Brandon + Chelsea // Ashton Hill Cedar Rapids Wedding

October 22, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

ashton-hill-wedding_0001ashton-hill-wedding_0001 In the middle of June, I had the pleasure of assisting Amanda Dee Photography in capturing Brandon and Chelsea's gorgeous wedding day at Ashton Hill in Cedar Rapids. I enjoy taking the opportunity to second shoot for other photographers when it comes around. It's fun to capture the day from a new angle, and I enjoy watching my peers work. It gives me the opportunity to be creative in new ways. ashton-hill-wedding_0002ashton-hill-wedding_0002 ashton-hill-wedding_0003ashton-hill-wedding_0003 ashton-hill-wedding_0004ashton-hill-wedding_0004 ashton-hill-wedding_0005ashton-hill-wedding_0005 ashton-hill-wedding_0006ashton-hill-wedding_0006 ashton-hill-wedding_0007ashton-hill-wedding_0007 Their first look was a beautiful moment! You can see the joy on Brandon's face as he sees Chelsea for the first time in her gown and veil. ashton-hill-wedding_0008ashton-hill-wedding_0008 ashton-hill-wedding_0009ashton-hill-wedding_0009 ashton-hill-wedding_0010ashton-hill-wedding_0010 ashton-hill-wedding_0011ashton-hill-wedding_0011 ashton-hill-wedding_0012ashton-hill-wedding_0012 ashton-hill-wedding_0013ashton-hill-wedding_0013 Chelsea's flowers were stunning! The colors, the textures, everything!! ashton-hill-wedding_0014ashton-hill-wedding_0014 ashton-hill-wedding_0020ashton-hill-wedding_0020 ashton-hill-wedding_0015ashton-hill-wedding_0015 How adorable are their flower girls and ring bearer?! He just melts my heart in his little bow tie!! ashton-hill-wedding_0016ashton-hill-wedding_0016 Brandon and Chelsea's sweet little daughter waited with her daddy as her mommy walked down the aisle. What a special moment!! Her sweet little outfit was hand crocheted by her great grandmother. It's hard to see here, but it was beautifully intricate with adorable matching booties! ashton-hill-wedding_0017ashton-hill-wedding_0017 ashton-hill-wedding_0018ashton-hill-wedding_0018 ashton-hill-wedding_0019ashton-hill-wedding_0019 ashton-hill-wedding_0021ashton-hill-wedding_0021 Each of their fathers offered a toast to the happy couple, filled with love and humor! ashton-hill-wedding_0022ashton-hill-wedding_0022 ashton-hill-wedding_0023ashton-hill-wedding_0023 ashton-hill-wedding_0024ashton-hill-wedding_0024 After their first dance, the sun was setting beautifully behind Ashton Hill. Thankfully, Brandon and Chelsea were game to go out and take advantage of the beautiful evening light. Seriously, it was perfection! ashton-hill-wedding_0025ashton-hill-wedding_0025 ashton-hill-wedding_0026ashton-hill-wedding_0026 ashton-hill-wedding_0027ashton-hill-wedding_0027 ashton-hill-wedding_0028ashton-hill-wedding_0028 ashton-hill-wedding_0029ashton-hill-wedding_0029 ashton-hill-wedding_0030ashton-hill-wedding_0030 ashton-hill-wedding_0031ashton-hill-wedding_0031 ashton-hill-wedding_0032ashton-hill-wedding_0032 ashton-hill-wedding_0033ashton-hill-wedding_0033 ashton-hill-wedding_0034ashton-hill-wedding_0034 ashton-hill-wedding_0035ashton-hill-wedding_0035 ashton-hill-wedding_0036ashton-hill-wedding_0036 I hope you enjoy this little peek at Brandon and Chelsea's wedding day! Thank you so much to Amanda Dee Photography for allowing me to come along and assist you!!


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