Peter + Kimberly {Celebration Farm Wedding: Part 2}

December 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

112220-293112220-293 The Monday before Peter and Kimberly's big day, the Iowa governor announced restrictions on gatherings due to the rising Covid numbers.  Covid had already impacted their wedding plans, moving their date from June to November.  Rather than reschedule, Peter and Kimberly kept their in-person guest list to immediate family, while their friends and extended family were able to join in via Zoom for their ceremony.  112220-297112220-297 They could not have asked for a more perfect day.  The weather was lovely and that late afternoon light during their ceremony was dreamy!  112220-301112220-301 While there may have been fewer people than originally planned, this beautiful couple was surrounded by so much love!! 112220-302112220-302 112220-333112220-333 112220-338112220-338 Peter and Kimberly chose to write their own vows.  I love this added personal touch to weddings!  Their vows were filled with heartfelt love and some humor.  Such a beautiful thing to offer each other! 112220-342112220-342 112220-344112220-344 112220-348112220-348 112220-351112220-351 112220-362112220-362 112220-363112220-363 A few of their local Iowa City friends came to see them! 112220-366112220-366 Of course Mainer and Bella were part of the formal portraits after the ceremony!  Oh my word!!  These two are so adorable and you can absolutely tell how much they are adored by Peter and Kimberly! 112220-371112220-371 112220-374112220-374 Did I mention how amazing the day was?!  It was such a joy working both of their families!  112220-399112220-399 112220-413112220-413 I absolutely love these fun portraits of Kimberly with her brother!!! 112220-425112220-425 112220-428112220-428 112220-430112220-430 112220-449112220-449 112220-462112220-462 112220-474112220-474 112220-482112220-482 112220-493112220-493 112220-505112220-505 112220-513112220-513 112220-521112220-521 112220-529112220-529 This ring has special significance to Kimberly, it belonged to her cousin who passed and has been work at many family and friends' weddings to honor her.  So beautiful!! 112220-544112220-544 112220-549112220-549 112220-551112220-551 112220-560112220-560 112220-565112220-565 The toasts given throughout the evening were wonderful!  So much laughter and joy in celebrating Peter and Kimberly!! 112220-568112220-568 112220-581112220-581 112220-586112220-586 112220-588112220-588 112220-593112220-593 112220-595112220-595 112220-600112220-600 112220-613112220-613 112220-620112220-620 112220-627112220-627 112220-636112220-636 112220-641112220-641 112220-643112220-643 112220-651112220-651 112220-655112220-655 As a special surprise, Peter's sister and Kimberly's brother worked together to create an amazing video of friends and family who could not attend sharing their well-wishes and congratulations for their couple. 112220-661112220-661 112220-667112220-667 It definitely sparked a few tears of joy and many laughs!  It was a beautiful tribute to Peter and Kimberly!! 112220-668112220-668 112220-672112220-672 112220-680112220-680 112220-684112220-684 112220-686112220-686 112220-712112220-712 112220-715112220-715 112220-730112220-730 112220-734112220-734 112220-738112220-738 112220-748112220-748 112220-756112220-756 Don't let the size of the crows fool you, this was a group of great and enthusiastic dancers!!  What an amazing celebration! 112220-784112220-784 112220-788112220-788 112220-800112220-800 112220-812112220-812 We snuck out for a few minutes for some after dark portraits at the arches.  So beautiful!! 112220-818112220-818 112220-827112220-827 A huge congratulations and thank you to Peter and Kimberly!!  It was such an honor to capture your gorgeous day and witness the celebration of you love!! 

Venue: Getting Ready - The Graduate, Ceremony & Reception - Celebration Farms
Hair & Makeup: Eden Salon
Dress: Hayley Paige
Bridal Boutique: La Jeune Mariee
Menswear: Tip Top Tux
Florals: Waterfront Hy-Vee
Invitaions: Basic Invite
Cake: Deluxe Cakes & Pastries
Catering: Bread Garden Market


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