Brandon + Paige {Cedar Ridge Winery Wedding: Part 2}

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080319-0563080319-0563 080319-0568080319-0568 "We were traveling to go pick up a tractor I had just bought. I noticed his sister was extremely excited about this tractor, and I had no idea why because she isn't a tractor loving kind of girl. We bring the tractor back to his parents place and his sister and brother in law were both there, again I thought it was strange because it was just a tractor that needed some work done to it so it wasn't anything special looking. Well we went inside for a bit then decided to go unload the tractor. Brandon asks me to get on it and try starting it, which I did without hesitation (not my first time starting a tractor). He then asks if there was anything on the key so i looked down and pulled it out to observe it more closely not even wondering why he would ask such a random question and that's when I noticed a ring hanging from it with a purple ribbon. Me being totally oblivious had the quickest thought of "oh no did the guy we bought it from accidentally leave this ring on it." Then after I quickly realized that my initial thought doesn't even make sense, I looked down and saw Brandon on one knee and he asked me to marry him! And come to find out his sister and brother in law were in on the gig because they were tasked with taking pictures and a video of the deal!! I was suppose to see the ring hanging from the key before I tried starting it but out of habit and bulky gloves I didn't even notice it was on there and I think that goes to show I was not expecting a proposal that day."

I love their proposal story! We took photos with the tractor during their engagement session!! 080319-0577080319-0577 080319-0605080319-0605 080319-0628080319-0628 080319-0631080319-0631 080319-0656080319-0656 080319-0661080319-0661 Their ceremony was lovely! You can see the love and joy beaming from them as they shared their vows! 080319-0663080319-0663 080319-0665080319-0665 "He said he loves my character and determination, I love his kindness and humor (and his eyes)!" Paige shared about what they love most about each other. 080319-0675080319-0675 080319-0697080319-0697 080319-0700080319-0700 080319-0732080319-0732 080319-0737080319-0737 080319-0753080319-0753 080319-0761080319-0761 The light was beautiful during cocktail hour, so we took the opportunity to capture a few more bridal party portraits. 080319-0765080319-0765 080319-0769080319-0769 080319-0771080319-0771 080319-0812080319-0812 080319-0836080319-0836 080319-0852080319-0852 080319-0854080319-0854 The toasts were filled with fond memories and love for Brandon and Paige. There were tears of joy as they celebrated Brandon and Paige's marriage. Lovely!! 080319-0857080319-0857 080319-0869080319-0869 080319-0871080319-0871 080319-0878080319-0878 080319-0880080319-0880 At sunset, we popped out for a few minutes to take advantage of golden hour in the vineyard. So beautiful! 080319-0894080319-0894 080319-0902080319-0902 080319-0907080319-0907 080319-0915080319-0915 080319-0917080319-0917 080319-0921080319-0921 080319-0944080319-0944 080319-0952080319-0952 080319-0955080319-0955 080319-0967080319-0967 080319-0993080319-0993 After the special dances, the party started. What a fun dance floor! In case you can't tell, this was such a great group to photograph! 080319-1030080319-1030 080319-1035080319-1035 080319-1048080319-1048 080319-1053080319-1053

Asst. Photographer | Samantha Owenson
Venue | Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery
Dress | White Willow Bridal
Hair |Lori at Crave Salon
Men's Attire | XOXO Bridal
Flowers | Nature's Corner
Invitations | Vistaprint
Cake | That One Cupcake Place
DJ | Frontline DJ

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