Jake + Chelsey {Wedding: Part 2}

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052519-0396052519-0396 Jake and Chelsey's wedding was a beautiful, customized service preformed by Chelsey's cousin.  052519-0400052519-0400 052519-0412052519-0412 052519-0427052519-0427 052519-0435052519-0435 052519-0438052519-0438 052519-0443052519-0443 052519-0448052519-0448 052519-0453052519-0453 052519-0458052519-0458 052519-0463052519-0463 052519-0468052519-0468 052519-0473052519-0473 For those who think a first look will ruin the chance of something magical happening as the bride walks down the aisle, I would like to bring your attention to the beaming smile on Jake's face as Chelsey walked down the aisle to marry him. There is so much emotion and importance in that moment beyond seeing each other. It is the moment that their happily ever after begins. The moment they stand in front of their friends and family, celebrating their love. It is an important moment in and of itself. 052519-0482052519-0482 052519-0485052519-0485 052519-0488052519-0488 052519-0491052519-0491 052519-0498052519-0498 052519-0500052519-0500 052519-0532052519-0532 052519-0541052519-0541 After the ceremony, we headed over to Lake MacBride for a few portraits with the happy newlyweds and their bridal party. 052519-0562052519-0562 052519-0565052519-0565 052519-0577052519-0577 052519-0591052519-0591 052519-0612052519-0612 052519-0617052519-0617 052519-0621052519-0621 052519-0691052519-0691 052519-0693052519-0693 052519-0694052519-0694 052519-0713052519-0713 052519-0749052519-0749 I love that their dance was held outside in front of the Palmer House. It was so gorgeous! The evening light was beautiful and the Palmer House was a lovely backdrop. 052519-0765052519-0765 052519-0768052519-0768 052519-0771052519-0771 052519-0773052519-0773 052519-0775052519-0775 052519-0785052519-0785 052519-0798052519-0798 052519-0799052519-0799 052519-0808052519-0808 052519-0822052519-0822 052519-0832052519-0832 052519-0835052519-0835 052519-0881052519-0881 052519-0886052519-0886 052519-0916052519-0916 052519-0930052519-0930 Being in town, there weren't many options for traditional sunset portraits, but as the sun was just peeking over the rooftops, I pulled Jake and Chelsey to the side of the dance floor for a few portraits with the evening light. Oh my word! So gorgeous!! 052519-0964052519-0964 "We had amazing weather," I said at the end of the evening after a gorgeous day despite the stormy forecast.

"I've been telling her that for a month, that we'd have perfect weather on our wedding day. I'm just lucky," Jake said as he hugged into Chelsey and turned to her, "I mean, look at her. I'm lucky."

Perhaps the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed!  052519-0972052519-0972 052519-1004052519-1004 052519-1017052519-1017 052519-1033052519-1033 052519-1035052519-1035 052519-1043052519-1043 052519-1049052519-1049 052519-1056052519-1056 052519-1070052519-1070 052519-1074052519-1074 052519-1087052519-1087 Congratulations Jake and Chelsey! It was such a joy capturing your beautiful day!!

Asst. Photographer | Samantha Owenson
Venue | Palmer House Stables
Dress | Brides by Jessa
Hair | Salon deBleu
Men's Attire | Skeffington's
Cake | Kim Beaty
Flowers | E's Florals
Invitations | Shutterfly

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