Best of Weddings // Looking Back at 2020 Weddings and Inspiration

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iowa-city-wedding-photographer_00000iowa-city-wedding-photographer_00000A reindeer joins in the fun at this winter wedding reception in Des Moines Iowa 2020 kicked off with a great start as I had the amazing opportunity to work with Vintage Love Rentals on this beautiful winter inspiration shoot! It was cold, but it was gorgeous!! Also, I loved working with Andy the reindeer. He was so majestic!! iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0001iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0001A beautiful sweetheart table sitting among snow covered trees at a winter wedding

As an added bonus, my eldest joined us on the shoot as a junior bridesmaid in a stunning custom gown by Designed by Kanya Marie! The soft blue color pallet and touch of sparkle were perfectly paired with a faux fur wrap to keep Laurelin from freezing. While she's not likely to admit she had fun (sigh, teens...), she did really enjoy snacking on macarons on the way home! iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0002iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0002Junior bridesmaid wearing a custom dress by Designed by Kanya Marie wrapped in a fur during a winter wedding near Des Moines iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0003iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0003Junior bridesmaid enjoys a moment with a reindeer during this winter wedding iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0000iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0000A plate of blue macarons and cookies laid out for a winter wedding

Covid hit and the world changed. Weddings looked pretty different this year. Many of my couples chose to reschedule and many adjusted their plans to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

Elijah and Rachel chose to move forward with their original June wedding date, but scaled back their guest list to their bridal party and immediate families. They plan to celebrate with the rest of their guests once it is safe to do so. Even with a smaller guest list, their wedding day was amazing!

iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0004iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0004The father giving his daughter away at her wedding day in Iowa City at First United Methodist Church

I do love United Methodist Church in Iowa City. Their rose window and pipe organ are beautiful, especially when the sunlight is streaming in through the stained glass. iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0005iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0005An intimate ceremony at First United Methodist Church in Iowa City iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0008iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0008 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0009iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0009 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0010iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0010 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0012iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0012

Justin and Skye planned an intimate wedding at Kent Park from the start, so , thankfully, Covid didn't have a large impact on their wedding day. The weather called for storms, but just as it came time for their wedding, the heavy clouds lifted and the rain held off. The timing could not have been more perfect! iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0013iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0013 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0014iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0014 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0015iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0015 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0016iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0016

October came and Covid restrictions in Iowa were more relaxed, allowing Collin and Emily to celebrate their wedding day with many of their friends and family. We could not have asked for a more perfect fall day for their wedding! iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0017iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0017 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0018iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0018

So much joy and celebration! We had so much fun working with everyone at Collin and Emily's wedding!! iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0019iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0019

One of my favorite moments, maybe of all time, was the sweet forehead kiss Collin gave Emily as she reached the front of the aisle. So beautiful!! iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0020iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0020 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0021iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0021 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0022iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0022 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0023iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0023 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0024iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0024

Matt and Anna had planned for a small family wedding from the start, so thankfully Covid did not have a great impact on their wedding day. Their wedding, held at Anna's parent's home in Cedar Rapids, was absolutely beautiful. Another perfect fall day!! iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0025iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0025 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0026iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0026

The trees were in beautiful color and made a perfect backdrop for their portraits. I love fall!! iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0027iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0027 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0028iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0028 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0029iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0029 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0030iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0030

With November came more Covid restrictions and more changes to weddings. While plans shifted for many, I had the joy of working with Copper Creek Ridge, E's Florals, and Vintage Love Rentals on this stunning French Lavender Inspiration shoot. iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0031iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0031 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0032iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0032

I love the soft pastel color pallet and all of the textures in this design! iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0033iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0033 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0034iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0034 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0035iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0035 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0036iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0036 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0037iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0037

The Monday before their wedding, Peter and Kimberly were faced with a large change in the Covid restrictions. Having already rescheduled once, they chose to alter their guest list and move forward with saying "I do." It was such a beautiful day!!

How sweet are their pups, all dressed up for the wedding?!! Mainer and Bella are such good pups and were an important part of the wedding day!

iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0038iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0038 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0039iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0039 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0040iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0040 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0041iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0041

Again, we were blessed with absolutely amazing weather! It allowed us to travel around Iowa City and get some amazing portraits of this beautiful couple!! iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0042iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0042 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0043iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0043 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0044iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0044 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0045iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0045 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0046iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0046 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0047iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0047 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0048iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0048 iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0049iowa-city-wedding-photographer_0049

2020 didn't look quite like I expected it to when the year began, but it was still so very beautiful!! I am so honored to have been chosen to capture these cherished moments in my couples' lives!


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