Crabapple Blossom + Gold Wedding // Wedding Inspiration Shoot

April 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

crabapple-blossom-wedding_0003crabapple-blossom-wedding_0003 I'm so obsessed with this shoot! I've been dreaming about this for a while and am so happy to see it come to life! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0004crabapple-blossom-wedding_0004 When we moved to our new home last summer, I had my eye on the crabapples that grow on the southwest side of our property, dreaming about the day they bloom. Well, the time has come and I'm in love! We have two huge trees filled with pink blossoms, a tree blooming white, and a smaller deep magenta tree. So lovely! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0005crabapple-blossom-wedding_0005 I am loving this blush dress from Lulus! It is soft and romantic. The lace sleeves are perfect for springtime and the chiffon skirt is flowy and dreamy. Paired with these stunning jewelry pieces from Wells Cooperative, it's simply perfect! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0006crabapple-blossom-wedding_0006 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0007crabapple-blossom-wedding_0007 When I asked Sam at Wells Cooperative if she'd like to join in this inspiration shoot, she picked out some stunning pieces for us to use. The Claire necklace, with it's gold sunburst and beautiful opal, is perfectly elegant especially paired with the Vista earrings. So gorgeous!!   crabapple-blossom-wedding_0008crabapple-blossom-wedding_0008 I really do love styling details. I think it's such a beautiful way to create images that tell the story of the day even more completely. They look amazing in wedding albums too!! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0009crabapple-blossom-wedding_0009 Is this not the most amazing backdrop for an intimate wedding ceremony?! What a gorgeous canopy of blossoms!! The white geometric arch and crossback chairs from Vintage Love Rentals are simple, yet stunning!!  crabapple-blossom-wedding_0010crabapple-blossom-wedding_0010 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0011crabapple-blossom-wedding_0011 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0012crabapple-blossom-wedding_0012 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0013crabapple-blossom-wedding_0013 Cynthia with Vintage Love Rentals is beyond amazing! The ceremony set up was lovely, but this reception table is phenomenal!! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0015crabapple-blossom-wedding_0015 This is a perfect example of reusing your flowers to get the most from your wedding day florals. The beautiful arrangements that adorned the aisle, are perfect centerpieces. crabapple-blossom-wedding_0016crabapple-blossom-wedding_0016 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0017crabapple-blossom-wedding_0017 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0018crabapple-blossom-wedding_0018 This tablescape is lovely! I adore the short centerpieces, making it easy for guests to chat and enjoy themselves while they dine. The vintage china in alternating patterns ties in the blossoms to the setting. Golden pops in the chargers, flatware, and goblets elevates the look and adds sparkle. It is so inviting! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0019crabapple-blossom-wedding_0019 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0020crabapple-blossom-wedding_0020 I love the long farm table. It invites your guests to sit and dine together, rather than being separated out at different tables. The idea of a communal table is so warm and inviting. A great way to bring everyone together to celebrate! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0021crabapple-blossom-wedding_0021 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0022crabapple-blossom-wedding_0022 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0023crabapple-blossom-wedding_0023 This cake from Fareway Bakeries looks beautiful in the blossoms!  crabapple-blossom-wedding_0024crabapple-blossom-wedding_0024 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0025crabapple-blossom-wedding_0025 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0026crabapple-blossom-wedding_0026 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0027crabapple-blossom-wedding_0027 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0028crabapple-blossom-wedding_0028 How perfect is this lounge?! Seriously, Vintage Love Rentals has the best furniture and Cynthia's designs are always amazing!! What a perfect area to sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful day! crabapple-blossom-wedding_0029crabapple-blossom-wedding_0029 crabapple-blossom-wedding_0014crabapple-blossom-wedding_0014 A huge thank you to all the vendors who made this shoot possible! I hope you enjoyed seeing our creation as much as I did helping create it!! I'm off to go enjoy this beautiful afternoon and my blossoms. Cheers!


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