New Venue Feature: The HarMac, Cedar Rapids // Wedding Wednesday

May 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

harmac-cedar-rapids_0001harmac-cedar-rapids_0001 I recently had the pleasure of photographing at the Harmac, a stunning new venue in Cedar Rapids. Love it!! This venue is so cool! I love the rustic-industrial vibe! Plus all the windows offer some AMAZING natural light!! It makes my photographer's heart so happy!
harmac-cedar-rapids_0002harmac-cedar-rapids_0002 The decor, rentals, and florals are courtesy of Unique Events. They are simple, elegant, and very boho-chic!
harmac-cedar-rapids_0003harmac-cedar-rapids_0003 harmac-cedar-rapids_0004harmac-cedar-rapids_0004 I just love the variety of shades of coral-peach tones and all of the textures in the decor! So visually interesting, but a beautiful cohesive look!! harmac-cedar-rapids_0005harmac-cedar-rapids_0005 What a gorgeous set up! If you're looking to keep your floral budget to a minimum, I think this is a beautiful look. Plus, the centerpieces are interesting but not super high. I think often large centerpieces can detract from your guests experience by making socializing awkward during dinner. harmac-cedar-rapids_0006harmac-cedar-rapids_0006 harmac-cedar-rapids_0007harmac-cedar-rapids_0007 harmac-cedar-rapids_0008harmac-cedar-rapids_0008 harmac-cedar-rapids_0009harmac-cedar-rapids_0009 harmac-cedar-rapids_0010harmac-cedar-rapids_0010 Their bridal room is STUNNING! How amazing would it be to hang with your ladies in this lounge? It is complete with three styling stations, complete with lots of outlets to make your hair and makeup a breeze. Pretty sure this is a hair/makeup stylist's dream for a getting ready room! harmac-cedar-rapids_0011harmac-cedar-rapids_0011 The Harmac has certainly not forgotten the guys. Their getting ready room is a comfortable lounge complete with foosball! What a great place to relax and get ready for the wedding day! harmac-cedar-rapids_0012harmac-cedar-rapids_0012 harmac-cedar-rapids_0013harmac-cedar-rapids_0013 harmac-cedar-rapids_0014harmac-cedar-rapids_0014 The Harmac has a great room for a small indoor ceremony. It would serve as a great in case of weather backup for couples as well. harmac-cedar-rapids_0015harmac-cedar-rapids_0015 harmac-cedar-rapids_0016harmac-cedar-rapids_0016 The Harmac also prides itself on it's custom bar service. It offers couples custom, hand-crafted cocktails and even custom made ice! harmac-cedar-rapids_0017harmac-cedar-rapids_0017 Want to learn more about the Harmac? Be sure to go check out their website!


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