Celebrating Spring Break {Mexico Edition}

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Hello! If you've read my "about" page on here, the you know I love to travel, especially when it's with my favorite people, my husband and daughters. We just got home from our spring break adventure to Riviera Maya, Mexico! We had a blast both relaxing at our resort and exploring the area. I think we managed to find a nice balance between the two. mexico2019-011mexico2019-011 I love the photo above, my girls sleeping quietly side by side. There was a lot of complaining and grouching before they fell asleep because L loves her space and G is a snuggler through and through, but they got it figured out and looked so peaceful.

I'll be honest in saying that I didn't drag my camera around the resort, so there are a fair number of cell phone photos.  But I feel this is a perfect reminder to everyone to capture the moment with what you have., it doesn't have to be perfect.  mexico2019-018mexico2019-018 One of our excursions, and I really think it might have been our collective favorite, was exploring an underground river. It was amazing! You probably don't know this, but I'm neither a swimmer nor a fan of being in the water. However, it was 1000% worth it to explore the gorgeous caverns in Riviera Maya. We loved this so much! If you ever get a chance, the company is called Rio Secreto and not only was the experience amazing, the tour guide was FABULOUS. mexico2019-020mexico2019-020 mexico2019-025mexico2019-025 mexico2019-027mexico2019-027 mexico2019-029mexico2019-029 We spent an afternoon in Playa del Carmen exploring shops, enjoying ice cream and just having fun.  We happened upon some acrobats (though, I'm pretty sure there is a better word for them) performing. It was so fun to watch! mexico2019-033mexico2019-033 mexico2019-034mexico2019-034 mexico2019-036mexico2019-036 mexico2019-040mexico2019-040This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv Ignore the dates on these images, my mini underwater camera was confused. Again, another example of maybe it's not the best camera, but I wouldn't trade these photos for anything.

We had the opportunity to explore the reefs off the coast and it was amazing! As mentioned before, I'm not a swimmer and not the biggest fan of water, but it was beautiful to see the corals and marine life in the reef. mexico2019-041mexico2019-041This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv mexico2019-042mexico2019-042This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv Sometimes, your kids take your camera and things happen. So glad to have these images, not only to remember the fun, but also to bring out at later dates in my children's lives...  mexico2019-048mexico2019-048This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv mexico2019-050mexico2019-050This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv Hey! It's me and my youngest in the water. Sometimes it's fun to be on the other side of the camera. I miss these blue waters, maybe not so much being in them but I do miss walking along the beach and looking out on the beautiful waves. mexico2019-057mexico2019-057This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv mexico2019-060mexico2019-060This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv mexico2019-065mexico2019-065 mexico2019-066mexico2019-066 We headed out to Tulum and Coba for a day trip that was fantastic. We so enjoyed exploring the area at Tulum, eating a traditional Mayan lunch and trying Mayan cacao, and climbing the pyramid at Coba!  What a full day of amazing experiences!! mexico2019-067mexico2019-067 mexico2019-070mexico2019-070 mexico2019-073mexico2019-073 I would like to point out how very pale we all are in these photos. We were asked each and every day of our trip if it was our first day in Mexico. Apparently, it's a right of passage to get horribly sunburned. We opted for some hats and SPF instead and were totally fine without any painful sunburns. mexico2019-075mexico2019-075 mexico2019-078mexico2019-078 It was about a three kilometer walk to the pyramid at Coba. Our girls were tired and, honestly, pretty whiny about the process; but they soldiered on and even managed to climb the very intimidating pyramid.  They were pretty proud of themselves once they reached the top.  All "but this is boring" and "I'm tired" thoughts disappeared, total win! mexico2019-083mexico2019-083 mexico2019-086mexico2019-086 The way up and down was STEEP.  Like, you slip and you're done steep.  The rope was a bit of a help, but the steps near it were worn smooth and it was being pulled on by 30 other people.  Not the easiest climb or descent, but it was a great workout and the view from the top was pretty awesome. mexico2019-087mexico2019-087 After the pyramid, we explored the area.  mexico2019-088mexico2019-088 Again, sometimes your kids get a hold of your camera and attempt to take "selfies"...  Lovely shot of Miss G. mexico2019-089mexico2019-089 mexico2019-091mexico2019-091   Other times you photo bomb your child's photo because, well, they attempt to do it ALL THE TIME to your images. Turnabout is fair play, right? mexico2019-098mexico2019-098 These amazing human beings are my favorites.  They make me laugh, teach me new things everyday, and put up with my crazy idea to get up at the crack of dawn to do formal portraits on the beach.  Yep, those are my girls smiling even though all they want to do is crawl back into bed. Love them!! mexico2019-101mexico2019-101 mexico2019-102mexico2019-102 mexico2019-106mexico2019-106   mexico2019-114mexico2019-114 There were so many beautiful flowers around the resort!  It was wonderful to soak in the color before heading back to springtime in Iowa. mexico2019-116mexico2019-116 Meet the coatis. One of these cute, furry little guys my children affectionately named Dori. Which one? No clue, but the the whole trip there was much talk about Dori, spotting her around the resort, and how my youngest was going to leave all her clothes behind so Dori could ride home in her suitcase. mexico2019-119mexico2019-119 After getting up a dawn on our last day, we decided to make the most of it. The girls and Josh headed out snorkeling while I enjoyed a drink on the beach. No better way to finish vacation! mexico2019-122mexico2019-122 mexico2019-123mexico2019-123 Well, I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our travels. I seriously had the best time on our trip to Mexico. It was so much fun going on new adventures and watching my children learn and experience new things. They really are little sponges!  I'm not sure when or where our next adventure will be, but I cannot wait!


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