Dan + Brooke {Rollins Mansion Wedding: Part 2}

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083019-297083019-297 Following their ceremony, we took advantage of the beautiful setting and gorgeous natural light in the gardens for family portraits.  I absolutely love these portraits!  The greens and pinks in the garden tied in so well with their colors and their families were so great to work with. 083019-302083019-302 083019-324083019-324 083019-340083019-340 083019-344083019-344 083019-346083019-346 Dan and Brooke chose not to have a bridal party, which meant we had some extra time for bride and groom portraits.  Oh my word, the light at Rollins was dreamy.  I loved photographing in the gardens there. 083019-360083019-360 083019-361083019-361 083019-379083019-379 083019-384083019-384 083019-405083019-405 083019-411083019-411 083019-413083019-413 After the gardens, we popped inside to the staircase before they made their entrance into their reception.  So beautiful!! 083019-423083019-423 083019-441083019-441 083019-447083019-447 083019-452083019-452 Their reception was held on the deck of the mansion.  It had a stunning view of the Iowa Capitol Building and the Des Moines skyline. 083019-458083019-458 083019-462083019-462 083019-466083019-466 083019-468083019-468 083019-474083019-474 083019-476083019-476 083019-484083019-484 083019-492083019-492 083019-501083019-501 083019-520083019-520 There was a lot of laughter and conversation as guests enjoyed their evening outdoors and we could not have asked for more perfect weather.  Their reception was a wonderful gathering a friends and family.  You could tell how happy they were to celebrate with the newlyweds. 083019-524083019-524 083019-532083019-532 083019-536083019-536 083019-556083019-556 Brooke and Dan's first dance took place in a courtyard near the reception location.  The evening sun was shining through the trees to the west and gave a gorgeous evening glow. 083019-566083019-566 083019-574083019-574 083019-582083019-582 083019-586083019-586 083019-596083019-596 The dance floor quickly filled with guests.  I love the images of their mothers dancing with their respective grandchildren.  How fun is that!? 083019-598083019-598 083019-613083019-613 083019-625083019-625 As the sun was setting, we stepped away from the reception for some portraits in the glowing evening light. 083019-631083019-631 083019-636083019-636 083019-646083019-646 I can't even.  Seriously, the light in the trees was magic!  It was so much fun having this time for portraits with them. 083019-653083019-653 083019-661083019-661 083019-670083019-670 083019-675083019-675 083019-687083019-687 083019-698083019-698 083019-705083019-705 083019-721083019-721 083019-726083019-726 083019-743083019-743 083019-746083019-746 083019-764083019-764 The rest of their evening was filled with celebration.  It was an absolute joy to capture! 083019-766083019-766 083019-769083019-769 Congratulations to Dan and Brooke!  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your stunning wedding day!  It was an honor getting to know you both and photographing your day!!

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