Lenses {What's in My Camera Bag?}

March 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hello!  I'm often asked about what equipment I use, so I thought I'd do a little "What's in My Camera Bag" series just for fun.  So let's dive in with lenses!

I'm a Canon girl, though I hold no ill will against Nikon, Fuji, or any other brand.  I just started off with Canon digital and love it, so I'm sticking with it.  I originally started out with a Pentax K1000 film camera when I was a kid.  Still have that one though I rarely shoot film anymore.  But I digress, lol!

Meet my 24mm L-series prime lens: 2424 This little guy doesn't see a whole lot of use.  He mostly hangs in my Pelican case until I'm in a tight spot and need a wider view or if I'm trying to get an really wide room shot of a reception hall.  Due to the focal length he creates some funky distortion to people, so I don't use him for portraits.


Here's one of my workhorses, my 35mm L-series prime. 3535 This lens pretty much stays glued to one of my camera bodies through the entire wedding day.  It is a great lens for group portraits, room shots, wide shots of the dance floor, ceremony, and the list goes on.  It rarely leaves my shoulder bag and is one of my trifecta of lenses.


My 50mm L-series prime lens: 5050 I know many photographers keep their 50mm on their cameras for most of the wedding day.  I like the 50, but I don't love it enough to do that.  I do love it for newborn sessions though!  Unless I'm doing a newborn session, this little guy hangs out next to my 24mm in my Pelican Case all snug until it's moment to shine.

My 70-200 L-series zoom lens: 70-20070-200 I call this lens the "beast."  It is hefty!   I don't use it a lot because of the weight.  I mean, I workout and lift and all that, but having this big guy on my camera all day is tiring.  Plus, it's just not as great in low light as my primes.  It is however, a great lens for ceremonies so I can get some nice up-close shots without being intrusive, because let's face it, your guests came to see you and not me.  So the more I can be out of the way while still getting amazing shots, the better. 

Say "Hello" to my 85mm L-series prime lens: 8585 This beauty is my favorite!  She lives on my camera 98% of the time.  Seriously, this lens is dreamy!  Beautifully sharp, gorgeous bokeh-y backgrounds, amazing in low light, and perfect for portraits.  There have been many, many engagement and portrait sessions that are shot almost entirely with this sweet thing.  She is fantastic and I'd be lost with out her.  She has no place in the Pelican Case because if she's not on my camera, she's in my shoulder bag so I have her at hand so I can switch back to her.  Love!!


My 100mm L-series prime Macro lens: 100100 This guy mostly hangs out for detail shots.  It beautifully captures small details like rings.  It pretty much hangs out it my Pelican Case after I'm done styling details.

Last, but certainly not least, the final piece of my lens trifecta, my 135mm L-series prime lens: 135135 This lens isn't used as much as my 85 or 35, but it also lives in my shoulder bag on wedding days.  It gives me a great ability to get close up shots of my couples with beautiful crisp focus and a dreamy soft background when I'm not able to get as close.  It is also great in low light, perfect for first dances.  It also allows me to capture my couples snuggling and being in the moment without me being in their bubble.  Let's face it, sometimes it feels a little weird to have a camera up close to you while you cuddle with your love.

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into my camera bag!  Be sure to check back soon for more!


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