Lighting {What's in My Camera Bag?}

April 20, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome back to the blog and another installment of "What's in my bag?"  Today I'm going to introduce you to my lighting.  I love natural light and gorgeous evening glow or soft window light are my favorites.  However, photographing with natural light all the time just isn't realistic or possible.  So I bring along my own light to ensure I'm creating the best images possible for my clients.

First up, the work horses of my lighting, my on camera flashes.  I love these beauties!  They allow me to illuminate wherever I am without too much set up or fuss.  I have a wonderful system of magnet mounted modifiers that allow me to better control the light and get just the look I want. lights01lights01 Next up, my Alien Bees!  The name sounds weird, right?  Well, it kind of is, but I love these flashes for formal portraits.  They allow me to light up dark churches beautifully and provide fill light if we're photographing outside in harsh light.  They take some time to set up, but the results are gorgeous formal portraits! lights02lights02 Last but not least, my video light!  I love setting this little guy up during dances to provide a gorgeous solid white light for dancing.  It allows me to photograph the dances with beautiful lighting without leaving it to chance.  Often DJ lighting, while amazing for when the dance floor is full, is a bit too intense for the mood of the first dance and parent dances.  This awesome little light allows me to enhance those photos. lights03lights03 I hope you enjoyed this peek into my bag!  Check back soon for more!!


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