The Miller Family // Sutliff Bridge Family Portraits

November 29, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0009sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0009 On a crisp October morning, I met up with the Miller family for their portrait session.  The colors around the Sutliff Bridge were brilliant!  The yellows and oranges complimented the blues in their outfits beautifully. sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0010sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0010 sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0011sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0011 While it took some convincing, we did manage to get their boys to hug around each other for a picture.  I get it guys, my girls think it is torture when I ask them to get in close for a portrait too.  sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0012sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0012 sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0013sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0013 Did I mention the colors were popping?!  I love fall so much!  What a beautiful time for family portraits!! sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0014sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0014 I've known these kiddos since they were teeny-tiny little babies.  I know I've said it  before, but the years are flying by.  It's so fun to see how much they've grown and changed each year. sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0015sutliff-bridge-family-portraits_0015 Thank you so much, Miller family, for allowing me to capture your portraits!  I love working with your family and look forward to next time!


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