Adam + Sara {Wedding: Part 2}

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060819-049060819-049 The bright blue skies and gorgeous setting at Rapid Creek Cidery were perfect for Adam and Sara's wedding day! It doesn't get much better than that! 060819-051060819-051 060819-052060819-052 060819-053060819-053 Their ceremony was beautifully personalized and again had some nods to Tolkien. My nerd heart loved it all the more! I love when couples tailor their wedding ceremony to their style and share even more about what makes their love story unique. 060819-054060819-054 060819-055060819-055 060819-056060819-056 060819-058060819-058 060819-059060819-059 060819-060060819-060 060819-062060819-062 After the first kiss, the couple shared a toast with everyone gathered.  What a great way to celebrate and include all of your guests!! 060819-063060819-063 060819-064060819-064 060819-065060819-065 060819-066060819-066 060819-067060819-067 060819-068060819-068 060819-069060819-069 060819-070060819-070 060819-071060819-071 060819-072060819-072 Again, with the amazing references to Tolkien with these AMAZING custom made steins that Adam and his groomsmen used for the reception. Love it so much!!! 060819-073060819-073 060819-074060819-074 We took a little trip down to the Old Capitol after the wedding for some more bridal party photos.  They were such a fun group! 060819-075060819-075 060819-076060819-076 060819-077060819-077 060819-078060819-078 Then it was back to Rapid Creek Cidery to kick off the party! 060819-080060819-080 060819-081060819-081 060819-082060819-082 060819-083060819-083 060819-084060819-084 060819-086060819-086 They started the evening off with cutting their beautiful cake, followed by toasts. So much joy and love for Adam and Sara! It was clear just how adored this couple is by their loved ones. 060819-090060819-090 060819-091060819-091 060819-092060819-092 060819-093060819-093 060819-094060819-094 060819-095060819-095 060819-096060819-096 060819-097060819-097 060819-098060819-098 060819-099060819-099 060819-100060819-100 060819-101060819-101 Their first dance was filled with beautiful moments. Once they started dancing, it was clear the rest of the world melted away and they were in the moment. 060819-102060819-102 060819-105060819-105 After the first dance, we took advantage of golden hour to create a few more stunning portraits for Adam and Sara. So beautiful! 060819-106060819-106 060819-112060819-112 060819-113060819-113 060819-114060819-114 Then it was back into the party for the bouquet toss!  I love with ladies get excited for the bouquet, it makes the evening all the more fun! 060819-117060819-117 060819-118060819-118 060819-119060819-119 060819-120060819-120 060819-121060819-121 060819-122060819-122 060819-123060819-123 060819-124060819-124 It was so much fun assisting Shuva in photographing Adam and Sara's wedding day. I loved getting to know them and capturing their joy!

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