent a fun evening learning how bad we both were at coming up with useless knowledge (or maybe we were just nervous...) Although we finished near the back of the pack, I guess we won each other! After the first meeting at trivia, we met again a few days later for brunch, which we both have a passion for, although for us brunch is really just late breakfast because breakfast food is the best." 101918-023101918-023 101918-029101918-029 Jonathan and Emily are just fantastic.  I could photograph them all day!  So beautiful and sweet!  Plus the light out at Lake MacBride was amazing, just wait until you see their sunset portraits!!

We had so much fun talking about their wedding plans, "The Office", trivia nights, and haunted houses.  I just so happened to be watching "The Office" series for the second time.  They are huge fans! 101918-033101918-033 101918-040101918-040 I asked them what they love most about each other.  Emily said, "I love how he embraces my crazy ideas and commits fully to everything he does. I also love hearing him laugh and his sense of humor."  Jonathan said, "I love how passionate she is about her work, family and hobbies and her sense of humor." 101918-046101918-046 101918-048101918-048 101918-055101918-055 101918-062101918-062 101918-066101918-066 101918-080101918-080 When asked about what they're most excited about their wedding, they shared, "We're most looking forward to celebrating with our family and friends and enjoying every moment. And the cake."

Seriously, I love that they're excited about the cake!  I love wedding cake!! 101918-088101918-088 101918-095101918-095 101918-100101918-100 101918-110101918-110 101918-112101918-112 101918-116101918-116 I loved working with Jonathan and Emily!  I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next June!!

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