Collin + Emilee {Prairie Links Wedding: Part 2}

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101020-0496101020-0496 Welcome back to Collin and Emilee's stunning wedding day! 101020-0507101020-0507 I love the moment above of Collin and his mother smiling at each other as he escorted her into the ceremony!! 101020-0510101020-0510 101020-0516101020-0516 101020-0522101020-0522 101020-0528101020-0528 101020-0536101020-0536 101020-0541101020-0541 Oh my!  These flower girls were so adorable!!!  101020-0549101020-0549 101020-0558101020-0558 101020-0560101020-0560 101020-0563101020-0563 101020-0568101020-0568 101020-0575101020-0575 Just before Collin and Emilee walked to the front, right after her dad had hugged Collin, Collin leaned over and kissed Emilee on the forehead.  It was beautiful!  101020-0578101020-0578 101020-0589101020-0589 101020-0597101020-0597 101020-0599101020-0599 Collin and Emilee chose to do a glass ceremony, where they poured glass beads into a vase.  After the wedding, the will send it off to be blown into a piece of art for their home.  What a beautiful heirloom they will treasure! 101020-0611101020-0611 101020-0612101020-0612 101020-0622101020-0622 101020-0626101020-0626 101020-0639101020-0639 101020-0641101020-0641 101020-0648101020-0648 Oh my word!  Look at that sweet face and those beautiful blue eyes!  She is so adorable!!  Emilee is over the moon for her sweet niece and i can totally see why! 101020-0679101020-0679 101020-0684101020-0684 While guests enjoyed cocktail hour, we took advantage of the time for some more bridal party portrait.  This really was a great group to photograph!!  They had so much fun with their portraits.  It made my job easy!! 101020-0686101020-0686 101020-0692101020-0692 101020-0703101020-0703 That fall light through the trees was a perfect warm, romantic setting for portraits of Collin and Emilee.  Her veil floating, is magical! 101020-0711101020-0711 101020-0722101020-0722 101020-0815101020-0815 Collin and Emilee had a wonderful grand entrance into their reception! 101020-0817101020-0817 101020-0840101020-0840 Right after they finished eating, we stole away from the reception to take advantage of the gorgeous golden glow of the sunset.  It was magical! 101020-0852101020-0852 101020-0862101020-0862 101020-0870101020-0870 101020-0878101020-0878 The photo below and the silhouette above are my two favorites from Collin and Emilee's wedding.  Lovely!  Though, Collin and Emilee are just so gosh darn photogenic it's hard to choose!! 101020-0891101020-0891 101020-0897101020-0897 101020-0898101020-0898 101020-0905101020-0905 Their speeches were filled with laughter and love.  You could absolutely tell just how much their friends and family adore and support this beautiful couple! 101020-0902101020-0902 101020-0903101020-0903 101020-0907101020-0907 101020-0910101020-0910 101020-0920101020-0920 101020-0921101020-0921 101020-0925101020-0925 101020-0927101020-0927 Their first dance was held on the patio of Prairie Links.  The bistro lights created a gorgeous, romantic backdrop! 101020-0936101020-0936 101020-0942101020-0942 101020-0949101020-0949 101020-0951101020-0951 I love the look on Emilee's mother's face as she watched her dance with her father!! 101020-0952101020-0952 101020-0959101020-0959 101020-0964101020-0964 101020-0968101020-0968 Once the special dances were complete, the bridal party got the dance floor going! 101020-0971101020-0971 101020-0975101020-0975 101020-1000101020-1000 101020-1001101020-1001 101020-1011101020-1011 101020-1017101020-1017 The night was so gorgeous, we just had to take advantage!  I love these after dark portraits, especially the black and white below!! 101020-1020101020-1020 101020-1025101020-1025 101020-1027101020-1027 101020-1031101020-1031 101020-1035101020-1035 101020-1040101020-1040 Congratulations, Collin and Emilee!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to capture your stunning wedding day!  It was an honor and a joy!!

Venue: Priaire Links Golf Course & Event Center
Hair & Makeup: Beau Monde
Dress: Essence of Australia
Bridal Boutique: Elegant Occasions
Menswear: Milroy's - Waterloo
Florals: Ecker's Flowers & Greenhouses
Invitaions: Design - Emilee Ritzman Print - Karen's Print Rite
Cake: Rach's Kitchen
Decor/Rentals: Hilltop
Videographer: Milestone Film Co.
Catering: Randall's
DJ: Abby Road Entertainment


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