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vintage-love-rentals_0001vintage-love-rentals_0001 On the blog today is Vintage Love Rentals! Cynthia is here with some great advice for finding the right rental service for your event. With decades of experience in the rental industry, Cynthia is an amazing resource for rentals and provides phenomenal service! Now, to her amazing tips to make your event rentals even better:

At some point in time, we all need the services of an event rental company; whether it is for dishes, furniture, lighting, centerpieces or other props. Here are eight handy guides for choosing the best company for your event. After all, when your heart is set on fabulous, your event rental company should have their heart set on you! vintage-love-rentals_0002vintage-love-rentals_0002 1. We know you want to create memories at your event. What your guests see when they first walk in, will stay with them for a long time, so working with a creative and passionate event rental company is a must. We love helping our clients create a wow factor and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. vintage-love-rentals_0003vintage-love-rentals_0003 2. We understand that knowing your event rental company cares about your event from the first moment to the last is important to you. Make sure that the company you choose is one that has a capable support staff to ensure a successful event. Have they done events in the past? How long have they been in business? Can they answer your questions quickly and correctly? vintage-love-rentals_0004vintage-love-rentals_0004 vintage-love-rentals_0005vintage-love-rentals_0005 3. Feeling in control during your planning process is a must, so choosing an event rental company that gives its customers the flexibility to create a package that’s right for them is important. Make sure the company you choose loves working with clients and their budgets to create more of any event than you ever imagined.

vintage-love-rentals_0006vintage-love-rentals_0006 4. Does your event rental company have a large list of different items to choose from? This is very important since no two events are the same. If you are dealing with a rental company that has limited stock, how do you create a “stand out” event, making sure that your event does not look like every other event your guests have attended? Choose an event rental company that stocks a wide variety of quality, well-maintained items in whatever style you are looking for. vintage-love-rentals_0007vintage-love-rentals_0007 5. If you need setup and tear down, does your event rental company offer this? Will they come to your event location and do a check for guest flow, rental layout, a complete site plan, electrical needs, etc.? Since many events are made up of several moving parts, working with a professional company that understands these parts is a huge importance. Hire a full service event company that loves on site work and will work with you to make sure their services fits your overall event plan whether it is inside a barn, a hotel, a tent or outside elements. vintage-love-rentals_0008vintage-love-rentals_0008 6. Websites and pictures can promise one thing when shopping for an event rental company, but make sure the company you choose has the goods to back up their claims. Visit their warehouse to ensure their facilities and rentals are clean and well maintained; their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Make sure they truly have the operation they claim to. vintage-love-rentals_0009vintage-love-rentals_0009 7. Don’t choose an event rental company solely based on price. There are various factors that go into rentals; cleanliness, variety of items, clean showroom, design aspects, willingness to build or outsource items for your event, knowledgeable staff, well-maintained vehicles, on-time deliveries and pick-ups, and so much more. While prices might appear cheaper at one company, that doesn’t mean they are always the best. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is very true in the event rental industry. Compare services, quality and more to find the best value for your event. vintage-love-rentals_0010vintage-love-rentals_0010 8. Communication is a must during the event process, so choosing an event rental company that has a speedy response time can make all the difference. Do they answer your emails or phone calls in a timely manner? Do they send you regular contract updates should you change your rental needs? Do they inform you of delivery and pick up times? Do you know with confidence that your event rental company will say what they claim they will do? vintage-love-rentals_0011vintage-love-rentals_0011 I hope you found these tips helpful! Be sure to pop over to Vintage Love Rentals' site and check out their Look Book!!


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