Austin + Alyssa // Celebration Farms Wedding Part 1

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highlander-hotel-wedding_0001highlander-hotel-wedding_0001 This year, May brought with it rain, lots of rain. But, each time I checked the weather for Austin and Alyssa's wedding day it got more and more hopeful. Their day arrived and it could not have been more perfect!!

I began my day with Alyssa and her ladies at the Highlander Hotel in Iowa City. highlander-hotel-wedding_0002highlander-hotel-wedding_0002 highlander-hotel-wedding_0003highlander-hotel-wedding_0003 The blue chairs at the Highlander were perfect for styling Alyssa's details! I love when that happens!! I really adore styling detail shots. Not only are they pretty, they really set the tone for the wedding day and allow me to get my creative juices flowing. highlander-hotel-wedding_0004highlander-hotel-wedding_0004 highlander-hotel-wedding_0005highlander-hotel-wedding_0005 highlander-hotel-wedding_0006highlander-hotel-wedding_0006 highlander-hotel-wedding_0007highlander-hotel-wedding_0007 highlander-hotel-wedding_0008highlander-hotel-wedding_0008 Alyssa's room had a lovely sliding door that looked out on to the courtyard. The natural light was perfect for getting ready portraits! highlander-hotel-wedding_0009highlander-hotel-wedding_0009 highlander-hotel-wedding_0010highlander-hotel-wedding_0010 highlander-hotel-wedding_0011highlander-hotel-wedding_0011 I just adore the black and white image of Alyssa's hair and the back of her dress below! Her dress from Bliss Bridal was stunning. Her soft, cascading curls were so elegant. Salon Ludic did a fabulous job! highlander-hotel-wedding_0012highlander-hotel-wedding_0012 highlander-hotel-wedding_0013highlander-hotel-wedding_0013 Did I mention what a perfect day they had?! Simply gorgeous! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0001celebration-farm-iowa-city_0001 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0002celebration-farm-iowa-city_0002 Austin had some pretty amazing details! I love his D20 socks and the dice set!! Being married to a gamer (and having gamed myself before) I love it! The blue ties in perfectly to the wedding day and what a fun and unique detail!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0003celebration-farm-iowa-city_0003 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0004celebration-farm-iowa-city_0004 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0005celebration-farm-iowa-city_0005 Austin and his guys got ready at Celebration Farm, where the wedding and reception were held. celebration-farm-iowa-city_0006celebration-farm-iowa-city_0006 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0007celebration-farm-iowa-city_0007 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0008celebration-farm-iowa-city_0008 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0009celebration-farm-iowa-city_0009 Their first look was beautiful! I love when grooms get emotional! It really is such a big moment on the wedding day, seeing each other for the first time. I cannot recommend first looks enough. It is such a wonderful thing to have time after a couple sees each other to hug and chat and enjoy a quiet moment together without the eyes of all their guests on them. Honestly, it cuts wedding day nerves down so much for couples. celebration-farm-iowa-city_0010celebration-farm-iowa-city_0010 The absolute joy on their faces says it all! What a precious moment!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0011celebration-farm-iowa-city_0011 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0012celebration-farm-iowa-city_0012 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0013celebration-farm-iowa-city_0013 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0014celebration-farm-iowa-city_0014 The first look took place during the early afternoon, which can be tricky for lighting out at Celebration Farm. Thankfully their covered patio is beautifully shaded and the large class doors reflect the beautiful green trees in the woods. celebration-farm-iowa-city_0015celebration-farm-iowa-city_0015 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0016celebration-farm-iowa-city_0016 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0017celebration-farm-iowa-city_0017 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0018celebration-farm-iowa-city_0018 To the north side of the woods, there is a little path that made for a lovely setting for portraits.

Their bouquet and boutonniere were gorgeous! Bohemian Blossoms knocked it out of the park!! The white florals complimented by touches of blue were so perfect for their wedding day! Stunning! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0019celebration-farm-iowa-city_0019 I absolutely love the soft floral pattern in Austin's tie. His suit from Men's Warehouse was perfect. I especially love the personal touches he added to his look, like his D20 tie clip and socks!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0020celebration-farm-iowa-city_0020 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0021celebration-farm-iowa-city_0021 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0022celebration-farm-iowa-city_0022 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0023celebration-farm-iowa-city_0023 We were so fortunate to have a great variety of locations shaded around Celebration Farm. The doors to the Double Round Barn are lovely! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0024celebration-farm-iowa-city_0024 After some time with Austin and Alyssa, the bridal party came out to join us for portraits. I am obsessed with the bridesmaid's dresses! They're from Azazie and I just love that they are all the same color, but each one has their own personal style. So perfect!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0025celebration-farm-iowa-city_0025 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0026celebration-farm-iowa-city_0026 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0027celebration-farm-iowa-city_0027 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0028celebration-farm-iowa-city_0028 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0029celebration-farm-iowa-city_0029 Austin's niece was their flower girl. So adorable! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0030celebration-farm-iowa-city_0030 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0031celebration-farm-iowa-city_0031 We were able to capture a few family portraits before the ceremony, but most took place following. I just love the portrait of Alyssa with her mom and sister! What a beautiful trio! And their dresses pull are beautifully tied together in the flowers. Perfection! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0032celebration-farm-iowa-city_0032 We had some time before the ceremony began, so I was able to capture detail photos of the rings. I just love the ring box Alyssa had! A perfect compliment to the wedding day!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0033celebration-farm-iowa-city_0033 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0034celebration-farm-iowa-city_0034 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0035celebration-farm-iowa-city_0035 As part of their ceremony, Austin and Alyssa had family members and members of their bridal party joing them in creating a piece of art for their home in lieu of a unity candle or sand ceremony. So perfect! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0036celebration-farm-iowa-city_0036 I think some of my favorite moments in a ceremony are after the parents have walked in with their child, the bride or groom respectively, and they share an embrace before they take their seats. Such beautiful moments!! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0037celebration-farm-iowa-city_0037 Austin's niece did such a great job as flower girl! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0038celebration-farm-iowa-city_0038 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0039celebration-farm-iowa-city_0039 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0040celebration-farm-iowa-city_0040 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0041celebration-farm-iowa-city_0041 Their ceremony was filled with laughter and happy tears. It was such a beautiful event to witness and capture! celebration-farm-iowa-city_0042celebration-farm-iowa-city_0042 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0043celebration-farm-iowa-city_0043 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0044celebration-farm-iowa-city_0044 They chose to write their own vows. I love when couples choose to do so! While I know it can be a lot of pressure to write your own vows, it really makes the ceremony even more personal and is a beautiful expression of your love for each other. You could absolutely tell just how much Austin and Alyssa love and adore each other. celebration-farm-iowa-city_0045celebration-farm-iowa-city_0045 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0046celebration-farm-iowa-city_0046 celebration-farm-iowa-city_0047celebration-farm-iowa-city_0047

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into the first half of Austin and Alyssa's gorgeous wedding day! Be sure to check back soon for more!!


Venues | The Highlander Hotel & Celebration Farm
Gown | Bliss Bridal
Bridesmaids | Azazie
Suits | Men's Warehouse
Florals | Bohemian Blossoms
Hair | Salon Ludic


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