Cameras {What's in My Camera Bag?}

May 04, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome back to the final installment of "What's in my camera bag?"  Today, you get to meet my cameras!  They're what allow me to create my vision in capturing so many amazing milestones in my clients' lives! 5D45D4 First up is my Canon 5D Mark IV.  This is my main camera body and used for 100% of my sessions and weddings.  It is always in my hand or at my side.  Love it so much! 5D35D3 Meet my Canon 5D Mark III.  This was my lead camera prior to the arrival of the Mark IV.  It is still a powerhouse and is my second camera body I use at weddings.  I have a dual holster that allows me to wear two camera bodies at once.  While I shoot the majority of the day on my Mark IV, the Mark III allows me to have another lens ready on a camera body to give me even more options while cutting out the time it takes to change lenses.  I has made my wedding day workflow go so much quicker and allows me to capture a greater variety. 6D6D Finally, meet my 6D.  While this little guy doesn't get much use on wedding days or portrait sessions, I feel it's so important to have a backup.  The 6D also goes on our travels with us, as it is lighter and a little more compact than the 5Ds.  So far the 6D has traveled to Iceland, France, Italy, and Mexico.  I can't wait to see where it travels to next! 

Well, those are my camera bodies and I love them all!  I hope you enjoyed this final peek into my camera bag!!


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