The Araguas Family // Waterworks Prairie Park Coralville Family Portraits

May 09, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0001waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0001 Today I'm bringing you the Araguas family's recent portrait session.  How adorable are they?!  Oh my word, their boys are simply the cutest!!  It's hard to believe that exactly one year before this session I was photographing their youngest's newborn portraits.  How is that even possible?  waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0002waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0002  I love that they brought their pups in to join them for their session.  They did such a good job too!  There was no head swapping needed, which isn't often the case.  They look so sweet and happy for their portrait!!  waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0003waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0003 waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0004waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0004  Little Bruno wasn't quite as forthcoming with his smiles as big brother Oscar, but they are both so adorable!  I mean, check out the cheeks on Bruno.  Love them!  waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0005waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0005 waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0006waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0006 waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0007waterworks-prairie-iowa-city-family-portrait-photographer_0007 I hope you had fun seeing the Araguas family's portraits!  Check back soon for more here on the blog!!


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