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Ryan + Hannah {Engaged}

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061518-004061518-004 I met Ryan and Hannah in the Iowa City Ped Mall to begin their engagement session.  This was the first opportunity I had to meet this beautiful couple, as they have been wedding planning from a distance from their home in Texas.  It was such a joy working with these two.  Such a lovely couple!

061518-015061518-015 061518-038061518-038 They have a truly beautiful love story.  Hannah was kind enough to share it with me.

"Hannah and Ryan both attended the University of Iowa Law School, beginning in August 2014. They had their very first law school class together, 8 a.m. Property with the infamous Professor Kurtz. Hannah remembers Ryan because he always had (what Hannah considered obnoxious) questions for Kurtz. Ryan doesn't remember Hannah because it was his first class of the day and the coffee was still kicking in.

By second semester they'd become friends and studied together in the library at Hannah's table, took study breaks to walk along the river, and occasionally studied at a picnic table Ryan knew about from his jogging path."

061518-041061518-041 061518-043061518-043 "Just before the start of the 2L year, Ryan had Hannah over to his apartment for a Game of Thrones catch-up, and shortly after recovering from the shock of one of her favorite characters dying, Hannah decided she might be falling for this boy. . . but she had also decided she didn't want to date until law school was over.

Luckily, Ryan's meme game was strong. The two joked about Sith Kittens, Pokemon, and endless puns. Hannah showed Ryan some of the most iconic Iowa City eateries and dragged him to the dance floor at a black-light party, and Ryan proved to Hannah that Peach Cobbler has a better texture if you peel the peaches first.

By early September, their friends were wondering when Hannah and Ryan would finally admit that they were dating, and by September 4, 2015 it was official. Hannah and Ryan were a pair."

061518-051061518-051 061518-063061518-063 "Even though the two were busy with law school what felt like almost 100% of the time, they found time (between studying, classes, and trials) to have fun and explore. They went tromping through ravines, tailgating and cheering in the Iowa football stands and in the Notre Dame Soccer stands, oogling at model airplanes at an air show, strolling along the Riverwalk in San Antonio on spring break, spent Christmas in both Iowa City and Dallas , enjoyed a stellar symphony orchestra in Omaha, and survived some of Hannah's misadventures in the kitchen. They also decided to adopt a cat from the IC Animal shelter, and found a jet black 10 month old kitten who they named Nymeria."

061518-071061518-071 Lake McBride was a great location for Hannah and Ryan.  They love the outdoors and spending time hiking together. 

061518-100061518-100 Their proposal story is so sweet!

"It was the first week of October, 2016. Hannah had just finished a very busy week (tryouts for the Trial Team and Arbitration Team practice) and she was in need of some spirit lifting. Ryan collected a picnic dinner, wore a nice shirt (and brought a sweatshirt he knew Hannah would invariably ask for) and took Hannah to the picnic table at the end of the trail they had studied at back in 1L year.

As it turned out, the path up to the picnic area was blocked by a fallen tree, which appeared to have been hit by lightning in a bad storm earlier that week. When Ryan saw the tree, he was worried the tree would stop Hannah from wanting to go all the way up the trail to picnic. When Hannah saw the tree, she laughed and forged a new path around the fallen tree. She figures the nerves made him momentarily forget that they'd already been off-trail in ravines scarier than this in the past. ;)

They made it up around the tree (which actually ensured their privacy) and ate their delicious meal Ryan had so thoughtfully composed. As they were talking, enjoying the outdoors and relaxing Ryan got on one knee, said some very nice words, and asked Hannah to marry him.

Hannah said YES!"

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It was truly a wonderful evening working with Hannah and Ryan!  Be sure to check back soon for photos from their wedding day!!

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