Albums {Our Travels}

June 05, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

GNO_4240GNO_4240 If you've read my blog for very long, you know just how much I love albums.  I think they are beautiful, artistic ways to showcase and experience your memories.  Going through the pages, like a storybook, brings you back to those moments and is a beautiful way to relive some of the most amazing times in your life.  I make it a priority to create albums of each of our international travel adventures.  I love looking through them and they serve as beautiful art pieces in my living room.  I thought I'd pop by today and share a little about them.  GNO_4241GNO_4241 GNO_4244GNO_4244 GNO_4246GNO_4246 GNO_4248GNO_4248 GNO_4251GNO_4251 GNO_4253GNO_4253 GNO_4255GNO_4255 GNO_4257GNO_4257 GNO_4259GNO_4259 I love these albums so much!!

Also, our new China & Australia trip album arrived!  Here it is: GENO9993GENO9993 GENO9994GENO9994 GENO9995GENO9995 GENO9997GENO9997 I just love how it turned out!  For being photos of photos, everything printed out really well and I am so thankful to have this album to remember our trip.  It is a perfect addition to our growing collection!!


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