The Bottorff Family // IMU Iowa City Family Portraits

October 17, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0001IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0001 I was so happy to see the Bottorff family again!  I absolutely love working with them!!  Not only are they all super-sweet and easy to work with, but they bring with them great smiles and fantastic fashion.  IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0002IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0002 IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0003IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0003 I met up with them near the IMU on an absolutely perfect October evening.   I just love the area by the IMU.  There is such a great variety of locations in an incredibly small area.  We were able to get a ton of variety! IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0004IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0004 IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0005IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0005 Their oldest was back home from college for break. It's still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that she's in college already.  The years fly by way too quickly!  IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0006IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0006 IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0007IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0007 IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0008IMU-bridge-family-portraits-iowa-city-family-photographer_0008 Such a great evening with an amazing family!  I hope you enjoyed this peek into the Bottorff family's recent portraits.  Keep checking back on the blog, lots more families to share yet this fall!


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