Attention to Detail {Wedding Wednesday}

May 22, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

080918-086080918-086 You spend months, if not years, planning your wedding day.  You put a lot of time and care into all the little details; from the invitations to the flowers to your jewelry and more.  Be sure your photographer has the opportunity to capture those amazing details on the wedding day.

081118-0014081118-0014 I recommend having a container/box/bag that you keep all your details together in.  This way, everything is in one place when your photographer arrives and you don't have to worry about gathering anything together while you're getting ready for your big day.

072218-654-1072218-654-1 To help you plan what details are usually included, here is a handy list for brides:

- Wedding dress (allow it to hang outside of the garment bag for an hour or so to allow the fabric to relax and any wrinkles to fall out)

- Veil

- Custom hanger (if you don't have one, I can usually find a nice hanger at a venue or may even have one in my bag)

- Shoes

- Jewelry (including all three rings!)

- Invitation Suite

- Perfume

- Flowers (if possible)

- Hairpieces

- Bridesmaids' dresses (if you want a shot of them)

- Any other personal details/heirlooms you have

081118-0002081118-0002 As a tip, as your florist if they'll provide you with a little extra ribbon from your bouquet and some loose spare flowers.  This will give your photographer some additional accents in staging the detail photos that tie your images together.

051918-0698051918-0698 051918-0848051918-0848 Now for a checklist for the guys:

- Cufflinks

- Pocket square

- Tie/bowtie

- Socks (if you're wearing something aside from standard black, navy, or brown)

- Watch

- Belt

- Boutonniere (if possible)

- Any special alcohol

- Any other personal details/heirlooms you have

051918-0090051918-0090 081118-0143081118-0143 081118-0139081118-0139 Well, I hope these lists help you plan to make the most of your wedding day photography by capturing all the details!

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