Em Design {Wedding Stationery}

April 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

040820-001040820-001 I mentioned in a previous post about how I've been excited to work on styling lay-flats of invitation suites during this unexpected downtime, so I reached out to Emily of Em Design to see if she would like to partner on a project.  She said yes and I was so excited to receive a package filled with some of her beautiful invitation suites!! 040820-002040820-002 040820-003040820-003 In order to really create some gorgeous styling, I also reached out to Petals, a florist in Kalona.  They were gracious enough to give me a bag of their floral scraps and I went to work creating some beautiful styling with the suites. 040820-011040820-011 I highly recommend asking your florist if they will include a small bag of scrap flowers and greenery from your wedding florals!  With a small bag of floral scraps, I was able to create so many different looks that elevated the look of these invitation photos.  Love it!!! 040820-013040820-013 040820-015040820-015 Also, the eucalyptus smelled amazing!!!  Added perk of styling these photos! 040820-018040820-018 040820-023040820-023 040820-032040820-032 040820-035040820-035 040820-041040820-041 Ok, I love the rose gold foil on the invitation below!!  How gorgeous is that?!!! 040820-043040820-043 040820-045040820-045 040820-048040820-048 040820-051040820-051 040820-055040820-055 I hope you loved seeing some of Emily's work.  I had so much fun photographing it!!  Check out more from Em Design's beautiful work here!


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