Kyle + Haley {Engaged}

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052718-002052718-002 Kyle and Haley were amazing to work with.  I had so much fun photographing their engagement, despite the 100 degree temps (who would have guessed the end of May would be so hot?!).  We started the session at Squaw Creek Park in Marion.  Such a beautiful location!

052718-013052718-013 Kyle and Haley first met at Nick's Bar and Grill.  It wasn't love at first sight, but Haley hit it off with Kyle's friend, Emily. Emily asked me to add her on Facebook and Kyle interjected, "while you're at it, you should add me too." 

052718-016052718-016 052718-021052718-021 Their first date was quite memorable.  Kyle unintentionally stood Haley up. He was working long hours and meant to take a short nap but ended up sleeping until early the next morning. He completely missed it.  He went to her apartment and asked for a second chance. He persuaded her to allow a second chance by dancing with Haley in her living room and singing Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon".   How sweet is that?!

052718-038052718-038 052718-050052718-050 I asked when they first new they were meant for each other.  They shared this story, "We were driving to Texas to visit my family and spent a lot of time talking during our commute. When we ran out of things to talk about we played a Disney Music playlist and sang to each other at the top of our lungs. It was the perfect trip!"

052718-060052718-060 Their dog Ruby joined us for the session.  She didn't find me too interesting, but we did manage to get a few of her looking at the camera and this sweet picture of her paw with their hands.  Love it!

052718-083052718-083 Their favorite memory was in 2017, when they went Skydiving! "It was such a rush for both of us! After the dive we were on cloud 9!"  How fun! 

052718-087052718-087 When asked what they love most about each other, Haley replied "The thing I love most about Kyle is how comforting he is. No matter if I'm watching a sad movie, stressed about work, dealing with family issues, having nightmares, etc. He makes me feel like there's nothing I should be afraid of or sad about. The thing Kyle loves most about me is how honest I am, I'm independent, and that I don't try to change him."

052718-097052718-097 Their engagement story is so much fun:

Haley was watching Netflix's "Stranger Things" and was paying no attention to him.  He asked her to stand up and dance with him.  They slow - danced, while she was still completely focused on the show.  When he asked her to let him go, Haley thought he was in pain, which finally got her attention.  Haley turned to him and saw him get down on one knee.  He pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him.  Completely shocked, she asked, "Are you sure?" about 3 times before saying "YES! Absolutely!"

052718-104052718-104 052718-110052718-110

It was an absolute joy photographing Kyle and Haley's engagement!  They are such a sweet, fun couple who love to laugh together.  They made my job so easy!  I cannot wait until their wedding next May!

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