Missing Mexico

April 13, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

mexico2019-066mexico2019-066 Hey everyone!  Hope you are all staying safe!  We here in the Geno house are doing well, but this past week was a little rough.  We were supposed to have flown out to the sunny shores of Cancun on the 4th and spent a week exploring the area, but it didn't quite work out.  I think we all went through a little bit of mourning over not being able to take the trip we'd been planning for a while.

While some of these cool, dreary days have me missing the beach, I do have to say we've found some ways to have fun at home.  Laurelin is busy creating and crafting.  Gabby is loving baking and reorganizing things (seriously, she volunteered to reorganize some of our cabinets, I'm not sure where this kid came from, but love her!!!).  Josh had the week off from work because, well, we were supposed to be exploring places like Chichen Itza and Isla Mujeres.  But he helped get the yard cleaned up, gardens mulched, and worked on a few home repair projects (do those ever end? lol!).  I've been busy working on a few collaboration projects with other vendors, baking, sewing masks, and cleaning up the gardens. 

In addition to our separate activities, Josh and the girls have been having fun playing Minecraft together and with family members who live elsewhere.  A great way to keep connected!  I know nothing of Mincraft (it makes me motion sick watching it for short times, eek!), but have enjoyed time with them playing board games and going for walks together. 

Life has gotten so quiet.  In a lot of ways it drives me a little nutty.  I love going and doing!  I miss working with my couples.  I miss meeting new couples.  But I am also loving the slow down.  It has given me more time with my family and time to work on projects that I have been putting on the back burner for a while.  Both of which are great!

Stay safe and find the beauty in today, my friends!


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