Bridal Details {Wedding Wednesday}

January 08, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

081118-0014081118-0014 Bridal details are such a beautiful part of the day. They capture all the little details that you have carefully curated to create your wedding day look. So how can you help your photographer capture the most amazing detail photos for your big day?  Here are a few tips to make your bridal details the best they can possibly be. 060119-0014060119-0014 First of all, give your photographer time.  It takes time to carefully style all the details to create stunning imagery.  Plan for 30 minutes to an hour for your photographer to capture details. I know this sounds like a lot, but not rushing your photographer will allow them to be creative and create something amazing.

061618-020061618-020 081818-056081818-056 Have everything together. I know this sounds a little obvious, but having everything gathered together before your photographer arrives makes everything go so much smoother.  I have definitely arrived on wedding days where the maid of honor or the bride herself was rushing around to gather up the details. Save yourself some time and stress and put together a “details box.” 092819-007092819-007 So what should you gather?  Good question!  Here is a list of details you should consider including in your photos:

Invitation Suite
Perfume Bottle
Heirloom Items
Anything else that is special for your day

051319-009051319-009 Ask your florist for a few extras.  To create a more cohesive look in your detail photos and really make them pop, chat with your florist about sending along a few extra stems of flowers and greenery as well as some extra ribbon.  I bring along some silk ribbons with me to each wedding, but your florist will have ribbon that matches the rest of the day.

081118-0022081118-0022 I hope these tips will have you stress free while your photographer is able to capture gorgeous detail photos!


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