Dan + Brooke {Rollins Mansion Wedding: Part 1}

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083019-001083019-001 Do you remember Dan and Brooke from their recent engagement session?  Well, at the end of August, I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding day at the beautiful Rollins Mansion in Des Moines.  We could not have asked for better weather.  It wasn't too hot, the skies were a lovely summer blue, and the sun was shining.  083019-002083019-002 How beautiful is this historic mansion?!  What a wonderful location for Brooke and Dan's intimate wedding ceremony. 083019-006083019-006 We began the day as Brooke finished her makeup.  While she was in with her family, preparing for the day.  My assistant and I had so much fun capturing her bridal details in the mansion.  083019-008083019-008 083019-017083019-017 083019-027083019-027 We found a small room at the front of the house with gorgeous windows and beautiful natural light.  It was perfect!  I love the bits of bling in Brooke's wedding day attire.  The beading on her veil was absolutely stunning and the belt on her dress beautifully tied in the pink in her wedding colors. 083019-029083019-029 083019-032083019-032 083019-033083019-033 083019-037083019-037 083019-044083019-044 083019-053083019-053 Dan finished getting ready in the room with the beautiful window light.  083019-055083019-055 083019-060083019-060 083019-072083019-072 083019-085083019-085 After Brooke's makeup was complete, she got into her beautiful lace gown and her mother assisted her with her veil.  083019-091083019-091 083019-103083019-103 Before the ceremony, Brooke shared a first look with her dad.  I love father-daughter first looks! 083019-108083019-108 083019-111083019-111 083019-112083019-112 083019-115083019-115 The ceremony was held in the gardens behind the mansion.  Such a gorgeous location!! 083019-140083019-140 083019-144083019-144 083019-150083019-150 083019-160083019-160 Brooke entered the ceremony, from a room to the right of the steps where they said their vows.  It was a beautiful way for her to enter.  All eyes were on her and everyone could see Dan's reaction as he saw his bride for the first time on their wedding day. 083019-165083019-165 083019-168083019-168 083019-170083019-170 083019-179083019-179 083019-187083019-187 Their ceremony was attended by close friends and family, a lovely intimate event.  I love that their parents are seated right in front, in a row unto themselves. 083019-190083019-190 083019-195083019-195 083019-201083019-201 083019-220083019-220 083019-246083019-246 083019-253083019-253 083019-260083019-260 The amazing thing about this venue, is my assistant and I were able to get some awesome angles including some from the other side of the couple.  I love when we have the opportunity to find the best spots and be creative. 083019-263083019-263 083019-273083019-273 Be sure to check back for more from Dan and Brooke's gorgeous Rollins Mansion wedding!

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