Josh + Teagan // Cedar Ridge Winery Wedding Part 1

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Josh and Teagan had such a gorgeous wedding day!! The getting ready portion began with Teagan and her bridesmaids getting ready at the home of her parents, and Josh getting ready with his bridal party at their home in Coralville.

I know I've said it before, but I truly love when couples allow enough time for styling details! I am in love with all of their detail photos!!

cedar-ridge-wedding_0002cedar-ridge-wedding_0002 cedar-ridge-wedding_0003cedar-ridge-wedding_0003 cedar-ridge-wedding_0004cedar-ridge-wedding_0004 cedar-ridge-wedding_0005cedar-ridge-wedding_0005 cedar-ridge-wedding_0006cedar-ridge-wedding_0006 cedar-ridge-wedding_0007cedar-ridge-wedding_0007 Teagan's mom helped her into her into her gown. Her ballgown from Hope's Bridal was absolutely perfect! So elegant!! cedar-ridge-wedding_0008cedar-ridge-wedding_0008 cedar-ridge-wedding_0009cedar-ridge-wedding_0009 As her dress was zipped, Teagan absolutely lit up! She was radiating joy, such a beautiful bride!! cedar-ridge-wedding_0010cedar-ridge-wedding_0010 cedar-ridge-wedding_0011cedar-ridge-wedding_0011 cedar-ridge-wedding_0012cedar-ridge-wedding_0012 Each of her bridesmaids took turns helping her put on her finishing touches. This such a wonderful way to include the bridal party in getting ready images! cedar-ridge-wedding_0013cedar-ridge-wedding_0013 cedar-ridge-wedding_0014cedar-ridge-wedding_0014 cedar-ridge-wedding_0015cedar-ridge-wedding_0015 Did I mention her stunning dress had pockets?! Love it! cedar-ridge-wedding_0016cedar-ridge-wedding_0016 cedar-ridge-wedding_0017cedar-ridge-wedding_0017 cedar-ridge-wedding_0018cedar-ridge-wedding_0018 If you remember from their engagement session, Josh is a huge New York Rangers fan. Love his cuff links! What a perfect personal touch for his wedding fashion. cedar-ridge-wedding_0019cedar-ridge-wedding_0019 Josh and Teagan have two sweet kitties, who we were sure to include in the getting ready portraits!

cedar-ridge-wedding_0020cedar-ridge-wedding_0020 cedar-ridge-wedding_0021cedar-ridge-wedding_0021 cedar-ridge-wedding_0022cedar-ridge-wedding_0022 cedar-ridge-wedding_0023cedar-ridge-wedding_0023 cedar-ridge-wedding_0024cedar-ridge-wedding_0024 cedar-ridge-wedding_0025cedar-ridge-wedding_0025 cedar-ridge-wedding_0026cedar-ridge-wedding_0026 Once everyone was dressed and ready, we headed to Cedar Ridge for the first look. cedar-ridge-wedding_0027cedar-ridge-wedding_0027 Their first look took place in one of the barrel rooms. The moment Josh turned around you could see the absolute joy in his and Teagan's faces. What a beautiful, emotional first look!! cedar-ridge-wedding_0028cedar-ridge-wedding_0028 cedar-ridge-wedding_0029cedar-ridge-wedding_0029 cedar-ridge-wedding_0030cedar-ridge-wedding_0030 cedar-ridge-wedding_0031cedar-ridge-wedding_0031 cedar-ridge-wedding_0032cedar-ridge-wedding_0032 cedar-ridge-wedding_0033cedar-ridge-wedding_0033 cedar-ridge-wedding_0034cedar-ridge-wedding_0034 The light in the barrel room was gorgeous! We took advantage of the opportunity for portraits there before heading back up to the winery. cedar-ridge-wedding_0035cedar-ridge-wedding_0035 cedar-ridge-wedding_0036cedar-ridge-wedding_0036 cedar-ridge-wedding_0037cedar-ridge-wedding_0037 cedar-ridge-wedding_0038cedar-ridge-wedding_0038 Josh and Teagan are such a blast to work with! They are such naturals in front of the camera, easy to laugh and so much fun to work with! cedar-ridge-wedding_0039cedar-ridge-wedding_0039 cedar-ridge-wedding_0040cedar-ridge-wedding_0040 cedar-ridge-wedding_0041cedar-ridge-wedding_0041 cedar-ridge-wedding_0042cedar-ridge-wedding_0042 cedar-ridge-wedding_0043cedar-ridge-wedding_0043 cedar-ridge-wedding_0044cedar-ridge-wedding_0044 cedar-ridge-wedding_0045cedar-ridge-wedding_0045 cedar-ridge-wedding_0046cedar-ridge-wedding_0046 Their bridal party was just as energetic and fun as Josh and Teagan! They had perhaps the most enthusiastic cheer during bridal party portraits that I've ever captured! cedar-ridge-wedding_0047cedar-ridge-wedding_0047 Before the wedding ceremony, Josh and Teagan signed their Ketubah, a traditional Jewish marriage contract. They had theirs custom made and it was not only a beautiful dedication of their lives to each other, but also an absolute work of art. cedar-ridge-wedding_0048cedar-ridge-wedding_0048 cedar-ridge-wedding_0049cedar-ridge-wedding_0049 Their rabbi read the Ketubah out loud before the signing. It was a beautiful and emotional moment, not only for Josh and Teagan, but also for their parents. cedar-ridge-wedding_0050cedar-ridge-wedding_0050 cedar-ridge-wedding_0051cedar-ridge-wedding_0051 cedar-ridge-wedding_0052cedar-ridge-wedding_0052 cedar-ridge-wedding_0053cedar-ridge-wedding_0053 cedar-ridge-wedding_0054cedar-ridge-wedding_0054 cedar-ridge-wedding_0055cedar-ridge-wedding_0055 Before heading out to prepare for the ceremony, we took advantage of the gorgeous light for a few family portraits. cedar-ridge-wedding_0056cedar-ridge-wedding_0056 cedar-ridge-wedding_0057cedar-ridge-wedding_0057 Be sure to check back soon for the rest of Josh and Teagan's stunning wedding day!!


Venue - Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery
Flowers - Flowers by Jacqueline
Gown - Hope's Bridal
Mensware - Halberstadts
Wedding Coordinator - Rachelle Blackwell
Invitations - Shutterfly


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